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invasion has started

Canadian mosquito,,, wicked pest

they are tiny,hungry, sting, bite and are aggressive

my heartfelt appreciation to all the birds that feed on these nasties.

When you face difficulties start with anything you can do. When you ar able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you can do.

Perfect Liberty 2022.12

morning missive from Japan. –

πŸŒΈπŸ€πŸŒΈπŸ€πŸŒΈπŸ€ 2022/05/12 [Lilac] The flower language is “an important friend.” There are a lot of people around you. “Treasure” is hidden. “Treasure” doesn’t make money. You’re involved, you’re accepted, you’re cared for, you’re cheered up, Sometimes they worry and encourage me. Such an important companion is a treasure that money can never buy ☺️ And you are someone’s treasure. Your kindness is my treasureπŸ₯°πŸŒΈπŸ€πŸŒΈπŸ€πŸŒΈ

Re- mosquitos .. started noticing them the other day. It wasn’t too bad, the odd bit of buzzing, but yesterday they were bolder, I suspect with each passing day they will get more persistent. Time to find another way to get my walking in. Something to ponder on. for sure.. long sleeves, neautral colours.. note to self, they bite through some clothing, somehow they even manage to get into your hair and will find any open areas to get at your skin. I am not exaggerating their zeal.

Have a grand day everyone, we have been experiencing weather in the 80’s here. day after day, we are not in the summer season yet. Forecast is for sunny skies and a lot of record breaking heat.


Today is Thursday Doors... I invite you to follow this link to Dan’s site to see all the wonderful doors that will be posted by fellow door aficionados https://nofacilities.com/2022/05/12/other-cheney-structures/

Hounds of Freckashpeng

When every door is given a special decoration – there isn’t a door in the house that isn’t showing off a beaming “happy holidays” decoration. The owners of this special haven get better and better each year at pulling together a look that shouts “HAPPY HOLIDAYS’ to everyone who passes by, or has the pleasure of an actual indoor tour.

Thursday doors everyone.. I know this is Friday, but you can still enjoy touring other doors by visiting Dan’s site https://nofacilities.com/2021/12/02/random-duluth-doors/

Improve yourself to have a kinder heart. Do what you can to be caring and considerate to make others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.3

A home says a lot about the people who live in them. This home is filled with love and joy of many many bouncing whippets and borzoi …

I am very blessed to have these two human beings in my life and consider them family. I’m so proud of what they do and the love they give to each and every little heart that comes into their lives.

Till soon. This is the month to shine with holiday decorations, but the love that we shine out to the world with our smiles/friendships is priceless.

a portrait of a puppy who won our hearts, she came conquered and left.. love is forever!

pictures from Hounds of Freckashpeng library

Nov. 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family .. this is a very special time for you, families will gather, friends will get together… It is a time of sharing and being with those we love, if not physically, spiritually, In China, it is the Chinese New Year that is the catalyst for the push to spend time with family and those we cherish… In my thinking” this is something that should happen every day .. but .. it is not always practical, so having this one time set aside for focusing on saying “thank you” to the world around us… is very special, to everyone.

What an odd ball assortment of personalities – I know from past experiences, at gatherings when people come together – often there are a unique number of interesting characters that have been in or at our “family” gatherings that we don’t know all that well – now is the time to “explore” “discover” take the opportunity to walk up to, and check out the diversity in your own “backyard”…

No two doors are alike, or are there to serve the same purpose.. Just like the people around us.

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy… Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more.

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

Appreciate each person’s good points. Everyone is human and has both good and bad things about t hem. Let’s strive to look for the good points in others so that we can get along.

Perfect Liberty 2015.16

This being Thursday, please visit Dan’s No Facilities blog for more doors. https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/25/duluth-morning-walk/ he will also have posted the schedule for the month of December for those interested in participating or who just love the theme.

Till soon


In looking for pictures for a door, I came across something I had written, don’t know when, long enough ago that I had tucked it away in a book and only found it again last night when I pulled the book out to look up something. Obviously it was back when I had a printer. Since I need to retype it to get it on the PC.. I’m going to share it with you – as is- I will leave a link at the end of the post to Dan’s No facilities .. where you will find more doors … I had titled the page.. The Sun.

The Sun – written by me, sometime in the past,

The sun that had warmed and welcomed her earlier that day, was no longer friendly. She lay in quiet despair, feeling the unrelenting heat, burrow down deeper into her body. The ground under her was hard, unforgiving and uncaring that her body hurt. Where once she thought of the sun as a healing energy and one that gave life, she now thought only of how it was slowly killing her with its scorching blistering persistence on her now barely living shell.

The long slender arm that once gracefully waved to friends and showed her animation for life now lay limp and useless across her dry eyes. Her parched throat tried in vain to find one tiny drop of saliva anything to relieve the thirst that raged inside of her. She felt her soul evaporating drop by drop into the stillness around her. Nothing moved. The animals knew to conserve their energy. Not a sound could be heard… and she had no energy left to try to cry for help.

How long she lay in the semi state of consciousness, no one would ever know … all hope for rescue was gone, she simply let herself go.

It was in that moment, that she felt rather than saw a presence. She knew her eyes would not open, could not open, her strength was gone. Maybe the angels had come to take her away from this burning inferno. Maybe… she would once more feel the cool of a shaded nook, and feel the fresh green grass beneath her feet. If she were to die now… she would be rescued from this horrible state of passive death.

What was that … a sweet smell .. the air around her had changed… then yes… she felt a drop on her lips. A gentle rain, just enough to slowly wind its way down her throat and give a feeling of reprieve. She knew she could not move… so she lay and accepted the gift from the gods.. her body was bathed in healing rain, drop by drop she felt her skin greedily take it in.

Maybe she would see tomorrow… maybe there was hope… as her body drank this blessing from above, she felt the earth beneath her begin to take shape and mould to her now drenched body. Her arms that had been limp and useless now began to lift in prayer to the skies.

Her eyes opened to the world and she knew she could stand tall and be strong again. In letting go and accepting the moment of despair, she had welcomed the unknown, in doing so it became her friend… She was free to embrace the sun again… for each death is a new life. Always and forever.

I stepped through a door from the past, I don’t know why or what the reason was for my little ‘story” but it still resonates with me today.

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

To join in the fun of seeing doors from all over the map, please visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/18/duluth-central-high/

Till soon

The door

We all have a door that has been closed and locked for some time, so long in fact, you’re not sure when the last time you opened it and went inside.

Maybe it is just one of many doors and windows you’ve boarded up and turned away from. These doors may be closed and boarded up, but what is inside, and the memories and emotions that were experienced, and given birth to behind these doors, they remain hazy discarded objects in dusty corners of our minds.

With time, the door finally simply disappears or opens and what can be found inside, is often vacant space and long forgotten pieces of yesterday that no longer have meaning in your/our world today.

There is always another door, one that is inviting, or beckoning, From my experience, when a door opens, you cannot escape that reality that you will face. Just because there is a door .. doesn’t mean it is meant for you. Some door we are meant to enjoy from a distance. They are part of someone else’s “storyline” The “secrets” they hold .. belong in another book,

You will recognize the doors that will welcome you, when you cross the threshold you will know and feel the positive and healing energies… We all have such doors in our lives… sometimes we tend to pass them without thought, other times, perhaps we need to make time to reacquaint ourselves with what lies beyond, it is only in facing and cleaning out cobwebs that fresh air can penetrate and cleanse.

When we declutter, when we face our troubles, only then can we see clearly to move ahead and past our “self imposed” limitations.

There will always be a way If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that, you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28
till soon

For more doors, please visit Dan’s site No Facilites https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/11/doors-on-veterans-day/ here you will find doors from all corners of the world.. =^_^=

Thursday doors.

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

World Peace does not invite people just by praying… praying for peace is important, but let’s take concrete action. Efforts and sincere actions to create harmony, not only in the home but also in the workplace and community, will lead to world peace.

translated in Japan to English PL 2021/11/3

Good morning everyone, being Thursday, for all my fellow door buff, please visit Dan’s site No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/04/st-scholastica-doors/

Till Soon

Chop suey Thursday

Work is a pile of chores (minor things) How sincere are you in your daily life from morning till night? Life is a series of small things, a pile of small things, reminder, happiness is something not to neglect.

translated from Japanese PL lesson 27.2021

Rumours are curses. When people who like to gossip get together, they turn into the conversation into “bad language” Just being there saying bad things and so on is a negative. It is not wise to gossip

translated from Japanese -PL lesson 28. 2021

I picked a variety of “doors (openings) today, let your thoughts, imagination wander and explore the possibilities, of how and what these images evoke.

For more doors, please visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/10/28/more-train-doors/ there you will discover doors posted by fellow bloggers who share in the joy of doors.

Be considerate of others.. share.. start with a smile.

Thursday 14

A door to a small building that was no no longer being used


When you get stuck, go back to the beginning. Could it be that you have forgotten what initially sparked your enthusiasm? By remembering what inspired you in the beginning you will feel a renewed enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2012,4
The SOUND of change – the constant renewal of a life force that changes the environment around it, close your eyes and just listen.

For more Thursday Doors, visit, Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/10/14/split-rock-lighthouse/

I was in rural Ontario and Quebec yesterday, it was an awesome day for discoveries, colours were vivid and bright in many areas, but when I reviewed the pictures I had taken, I found that most of my interest yesterday was in the places we came across with a past.

Enjoy whatever the day has to offer. Reflect on the past, for it is the “history of what was’ that we build on our tomorrows – Live life with “makoto’ (sincerity).


Thursday doors

Some doors are more inviting than others.. Photographer Ian Mitchell has been out exploring.. he’s found some interesting doors for us.

Mind you Ian, I’m not sure that these doors are what I would call welcoming, but you did find us a red door in Quebec city.

love the door and the old stone building it adorns.

You’re happy, I’m happy. Have the mindset of “good for you, good for me”. Express yourself in a way that makes others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.7

I’m off to try and catch a glimpse of the wild turkeys that I’m told like to hang out in a parking lot in the very, very west end. If I’m lucky you will see pictures of them soon. I was told they are there very early, so dear readers.. have a grand day.. enjoy the fall weather ..

Till soon – Oyashikiri

You will find more doors on Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/10/07/lake-superior-railroad-museum/ he is featuring trains today for all you Train buffs. But, remember there is more, you will find links to all the other Thursday Door posts by other “bloggers”

the manse

This manse stands beside the big church in a small town on the way to Cornwall. I’ve seen the church for years, but I’d never gone down the street beside the church. the other day I did. It is amazing what we find when we venture down a side street, turn a corner or simply look in a different direction.

I thought today I would focus just on the one “set” of doors that lead into the manse on the way to Cornwall, it was such a lovely old home, well kept, and very inviting. The church it sits next too is full of character, it stands proud along the highway, and is always a “joy to behold” driving towards it and past it. The corner were the church stands, always feels special. You arrive there, and always there is a welcoming feeling.

A church is but a building, true, it is the community and the people that give it life, and character, but the above architecture and overall lay out of how it is situated and been maintained, was a pleasure to discover and now share with you.

Being Thursday, you can find more doors by visiting – Dan site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/09/23/superior-street-doors/

Multitasking reduces your joy by half. When doing something give it your all. There is joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23

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