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More birds

Meet photographer Brian Waterman https://www.instagram.com/bird_bri/ There have been so many birds signing in the woodlands it has been a treat to meet up with Brian who has graciously shared photos with us. He has a wonderful selection of birds for you to explore and enjoy, I have a few favourites that I will use from time to time because he has captured the personality of the birds that I’m drawn too. Right now the leaves are filling out so quickly, I hear the birds but I don’t see them. I appreciate Brian’s patience and his ability to find and “catch” the beauties. Check out his Instagram, make sure you have time to doddle, you’ll love what you find,

Cherish this moment, this time, this day. People keep growing as time goes on. Cherish your self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2023.30

heat in the 80’s

No taking a morning break, the destroyed bench is gone, but another has not appeared, when we get to the section of the boardwalk we are met with pylons.

With the pending heat of the day, even the ducks are retreating to find a place to chill.

Others are taking it all in stride. Enjoying the day come what may. That will be my focus for the day, start slow and simply let the moments flow one into the other. I’ll head out now while the morning is still fresh. Have a chill day everyone!

Put Makoto even into small things. Don’t let things go with “oh well”. You will have a different outcome if you put Makoto into everything you do. (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2023.27

maybe today

Sun shines bright- Shadows cast – days go by – today there are clouds in the sky – soon it will be midnight and the day will have gone by.

The turning point is now. Life is a sequence of moments called now. You have the key to turn yourself around.

Perfect Liberty 2023.19


When is enough – enough.

Everyone has their own way of seeing and thinking. There are different points of view and ways of thinking which makes it interesting and creates new ideas. Try to enjoy others’ expressions.

Perfect Liberty 2023.12

Let Go. Let God!

Have faith in God – Mark 11:22


hello world

Yesterday in my search for more rocks, I stopped by a nature trail that isn’t used much except by those who live in the area, and for those who remember it from days gone by. It is off a busy enough road, and there is an old railway line on part of the land. Birds love the area, it is a cacophony of sound and activity at this time of year. i had not been since last year. I was shocked at what greeted me when I drove into the area. There has been destruction from the previous storms.. trees block the entrance to the areas I have shown you here. pristine looking yes.. I did not .. could not bring myself to take pictures of the debris, garbage and human waste that has been dumped and left to rot , spoil and mar the beauty of this beautiful location.

To get to where I took the pictures, I had to climb over several trees, or walk around on ground that was muddy and not very easy to travel without proper footwear. Plus the waste that has been just dumped was rotting near by, and litter is blowing around, you have to have the stomach and determination to go forward. I knew what was beyond the fallen trees, at least I thought I did. I made the effort even tho’ I was not dressed for climbing over trees being it was Sunday and service was at 10. I’m glad I did, I could show you that the area beyond the fallen trees where cars can’t go… was as you see, still looking inviting, welcoming.

Why do people take and leave their garbage .. their were old tires, garbage bags were throw up into trees??? others had torn open and all the contents were strewn about. The only bird in the area that is like a dump and open sore on the land, was a crow who turned black knowing eyes at me…. he could fly away, even he wasn’t going to stay.

Today’s calendar is about saying Thank YOU, and being grateful, and practicing appreciation for the positives in our lives. Yesterdays discovery was truthfully a shock for me, I do see litter and of course I read about or hear about the thoughtless deeds that happen in and around me … but… it still is a “blow” to know that the land/environment we live in/on and that is so important to our health and our well being is treated so callously and carelessly.

“Thank you” again and again. It feels great if someone tells you Thank you. even many times by repeating this be cone a person who comes up with the words “thank you” naturally.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 8

Please don’t take for granted the green spaces we have left. Trees are important in filtering the air we breathe, the birds, wildlife all play a part in our own survival on this planet. I don’t like all the rules and don’t always agree with what happens in these times, but the land, and the wildlife that live with us on this planet are necessary for our own well being. We are all ONE. Be accountable.

brain drain?

Bouts of forgetfulness? You find yourself wanting to test your cognitive skills. Do you identify with articles that talk about memory issues. Do you have trouble staying focused. How do you do with retaining or learning new information/technology? Something that we are all experiencing at some level if we are now “adults”…

Every magazine has some kind of article in it that wants to educate us, on healthy habits, diet changes so that we are getting more legumes, whole grains, eat fish for more omega etc. the list goes on and on. there are articles and “people” who specialize in studying and passing on information about how to age gracefully.

A doctor once told me when I asked him the question..”am I over weight, should I be on a diet” his reply was to ask me, 1. how do you feel? do you feel good? Are you experiencing any symptoms that we need to look into? I had to think, but no I had no aches, pains, or discomfort, I was eating well, I wasn’t having headaches, my arthritis was not acting up, my diabetic numbers were good, maybe I could fall asleep faster, but in the grand scheme of things, I was in good working order. So health wise, I was fine, yes I was overweight (in my opinion) I wanted to be back at the weight I had been in my 20’s.

In his opinion, I was doing really well, my blood pressure and all the other factors he concerns himself with were good. So I was 20 pounds maybe even 25 pounds heavier .. so what, I was also older and less active than I had been in my younger years. He suggested at the time that I get out more, walk, get fresh air, spend less time worrying about my weight be thankful for my good health, and appreciate that I was healthy and able to get out and do things.. in other words.. practice a positive attitude.

I have taken to making sure I get out every day, I may miss a day here or there, but basically I go out every day and walk, or sit/commune with the wildlife in various locations… It is MY time… I allow myself the pleasure of taking in “nature”.. “seasons” “weather”… I interact with the wildlife and other people I meet along the way. I spend time in the present. Over time, being present/focused and being in the moment has become natural for me. It didn’t happen overnight, its been years in the “doing”.

I don’t worry/obsess about my estrogen levels, I don’t go looking for middle age problems, i simply enjoy whatever the day brings my way, and move on … Sometimes it works like a charm, other times I may come across a hiccup or two, but…. I know… this is now.. and it will pass. If I am tenacious about anything, it is about learning to”let go” to live my life the best way I can.. and move on. So brain drain becomes just a cute catch phrase to grab attention… did it work?

Get things started with grit. If you work on things in daily life with the attitude of “let’s do it!” you will feel a power to accomplish thigs. People around you will rely on you.

Perfect Liberty 2023.29

N’oublie pas

Smiles are the world’s treasure.. if you smile more there will be more smiles in the world. Be one of those who makes more smiles.

Perfect Liberty 2023.26

mid month 15th.

Daffodils = hope

I thought today I’d tell you a very short story. it is spring time the birds out happily singing their joy at being able to roam and search out new friends, new territories to experience, There is the promise of days and weeks of new growth and a world that is more bountiful.

Express your feelings straight away. It will be good if you could express your feelings as they are to people around you, when you are happy or when you are troubled. Also, it will be a good chance for you to get to know others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.15

Never stop being YOU, always remember that YOU matter, the days of believing that someone else will or can make you happy… belong in the once upon a time stories we were fed as kids. We are responsible for our lives and the decisions we make. Love between two people is beautiful .. and sharing your life with someone/partner/friends enriches and brings untold blessings into our lives. But in the end, you and you alone are responsible for your choices. PL Precept # 1 Life is Art.


Ice and thunder

Good Morning, Bom dia….. Spring in the city after a wicked ice storm that has left many parts of the city without power. I said a silent prayer last night, having been without power during the last mega storm we had not that long ago…. I knew the silence and anxiety that goes with being left without power while the storm rages on into the night. So many of us no longer have land lines.. only our cell phones.. a Cell phone without power (not able to be charged)…Morning prayers today… count your blessings if you have power and send up positive vibes for all who are in need of support …

Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Put aside your own convenience for a moment and think about what would make the other person happy or what would best serve their needs.

Perfect Liberty 2016 27

Let’s see today is Thursday, let me find door(s) that will lead to some sunshine… or set a different tone.

What will lie ahead today, I don’t know… I’m heading out to see what.. IF .. there was..has been damage done at the feeders out in the conservation areas I have been servicing. Enjoy whatever comes your way.. this is a special week and today I believe for those who follow the tradition is the day before Good Friday and it is Passover… yes? Welcome the day whatever you are up to!!!

Follow this link to Dan’s site, No Facilities, for more doors.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/04/06/pittsburgh-church-doors/


Its the middle of the night – sleep is happening somewhere else – Not happening for you – instead you are lying restless and alone – the room cold and dark is not inviting – you close your eyes again pulling the blanket up under your chin – then you feel it – a small paw presses into your side – the dog sighs in her sleep, her legs stretch out as her body relaxes even more. she’s happy… what is your problem?

Always have presence of mind. If you overexert yourself, you will get easily swayed by emotion. Always put the best makoto with presence of mind.

Perfect Liberty 2023.25

What is wrong you say? Nothing! It is a moment, it will pass.

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