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Monday, Monday

Listen carefully and Speak Clearly

Listen carefully and speak clearly. A good relationship starts from truly understanding each other.

Perfect Liberty 2021.5

Sometimes, one is engulfed in a sadness or an over powering emotion that simply defies definition. There is not always a black and white solution. A caring partner/listener will do his/her best to not only listen to what is being said, but to read between the lines, about what is not being said.

The longer a friendship exists, the more the other person can understand and or relate to what their friend is going through, how much that person will actually “say out loud” and /or even acknowledge. Caring isn’t something we can pretend to do, sincerity in word/action is something that cannot be “faked”.

“Listen” and “see” with careful attention and accept each other. Focus your “eyes” and “ears” towards the expression of others without preconceived notions. Then you will be able to see their true intentions.

Perfect Liberty 2018.24
love is unconditional

love is not spoken it is felt

Deus Natureza -God and Nature

We are not born wise, wisdom is something we acquire as we make our way through life, some lessons learned are more thought provoking than others. Always the opportunity lies waiting, often as bold as brass, sometimes not, but always, the opportunity awaits discovery.

The other day, I picked up a small wooden puzzle of a flamingo. 22 pieces of wood that one takes apart and assembles, Everything needed is included. 2 sheets of wood with laser cut pieces ready to be pieced together. sounds simple doesn’t it.

Well not obviously to me. I saw it and thought it would be fun painted. I took the two sheets of balsa wood and thought about how best to paint it .. decided a white first coat would be good to prime it before I got fancy with the acrylic colours. FOCUSED on the painting of it, I proceeded to lavishly coat it with primer and a base of Titanium white acrylic. Set it aside to let it dry.

All you woodworking buddies out there, have you started groaning yet. Yup I did that. I was even considering if I should do colour splashes on the sheets while they were still all together on the sheet.

Not once did it enter my noggin that in so doing I would be bonding the pieces with the medium. Nor when I came to take the pieces apart, did it dawn on me to first use my knife to cut the pieces .. I have a full set of blades, several different handles, I am well prepared for such tasks, I’ve worked with wood for as long as I can remember. What was i thinking!!! OK we know the answer, I wasn’t.

Needless to say. I made a mess of things. It happens, the horror of it all struck me with a lightening punch. “Girl, where was your head”

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

Will I have the patience to try and put those pieces together, repair all the torn and broken ones, the simple reply is NO. It was an idea that came and went. I accept that I made a shambles of it. Obviously my mind was not on what I was doing, only on one part of the project. In not thinking it through first, I made a proper mess of it.

Time to go find my Canon and wander off into the day. I wish you all a very happy and productive day. Love YOU.

Obrigado, thank you PL, por me ensinar amar assim, por ver Deus dentro de mim e em quallquer lugar. for teaching me to love and to see God within me, and everywhere around.

one moment in time

Harmony brings us peace. Let’s strive to always maintain good relationships at home, at work and in the in the community we live in.

Perfect Liberty 2020.1


happiness is

borzoi puppies
this is an adult Borzoi

These adorable bundles of joy are from the Freckashpeng kennels in Winchester, Ontario. Canada

Having gone out in the cold fresh day, I thought a little bit of soft cuddling would be in order. =^_^=

Enjoy the sunshine everyone! Hot soup and sandwich time, before heading out again..



Good relationships begin by greeting each other. Acts of respect and courtesy are reflections of how much we value others. Make it a point to be the first to greet your family, people t work and around the neighborhood.

Perfect Liberty 2014.4

Work well with everyone regardless of their age or position. the opinions of those who are younger may lead to new solutions, and we can always learn from the accumulated experiences of our elders.

Perfect Liberty 2020.4

A walk in nature today, kept life in perspective. Fresh air was invigorating! See you all in dreamland. =^_^= Life is Good!!



walk with me..

Welcome another day

walk with me, stay by my side

for I am here for you

a silent whisper of energy

traveling by your side

there is no right or wrong way

together we will stay, always side by side

like the pine and the oak

we share the “WAY”

it is in our togetherness

that the Universe will be sowed with love

and a lasting JOY of PEACE.

Love begins within

Our roots entwined

bound forever in time.

I Love YOU


Live today with LOVE in your heart, it is a HAPPY day! Live the PL WAY!

a gift

love greeting from Australia

The hand of friendship extends across the ocean….

Your cheerful outlook can positively change those around you. when you are always positive and moving forward, you can definitely influence the mood of the people around you and keep things in an upbeat mood.

Perfect Liberty 2011.14

When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is LOVE

Lana del Ray

Happiness is the china shop’ love is the bull

H.L. Mencken

You are all much appreciated .. love is the ingredient you bring to my life. Have a happy, productive day everyone!



I needle felted this piece for a challenge some years back, remember that beautiful face of the sheep the other day. Seeing it reminded me of the sculptures I used to do with fleece.
this reminded me of how often I feel I am left to work out my “thoughts” with the forces that surround me, Who really listens ? and who really cares?
a canvas is blank till we put paint to it.

If today, I am a canvas…… then I wonder how my day will proceed…. at the end of the day, it will no longer be blank, but will I like what I see.

Yesterday I felt unsettled and knew that I was not blending my thoughts into what I felt was a harmonious “vision”

I was falling into a familiar trap.. the actions of others was causing me hurt and negative thoughts.

My father always told me that no one else could hurt or harm me with their words or actions, it was how I was receiving and internalizing the incoming energy. It is easy to put the blame on others.. but.. the reality is, if I am disappointed, or let down, it is because I had to have had an expectation.

Homework was/is required.

I’ll start a new canvas.. the one that is incompatible with my current
“need” I will set aside and revisit later if it can’t be fixed, it will have to be moved along…

I asked a friend for some information, startled he asked me why I needed it, I replied, so when I die my son will have the information he will need. His reply was “don’t die”…

If life were that simple.


reminder… Thanksgiving service is at 7 pm ..


photo-Hillwalker,DarrenSu 2019

Are you in danger, of falling in love.. how about.. laughing so hard it hurts, or … meeting some one new who thinks so much like you do, they know what you are thinking almost before you do.

Risk taking, do you take risks. Would you take risk going down an unfamiliar street just because you had never gone down that street before? Are you a person who will explore that hidden alley, go down that country road to an unknown location? Can you remember the last time you stopped to talk to a complete stranger, just to have a friendly chat?

Do you or have you missed someone who you used to spend a lot of time with … until distance, or interests took you in other directions. Driving a car is and can be dangerous until you learn and know how to do so… Even then you are not always in control of “how ” the journey will proceed.

Living is risk taking, living can be dangerous, I think we have all had a bit of that learning curve in recent times…. Have you discovered new beginnings, have you rediscovered new qualities in your friends, family, surroundings, that have given you pause … Can you now define, the “dangers” in your life (lifestyles).. A dear friend said over the week-end, many of us have forgotten that love is a commitment. Got me thinking, it is often thought of as a feeling. (which we try to categorize, define, squeeze into a box of a predetermined definition) … the reality, it is a commitment, very personal, and to each one of us, it holds unlimited possibilities. Always for everyone, there is danger.. Love will always, bring change.. change is impossible to avoid – There you go.. you are a risk taker..

Love you loads and loads and loads.

Put your whole heart into everything and express your individuality. When you put your whole heart into expressing yourself, your true beauty will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2020.19


when two hearts collide

a picture story

I have a dear friend who also has a blog, and who as a writer helps other writers by giving them a picture and asking them to write a story around what they see. Going through pictures for one of my other blogs, I came across this picture.. It spoke to me of so many possibilities that I thought I would try it out on this blog.

Who are these men, what is the storyline here. The postures, the looks, what do they tell you. Mollie you inspired this.. what do you see? Can you feel the emotions, what is happening here, or could be happening.

I look forward to some input here. I think I know where I would go with this story line, but… I’m going to stand aside and let you dear reader, tell me.

Today’s calendar said ‘Good or Bad, It is your Mirror.”

the 25th day, says.. “Let’s find the joy in Everything” Are you looking for things to complain about? Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful life.

Each personality is an individual, each with a heart, feelings and emotions that belong to them and them alone, … in life… we are all a continuation of Nature’s Energy field. What happens when two force fields collide?

Stay safe.. stay strong… be happy!


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