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lying in the sun

I admit to being a lazy one today. I got to the beaver pond, and decided to sit down for awhile and wait to see if the beaver(s)would come out. The sun was warm, there was no one around, the wooden planks were so inviting, I took off my padded vest folded it to make a headrest.. and… yup. I lay down right there. Stayed over to the side of the boardwalk so others could get by.. but made myself comfortable, stretched out.. and just let the sun work its magic.

The quiet of the day was soothing. Birds calling, even saw my first butterfly of the season, Today in PL, we celebrated the Day of Peace. Welcome a new month.

Every day is a new beginning. PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning Point.

Thanks Dan for reminding me about the beavers.. photo by Dan Cadieux (link to his site is below)

Till soon everyone..

love always

Love is a feeling, love is an emotion, love is so many things at different times of ones’ life. When I wander the woodlands, I am happy. The further along I get, the more drawn in I am to the beauty of the land around me. You have noted I often will end a visit with “love always”. Moments like the above when I stop moving, and allow the environment to surround me with its beauty, and song. I am content, I feel a sense of Oneness with my surroundings. I feel love.. Knowing such moments, allows me to love freely.

The sun shining through the trees, glistening over the water surface. Awesome.

“Let’s have a humble mind. Once you think, “That’s good enough,” you become blind to the opportunities to be more creative.

Perfect Liberty 2022.30

“2022/4/28 [Always use positive expressions] If you’re going to express it, let’s express it positively. If you are willing to do it instead of being reluctant to do it, you will gain a sense of fulfillment as a person. It’s more interesting and fun to be active than negative. You will be happy to express everything boldly, and you will be able to enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment, and your personality will be revealed indefinitely.” Translated in Japan to English.

love always and forever

winter white

Snow has melted, leaving the trees waiting patiently for the sun to warm the ground around them, and to release the awakening sap so that their new buds will begin to appear. Perhaps not as awe inspiring as the fall when they are wearing their autumn colours, but it is peaceful, quiet and there is an anticipation in the air. See the sign, I first showed it to you a couple of years back. By the end of this growing season, it will be interesting to see how much more it will be hidden by the growth around it.

When you face difficulties start with anything you can do. When you are able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you can do.

Perfect Liberty 2022.12

It looks so quiet, but it was anything but.. the woodlands was alive with sound and activity – yet in its own way, it is the “eternally quiet – that never is…_ https://youtu.be/1jFwdGho1IA my first time to notice and be aware of the grouse… I’d heard the sounds before, but never knew what it was.. Yesterday I was with someone who knew… what a Wow moment.



Unlikely pair to find on my way to the woods. I have to turn off a country road unto another very rural road that leads to one of the conservation area… I drove by the two chickens just sitting on the road (opposite side from the side I was driving).. at first I thought, my eyes were deceiving me.. I stopped looked in the rear view mirror to find two heads turned my way. I backed up. what else could I do.. stopped beside them, turned my flashers on and got out. They watched with interest .. didn’t move… just waited for me to???

I got seed from the back of my car and put it on the other side of them.. hoping to lead them off the road itself. they didn’t hesitate they began pecking and moving to the side of the road. What to do.. I didn’t want to leave them the woods there are full of coyotes and other critters that could do them harm. In the end I did drive to the parking lot and got the phone number for the NCC (National Capital Commission) the land owners … who in turn assured me they would get in touch with someone from the conservation team. And a ranger would come to the rescue… I sure hope they did.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

New encounters can help you change. BE up for anything even if its out of your comfort zone. This is a chance for you to improve yourself as a human being.

Perfect Liberty 2020.30

btw. no I don’t think the chickens came from somewhere near by.. it is in the woods there are no farms in that area.. it is all protected land. It snowed last night.. there were no tracks in the snow.

For everything there is a reason .. maybe not at the time … will you know why? … but there will be an aha moment when something will “relate”

Till soon..


Have a peanut!

Snow in the woods
visibility during the morning when the wind picked up

Sometimes in life, this is what happens when we least expect it to.. Other times, we know that there is the possibility that with weather conditions, the driving could get dicey. Still if we need to get things done, then we have to do our best to handle whatever comes our way, with careful attention and not only observe what is happening around us, but stay focused on the task at hand.

Multitasking reduces your joy by half. When doing something give it your all. There is joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

In the shelter of the trees, the critters and I rather enjoyed the quiet of the woodlands, the crows, ravens and blue jays were not happy with something going on down the trail, they were squawking and aggressively ganging up on???? I didn’t go and see, there were so many of them having a shouting match … I stayed put where I was. Eventually it quieted down, and we simply went back to doing whatever we were into doing. The forest floor began to hum with the activities of the smaller critters, and I went on my way. That is when I discovered the snow was falling heavier and the winds had picked up.

Life IS


Sometimes a picture can tell a story … ever had that empty feeling…. we’ve found this wonderful photographer in the States, who has a wonderful way of taking pictures.. They have graciously given us permission to use some of the “stories” we found in our tour of the M6 site. you will see more from this artist over time.

Lately we have had a lot of “sad” experiences within our community. In some cases, we have had to bid adieu to old friends/family members, other’s in our “family” have had challenges that require a lot of “faith” and “makoto” (sincerity). In PL, our first precept is LIFE IS ART. Every day is a new beginning, a new canvas as I like to say. The picture of the mailboxes reminded me of when mail, (the written greeting) was so important, and how everyday, we watched for the mailperson… Yes there were commercial/business envelopes, flyers and advertisements, but.. that is how we kept in touch with family and friends who didn’t live near, news was always so welcome.

How many of you can remember the pleasure of finding a pretty coloured envelope in the mail. One from a pen pal, or friend/family member dropping in to recount their news. Now so many mailboxes stand empty, new technology has changed how we communicate and share. With the change my personal realization is that “feelings” that came with the written word (missive) are often missing. If the mailbox was a symbol of our heartfelt world… would yours be open, full, half full, barely used, and just possibly often empty.????

Be in tune with the feeling of others. Let’s start by trying to understands other people’s feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

Everyone today is the 2nd month, 22nd day, of year 2022… !! 12=3 body/mind/spirit

There is beauty in the world, there is happiness, joy and a lot of love. Let’s keep our focus on the positives, and the good vibes. Share a smile today…


Photo Chris O’Keefe ,NH,USA (fall 2019)

This picture was taken by a friend who wanders upper NY States taking pictures – in particular at one time he was very interested in covered bridges. He would get up VERY~ early and take off on his search, a by product would be scenes he would capture along the way. This one I found to be cheerful. with its sunny flowers - Ottawa right now is dealing with some very unpleasant “happenings”.. our weather has been up and down, cloudy skies, overcast, I went hunting for some “HAPPY”

This sign is hanging on one of my walls … I thought to share it with you today.

I truly believe this… it is a choice we make

You are the result of your daily efforts. Put your whole heart into everything you do in your daily life. Your true self will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2022.20

Our choices are not always easy, and sometimes we have to really meditate and work at changing our mind set. Anything worth having is worth waiting for – patience … Yes.. that goes into the recipe. Prayer/meditation, patience, faith and ability to believe in ourSelves. No one can make us happy, we are the makers of our own happiness. I choose to have “HAPPY” in my life.

Friends, friends are important in our lives. Good friends, friends who can listen, and simply be there to hold your hand when it needs holding. No one can solve or make “things” better… that journey is ours and ours alone. but you can bet your sweet booty, a true friend is worth their weight in precious metals.

Tomorrow is the PL day of Appreciation (Thanksgiving) service will be at 7 pm.

Today, Sunday Service, begins at 10 a.m.


Feb. 6 Sunday

akaFox went Canadian for the Canadian Blues event.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 6
Being able to enjoy 4 SEASONS is a blessing…

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28
Life is what it is – Enjoy!

resolutions –

look familiar – perhaps its something you’ve experienced

You go out for an evening of relaxation and somewhere along the way… things change.. you may not even know why or what caused the “disconnect”.

Everything that happens to you is material for growth. Approach everything with firm belief that, “it will tur out for the best.” Anything can be used as material for progress and development.

Perfect Liberty 2015. 4

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28

heart- ache-break

Gosh, golly darn…. last Friday I attended a benefit for a long time friend. We were predominantly from the music world, singers, performers, djs, club owners, etc. I heard a lot of music… Friday was mostly blues, ok, it was 98% blues. Tonight I was listening to country, so it was a mix of Etta James, Gene Watson, Tana Tucker, Mo Pitney, Merle Haggard, etc that filled my week-end.

Gosh there are a lot of ways to love. meet. partner, relate, have your heart broken, torn up, ignored, OH, and betrayed, and the other one was unrequited love. That’s a lot of emotion. A lot of lonely nights, and tear stained pillows.

Golly darn, I’ve known it all, I listened and wept. Music is so powerful when it reaches in and grabs your attention. It was actually wonderful to relive some of the “storylines” I’ve lived, even if it cracked my veneer =^_^=…. (Tanya Tucker is singing – What do I do with me, without you……)(without you, what do I do with me…)

Interesting that so many songs that speak to us… mirror what we have lived. We relate to the pain, or the anticipation, rush of that new beginning… and all the chapters that follow.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… Let’s live with gratitude towards everyone and everything all day today.

Perfect Liberty 2022.21

Be in tune with the feelings of others. Let’s start by trying to understand other people’s feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

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