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Thursday Doors 6.22.17


IMG_3207 door Merrickville

OK who moved the door?

There were actually doors of all sizes. many for the outside were for little fairy houses, or wee ones that frequent the garden out of sight of the tall people.  Where Merrickville, ON.,Canada

PL Precept # 7  Everything Exists in Relativity




chop suey Friday

mohawk, just beyond

When we journey beyond our day-to-day, we come across forgotten places, faded dreams of a yester-year.   There are such places, that I can acknowledge and let pass.  Two ships in the night.  Other places shout out to me, calling for my attention.  So we stop and I survey the land, the energy and “vibe” of the place.    What is it that makes one location stand out from another.


Same stop, different camera angle.  Maybe seconds have passed, maybe it was more like a few minutes.  But in the fraction of time my gaze and attention was diverted.  The light, the view was different.  So it is in life.  When first a challenge faces us, if we listen and take in what it is we are dealing with, our response and reaction will vary.   If you are two people, arriving at the same time, seeing the same thing, neither of you, will see it the same way, sometimes close, and other times..totally different.


That is why communication, conversation is so important, if there is dialogue between two people, even between two energies, there is compatibility or there isn’t.  To be a good communicator, listening has to be one of your most used tools.


The place may seem empty, but…………. the reality is ………………………..it is alive with memories.

PL Precept # 1     Life is Art

Namaste         –         Oyashikiri

Wandering and Wondering

Wandering- Wondering
I’m back. I’ve been wandering. 9 States and 5 Provinces. A lot to see and take in.. We drove down to Sarnia, Ontario and spent our first night there. From there we drove to St. Ignace, Michigan, and then on to Marquette Michigan. We stayed in Marquette a couple of days. This is where we dealt with the problem of one hard drive and a pair of sunglasses that could not be repaired.
I had never been in St. Ignace or Marquette so I was thrilled to discover that there were Thrift shops for me to explore. Little did I know what lay ahead.
Everywhere we stopped Hubby got his GPS traking thrift shops for me. He happily set up office in the vehicle while I was treasure hunting, walked the dogs, or “people” watched ^^
So this is not to drawn out for you, these are some of the other stops we made along the way, Park Rapids Minnesota, Bismarck, North & South Dakota, Gillette, Wyoming.. here was another place where we stayed more than one night. Billings, Montana ( I could have spent more time here, but we needed to get on to our friend in Missoula.) We were many days in Missoula, my friend Wei took me around to a variety of thrift shops and a special drive was to Flathead lake.
Each and every place we stopped had history and character to take in. The drive to these places was at times so breathtaking that one was left with such wonder, there was no more to say .. one could only try to capture it all in the minds eye. We did take pictures hundreds of them, not one captures the awe that was inspired by the sights we saw.
By now you have to know the Rav 4 is packed. What was not tampered with was the personal spaces of the dogs. Each has his/her own space on the back seat. However, in front and in back of them was fair game. For those of you who have yet to meet Canaille and Velcro, les voila.

From Missoula, we were heading back to Canada, however, Hubby wanted me to see a few more States, so we  headed to Idaho next.  we didn’t stay in Idaho we drove on to Spokane, but I loved idaho so much, we stayed in the vicinity for several days.  The draw for me was Couer d’Lane, Idaho.  I found it charming, delightful, whimsical, and full of places to “treasure hunt”

For those of you who know and follow me, you know that I love to thrift, best of all, in chasing down the thrift shops, I got to meet and learn about the various charities in the different cities and towns.  I like to give back to the communities that give me such pleasure, and for me it is a way of really seeing a city/town/village and getting know what  it is about. 

In Couer d’lane not only is there a trendy main street with gift shops, boutiques and the like.  There are outdoor cafes and stalls to temp the visitor driving through.  Of course for me it was the street lined with a number of thrifts run by either the community, State sponsored, or a charity.  Inter spaced with a pawn shop or three, a big Joanne’s, and a few art shops.  I could have spent more time than we had, so its on my “to do again” list. 

I’ll save the trip back to Canada for another blog.  Can’t have you thinking I’m writing a novel.  when I got home, we had a lot to do, and I’m still working on what needs to be done, however I did get to Raglan and Tiny Outpost.  October is coming, one of my favourite months.  You’ll find this new outfit in my shops. (Kangaroo Fashions)

Thanks for sharing with me…

If you want to keep up with my Second Life fashion blog, it is http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com  It is for  the Fashionista/Divas of SL, their lifestyles, trends and fashions.

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