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Thursday Door


A door, a single door, an inexpensive find, a wanted door, BUT an “I can’t have ” door. Imagine productively searching the aisles for how to get to what I was after without being around people. I saw an opening and headed that way, it was a bit of a detour but I would get to the fresh breads/baking, and could go towards dog/animal foods later.. Aimed the cart for the open space and stopped in my tracks. A DOOR.. a blank wooden door, a faux barn door complete with the hardware. A door chaser, an artist, a “covid” bored adult with time on my hands.. A door I could bring home.. NOT!! I am in cutting back, giving away, declutter mode.. a blank door.. OMG what to do. I got out my camera and took a picture while I stood fixated on the spot. Oh dear, Oh dear, I can’t bring it home, try as I might I just have no where to put it. A barn door is so out of character for a small war time house. so guys and gals, the door is getting featured in today’s THURSDAY DOORS.

No competition from me with a door already rich with character, an oldie or a new found “treasure” I am giving it a place all to itself. Let your imagination go wild, this door has so much potential, endless possibilities.. I’d say it can be useful as well as a blank canvas.

Next week I’ll be back with more doors, meanwhile, I told this door, it would have a place today where someone else might also appreciate it.. btw.. while I stood contemplating this beautiful door, the rest of the activity in the store, and you know a Costco can be busy, simply faded and disappeared.

Doors are “magic” come up to one, walk thru one, a whole new “moment” awaits you.

Tell yourself “things happen” Even if something is inconvenient, once you accept it you’ll be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

Don’t be swayed by the past; It’s what you do from now on that counts. Your failures as well as your successes are now in the past. Always look towards the future and start with a fresh outlook.

Perfect Liberty 2015.9

PL Precept #17 Grasp what is most essential – Capte o ponto central. – Capte el punto central

for more doors – Thursday Doors – visit No facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/04/08/naubuc-again-thursday-doors/

Thursday Doors

I went back through my files to dig out some doors that could be fun for you to have a peak at, and perhaps think about what kind of storyline they would offer …. I’ve been a door hound for a long time. thanks for sharing some of my collection. =^_^=

You can see more doors by visiting … No facilities (Thursday Doors is a weekly feature ) https://nofacilities.com/2021/04/01/naubuc-historic-district-thursday-doors/

Each person’s peace leads to world peace. First of all, you have to be happy. that happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1.
found this last door on the web some 8,10 years ago.

Realize, that not only are the doors featured in this post and in the others you will visit today if you check out Dan’s site, the “hounds” that chase the doors are an amazing group in themselves… You will venture far and wide . =^_^= Cheers all.

silent prayer

unwanted – discarded

With the sunlight shining, bringing hope of a new season

I am being discarded, left defenseless to fend on my own

I did my best to serve as best I could

my trim, my beautiful scrolled design, so loved at one time

is now, no longer enjoyed or even seen

if only this was a dream

I can only hope, someone will rescue me

I’ve done my best – that is all I could or can do

for now I must stand alone – leave my fate up to you

a silent prayer I offer with all my heart

that what ever will be, will be what is best for me

for there are others out there, that are physically alone

but know, that with God we are ONE.


whatever our destiny – we know – we did our best.

Thursday doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together and share.. for more doors visit https://nofacilities.com/2021/03/25/official-waterbury-thursday-doors/

Thursday Doors

Doors are the gateway to many interesting and wonderful moments. Each of these doors will lead you into a different world, where you will be the author of your own adventure. Which door will you, or would you like to walk through. ?.

The past leads to NOW and the NOW leads to the future. Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty March 11.2021

Should you have picked Pub 101, this is a sampling of the delicious food you can enjoy while visiting the establishment, It has good reviews and is situated in the heart of the tourist area in downtown Ottawa. just saying, should anyone be hungry =^_^=

For the writers in the group, each one of the above doors tells a story. Some doors were found in the States, the rest are in Canada … There isn’t anywhere one can go without finding an “interesting” door.

For more doors, please visit the home of Thursday Doors, weekly feature. https://nofacilities.com/2021/03/11/waterbury-union-station-thursday-doors/

Enjoy your day everyone…

really, its Thursday!!!

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature, for more doors you can visit https://nofacilities.com/2021/03/04/waterbury-churches-thursdaydoors/

Canada Post

Put your heart into whatever you do, ad you will find the joy in it. If you are going to do something, you may as well do it with enthusiasm. You will gradually begin to see what makes it interesting and learn to enjoy it.

Perfect Liberty 2012.19

Moderation is also important. In the above instance, I was delighted to see that I was greeted with such a fun surprise, however, I was overwhelmed when I came into the house to find that every available flat surface was covered in these big hearts and even bigger balloon hearts hanging from the ceilings. It actually took me a day or two to accept that it was a generous and fun heart that exercised its creativity, and the intention was my happiness.

PL Precept #5 One’s self is lost by being emotional.

PL Precept # 17 Grasp what is most essential.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter

For more doors, and handsome ones too, visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/02/18/palace-theater-doors-thursday-doors/ where you will be entertained by this weeks door selections from other bloggers who participate in Thursday Doors. Thanks Dan for being such great host!

Thursday doors

essential and so appreciated – well maintained!
commercial, an eating. dining experience, so missed while we are on shut down
old doors – taken in Thailand by Num of Ottawa
doors to an old building with historic architecture, and to a Porsch
photo Num Ottawa

The past leads to Now and Now leads to the Future. Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11


For more doors, visit Dan’s site No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/02/11/katharine-day-house-thursday-doors/

Thursday Doors

Good day to you … I had occasion to visit Dave’s photo gallery the other day, he had this window I was taken with .. when I asked for permission to use it, he said, “fill your boots”… so I looked around and found a few others that I tagged to use today.

What I so admire about the visuals taken by friends is that they see and capture moments in their own unique way. That is one of the reasons I participate in the Thursday Door weekly project, it is always so much fun to sit and visit all the different presentations. Since Norm began this theme years ago, I have seen so many different doors/windows from all over the world, and in every colour one can think of. Some are works of art, others practical, some full of history, ALWAYS a joy and fun …

You can visit Dan’s site (he has taken over for Norm) to see more doors by visiting this location. https://nofacilities.com/2021/02/04/author-author-thursday-doors/

Express yourself with a kind and thoughtful heart. Be attentive and put your whole heart into your expressions, as if you are always trying to create a “beautiful work of art”

Perfect Liberty 2016.4

Enjoy the day!

Thursday doors revisited

Doors come in many sizes and colours, some are from the past, some are still being used today. Like the people who conceived them, used them, doors are all unique. When the shut down period is over I hope to get out to acquire more pictures. 🐱

Have a “let’s do it” attitude. Even if a t ask is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.14
Door to the loo!


I will update thig blog tomorrow with a link for you, that will take you to No Facilities, where you can see other posts for Thursday Doors. Here you go https://nofacilities.com/2021/01/14/first-journey-doors-thursday-doors/

old time village

My husband and I were visiting this reproduced “village of another time” I tried several times to get a picture without a human entering the old church, but … it was a popular attraction. Now. many church doors are closed. the comfort and quiet that one finds in a place that is dedicated to one’s inner thoughts/soul… are not always available to us. Instead what is being broadcast is the rants of unhappy humans, or voices counting and recounting the misdeeds and negativity that is in the world today.

In many ways, we have come a long way. Kudos to new technology and the positive imprints we are making in/on this world we call “home”…

For the sake of others, society, and world peace. Always live keeping in mind everything you do is for the sake of others, society and world peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.10

Treasure each moment in time. Lie is a continuation o “NOW” Treasure each and every moment as it comes, so that you can live your life as fully as possible, without regrets.

Perfect Liberty 2016.10

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