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walk a crooked mile

a crooked fence

We have all had that moment where we look down a road, path, or street and wonder where it leads.I am one who is always intrigued with what is around the bend. “honey, just a little further, please, let’s see what is up around that bend” and when we get there, I coax for maybe just another mile or two.

One day, we simply turned a corner, and he stopped the car. (back road)
“Now look around and see just how many vistas you see from here”… new concept. Usually it would be when we were in another Province or State. The challenge was there to find my next story line.

what is beyond the horizon

For me I can just stand in one spot and look in all directions till I spot a place that draws me into a line of thought, that begins to tell a story. I’m hooked. I want to sit down and start writing .. of course I can’t, I’m on the road, and if I write it down in that moment, it won’t have the opportunity to grow in my imagination.

Others can stop for a coffee, or another kind of pick me up, for me .. its the little gems of visual settings, and backdrops that tease and encourage me to paint, write, sculpt. I love it. I love these gifts from the Universe. my joy isn’t in a commercial environment, but rather when I am out discovering a new day.

Live radiantly as the sun. Strive to always be bright and cheerful so you can enliven those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.27

Use things for what they are meant for. Everything has a purpose. Let’s use things to their fullest potential.

Perfect Liberty 2020.26

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Welcome the day

silent - annewenzel.nl     moonriver on flickr


Yin/Yang – Black/White

we met, we talked, we danced,

the world went from dark to light

explosions came and went

and,   just like that

one life ended

another began

mystic silence - snake eyes Lou

Tender are the moments shared

Silent in my private world

I’ve waited for you

Today is brand new

I welcome you


*photo  found on annewenzel.nl

** photo pinned by Snake Eyes Lou -Pinterest

Welcome another Sunday =^_^=

a52c8280d299ef8f3f0b8b4c11a1efd3In the last couple of years, many churches have closed their doors,  Driving in the country we  will often drive by a deserted church.  I’m happy to say that I have seen none in this sad state the above church was in when this picture was taken.  Here, in Canada, and I hope in other countries, some of these smaller churches are being bought and rejigged to house a family and or be a home for a couple or a single person….Whether  home or studio, they are reborn, given a new lease on life.  In my research it was a rather poignant discovery that there were just so many of these wonderful buildings now in a state of ruin.

From the state of many of these buildings, the changes happened over a period of time, not overnight.  Life is amazing when you think of just how many skills you once had, are now perhaps not as honed.  Take letter writing for instance,  I was an avid pen pal correspondent when I was younger.  In school we were encouraged to meet and write to new friends in another Province, State or country.  I loved writing a letter, drawing and enclosing small pieces of artwork to share with my friend.  Looking back I’ve had several from Holland (Nederlands)  with the age of social  media, and internet, our letters became less and less as we discovered the instant gratification of an e-mail.  Soon my mailbox took on a look much like the above picture.  If I didn’t write a  welcome letter did not come back. where once my penmanship was art in itself. now my husband has trouble reading my grocery list.

Small town Green_004When we stop doing something, the joy/fun and learning from that activity begins to recede, other activities take its place.  Are they as fulfilling?  Only you can answer that …For me I think I will sit down and write a few letters today.  I will do so with enthusiasm, my journey is coming full circle, I am again interested in the Nederlands, and I am reminded of my earlier friendships ones that, shame on me, I let fall away.

determinationThis is a picture that someone titled – Determination – it shows how “Nature” will always have its way, we may struggle in life, and feel that we are locked in a place we are not happy with, but in time, you will reach through the windows and doors of your confined space and  find open skies and warm sunshine. It is the “Way” (Tao) “God” – What will you do today… whatever you decide to do, walk with God! Be ONE with the Universe.

Friendships like gardens need to be tended and loved if they are to survive.

smilePencil  Oyashikiri

photographs >Pinterest

virtual photo >Q in SL

Wandering and Wondering

Wandering and Wondering.  Wow. here I was looking forward to what I had written back in September that I never got around to finishing.  All I had done was the title.  Goes to show, I have been kept busy with one thing or another, and for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you what exactly.  That is what my head space is like thee days. I’m enjoying life.  I’m happy.  Content even.   I flow from one task or activity to the next, living it, and then letting it go.  I have been keeping up with my Long Dash Studio blog, that I do almost every day. http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com .   I’m writing a short article each month for the church (Perfect Liberty) that appears in Tone Magazine. http://www.facebook.com/Tonemagazine or http://www.tone.ca

My various personas are all doing well.  Qyhat Harbour is now a ginger cat, and has an art exhibit on in Raglan Shire, it will be there for two months, April 2013 and May 2013 … AloToi is CEO of LONG DASH STUDIOS, writer,model, photographer, and Xsa Queler is model and writer for the blog. The blog is  now in its 14 month, and we have reached close to 15000 readers, our biggest readership is in USSR, Europe and the UK.  You can find us in Second Life, http://www.secondlife.com

We did wander last year, 9 States and 5 Provinces.  I must have been going to write about the adventure.  we’ve talked of taking off again, but so far, we have not strayed to far from home … Maybe when the nicer weather is here to stay, we will venture out.  Meanwhile, I’m just saying Hi…  and putting this blog to bed.

PL thought for today.

The value of Money and Things Depends on How you Choose to Use them.

Money and things are materials for your self expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

to be or not to be

In my case, it is to write or not to write.  I’ve been dithering back and forth for days I’ve had a lot of things to say, yet the words simply didn’t want to come together.  Whether it was an opinion, a passing thought, I lacked the passion to sit down and process and put to “paper”.  A lot has been going on in my life, we are planning to leave next week for a road trip down into the States.  Exciting yes.  I’ve been wading through the book 50 shades of grey.  Impressed no.  But I did buy it, all 3 in the combined 3 book that was available, so I’m persisting, hoping that it will WoW me.  If you’ve read it, please tell me what you thought?  Did you find it worth the time you put into reading it?  It has certainly had good press.

My fashion/lifestyle blog is going great guns.  I find it amazing that (1) there are so many wonderful creative ideas out there, and that I get to explore and enjoy the diversity. (2) That some designers lack the “people skills” to say thank you when they are given a write up, unsolicited and positive, yes they know it happened, because I and other professional writers who blog, notify them when their product or event is blogged.

I’ve discovered that not going to the “club” (The Athletic Club) on a daily basis, is an activity that I miss,  (I’ve taken a LOA for the time I’ll be away, and the weeks leading up to the vacation so that I can “prepare”)

Yesterday was the service to celebrate 2012 Kyoso-Sai (Founder’s Day)  My first time, I really enjoyed it.  Google Perfect Liberty for more information.

This is a picture of the “pants” that I find comfortable to wear, and hard to find.  I was on a mission, I’m happy to report that I now have several different varieties

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