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I reach out to lend a helping hand, the stranger looks at me and I feel the inner battle that shows in her tear filled eyes.  The woman had fallen, somehow she had missed the step up to the sidewalk and lay hurting on the ground.  I stopped my car and ran over to where she now sat rubbing her ankle.  I could see the indecision, she was hurting, but I was a stranger and her first reaction and words were ..” no-no thank you, I am fine”  My background is health care, I took in her now swelling ankle area, the tear-stained face, her headscarf had fallen askew with the fall, she was elderly, I could not leave her on the road.  I heard my therapist to client/patient voice speaking, it was instinct and years of experience talking.  My voice and actions knowing where  gently to lift and help her stand were automatic.  Something inside her responded to the  experience in my voice and movements.  Once standing, she was able to lean on me to get off the street corner an up onto the sidewalk.

While this was happening, another car pulled up, with a lady driver in similar dress attire as the lady I was helping.  She too stopped her car and got out.  The relief at seeing someone from her own community flooded the lady’s face.  The other woman was  able to speak her language.  I explained what happened, the newcomer thanked me, and took over, helping the woman into her car.  I got back in my car and drove home.  Yes I am one of these people who some call a “do good- er”   if I can help, I offer.  I make time.  The learning curve for me is that not everyone wants my help. That is very humbling.

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A Peony is a beautiful flower, when I had them in the garden, I would “lust” after them,waiting for the flower to open and bloom and then stand close, drinking in their fragrance.  At first I was hungry to bring the beauty inside, so that the room would be permeated with the scent.  When I realized that no matter how carefully you examined them, often you brought in the ants too..  I decided that leaving them in their own environment would be better. =^_^=   Sometimes what we want, and what is best, are not the same.  This saying is worth sharing with you again.


We have a neighbour who is in his mid 90’s he still goes out, cuts the lawn, he sits down in lotus fashion to plant and weed, he walks without a cane, goes up and down his steps, he really is truly amazing in what he accomplishes. (he travels and works at his own pace, but he gets it done)  We know he does these things because we are right next door and see him out and about.  Someone passing the other day, rushed to help him when they saw him trying to fix his lawnmower, his voice,old and worn came through loud and clear, “no thank you, I’m fine”

peony bouquet for you

A floral bouquet for you dear reader.  May your day be blessed with sunshine and lots of happy moment.  Thank you for the visit.           Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

Freitag, Friday morning greetings!

4.10 cute fox Status_001A smile can brighten someone’s day, it can change a mood, it can say what words can’t say, especially when it come from the heart.  In life , there are days when it isn’t always easy to find someone who is smiling.  Oh yes, there is the smile of recognition when you first greet, but it soon turns to talk that removes the smile that had started when you first greeted. Often the smile is automatic, not one that is really felt from the heart up on through the to the eyes. The eyes broadcast a lot if you care to look.

Yesterday I was visiting with a friend who is a DJ.  She works in a virtual world, the world of Second Life, her shows can be an hour sometimes two.  In a virtual world, you are looking and and interacting with an avatar.  Each avatar is worked by an actual person sitting at a keyboard, just like you are.  In my friend Sugaree’s room/studio, she is not just enjoying the sound of the music, she is greeting newcomers, and playing tunes, much like a radio DJ used to in the “good ole days”.  She is working, for an hour or two, however long she is contracted for, she entertains the audience who has come to enjoy her “craft”.  Music being played to entertain and please.  Most of the audience is dancing and listening to her venue.  The feedback she gets is that we speak, either in voice or text.  So smiles are not somethings she can see, we have to let her know that we are enjoying what she is doing.

In the real world, we pass people every day, that we don’t speak to, we stand beside people in close spaces (elevators) and we don’t speak, we could smile.. seldom do we do that either.  So.. really we could be in a virtual world, we ignore those around us in general unless we have reason to speak to them, or they are known to us.  In the virtual world, we actually speak to one another so that we can interact and find out where (what country) the person is from, and to determine common interests, if any.  Interesting isn’t it.  Liken it to the “olde days) when we were all encouraged in school to find and write to friends overseas, in other countries or in a different part of the country you lived in.  It was fun and educational to find a pen pal.  I still maintain contact with people I’ve met only via the post, true now, if we can we do e-mails.  Still.. we shared smiles and giggles with letters long before the internet.  Now …. we go virtual.

A smile is golden. Satus knows that the little critter makes people smile.  He was busy but he brought the little fellow out to work his magic, Smile I did, it was automatic, but it felt real good, I sat with a silly grin on my face and watched while the little fellow went through different programmed animations.  That was considerate of Satus. a young man I barely know except through business, he owns a company in SL.  Sugaree who I  have never met in person, shared her time and her music to bring a smile into the lives of others.. Knowing her makes me smile.  She is a special person, I hope our friendship grows, we share conversation, and laughs when we get together and she is not working.  Friendships are important,and smiling is also just as important.  Where-ever you are, what ever you are doing, use the smile muscle often, It is good for your health!



SL is a virtual world http://www.secondlife.com

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Wandering and Wondering

Wandering- Wondering
I’m back. I’ve been wandering. 9 States and 5 Provinces. A lot to see and take in.. We drove down to Sarnia, Ontario and spent our first night there. From there we drove to St. Ignace, Michigan, and then on to Marquette Michigan. We stayed in Marquette a couple of days. This is where we dealt with the problem of one hard drive and a pair of sunglasses that could not be repaired.
I had never been in St. Ignace or Marquette so I was thrilled to discover that there were Thrift shops for me to explore. Little did I know what lay ahead.
Everywhere we stopped Hubby got his GPS traking thrift shops for me. He happily set up office in the vehicle while I was treasure hunting, walked the dogs, or “people” watched ^^
So this is not to drawn out for you, these are some of the other stops we made along the way, Park Rapids Minnesota, Bismarck, North & South Dakota, Gillette, Wyoming.. here was another place where we stayed more than one night. Billings, Montana ( I could have spent more time here, but we needed to get on to our friend in Missoula.) We were many days in Missoula, my friend Wei took me around to a variety of thrift shops and a special drive was to Flathead lake.
Each and every place we stopped had history and character to take in. The drive to these places was at times so breathtaking that one was left with such wonder, there was no more to say .. one could only try to capture it all in the minds eye. We did take pictures hundreds of them, not one captures the awe that was inspired by the sights we saw.
By now you have to know the Rav 4 is packed. What was not tampered with was the personal spaces of the dogs. Each has his/her own space on the back seat. However, in front and in back of them was fair game. For those of you who have yet to meet Canaille and Velcro, les voila.

From Missoula, we were heading back to Canada, however, Hubby wanted me to see a few more States, so we  headed to Idaho next.  we didn’t stay in Idaho we drove on to Spokane, but I loved idaho so much, we stayed in the vicinity for several days.  The draw for me was Couer d’Lane, Idaho.  I found it charming, delightful, whimsical, and full of places to “treasure hunt”

For those of you who know and follow me, you know that I love to thrift, best of all, in chasing down the thrift shops, I got to meet and learn about the various charities in the different cities and towns.  I like to give back to the communities that give me such pleasure, and for me it is a way of really seeing a city/town/village and getting know what  it is about. 

In Couer d’lane not only is there a trendy main street with gift shops, boutiques and the like.  There are outdoor cafes and stalls to temp the visitor driving through.  Of course for me it was the street lined with a number of thrifts run by either the community, State sponsored, or a charity.  Inter spaced with a pawn shop or three, a big Joanne’s, and a few art shops.  I could have spent more time than we had, so its on my “to do again” list. 

I’ll save the trip back to Canada for another blog.  Can’t have you thinking I’m writing a novel.  when I got home, we had a lot to do, and I’m still working on what needs to be done, however I did get to Raglan and Tiny Outpost.  October is coming, one of my favourite months.  You’ll find this new outfit in my shops. (Kangaroo Fashions)

Thanks for sharing with me…

If you want to keep up with my Second Life fashion blog, it is http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com  It is for  the Fashionista/Divas of SL, their lifestyles, trends and fashions.

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