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Another doodle for you

I’m enjoying your comments and what you see in these doodles.. Likely do another layer on this one tomorrow.

Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.

Andre Breton

Live today filled with enthusiasm. Life is an accumulation of the efforts you make, day by day. Live keeping in mind that “today” only comes once and live your precious life to the fullest.

Perfect Liberty 2015.20



busy busy busy

We all lead “busy” lives.. or least we often feel like we are always dealing with hustle and bustle in some form or another.

A friend wrote and reminded me that on the 24th of July, it is Self Care Day! Yes, who knew, I certainly didn’t. she sent me a link to a Zoomer page. It was written by Vivian Vassos, July 21st, 2020 https://www.everythingzoomer.com/health/2020/07/21/self-care-7-ways-to-take-care-of-mind-and-body/

I think I take good care of myself. But do I really? have a look at the information in the link and see how you fare.

photo by Derrick Knight

When I saw this picture that Derrick took some time back, I found it so interesting that I spent a lot of time just gazing at it, and allowing my imagination to wander down a multitude of avenues. This for me was relaxation, it was inspiring too. That to me was a moment of positive relaxation.

Knowing now that there is a day set aside for reviewing and making time to enjoy some quality time with yourself.. Will you actually do something different, will you make time to break out of your every day routine? Just wondering.. =^_^=

You will find Joy when you immerse yourself in a your task. When you face your task with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Perfect Liberty 2020.22


chop suey Thursday 18th


Same bed, different bed cover, same lazy laid back whippet …Nothing new goes down, without his checking it out, for comfort. Ceiling fan is over head, he is content.. I have permission to leave on my errands.

When something comes to mind, do it right away. The moment that you notice, something is the best time to take care of it. IF YOU REACT QUICKLY, YOUR LIFE WILL BE MORE EFFICIENT.

Perfect Liberty 2020.18


Wordless Wednesday -whippet


Time to Zone

fantasy & dreams

enchanted art

Sometimes we need to drift into another dimension.  We need to allow our thoughts to wander and meander in ways that will expand and re-energize.  this is Forest Elf Music – Elf Village posted on YouTube by Brandon Fiechter  July 2013


Music, the visuals, they were just what I needed after several days out in a row with all the  Season’s hype.  I’ve also covered several holiday Xmas events.. I was the there as the photographer and of course to gather information for one of my blog reviews..  There is only so much HO HO HO one can take.   LOL I’m sure after a good night’s sleep I’ll be fine.  Meanwhile, you get to enjoy this wonderful trip into the world of fantasy and fun.

Blessings be.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Exotic Bali + meditation

Bali,ayana resort and spa

Tropical beach, look at that water, this is the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali.  Hmmm I have a friend who is on holiday in Bali, she has been sending back the most incredible pictures.  Her face beams in every picture where she is in them. Got me thinking, admittedly some of the pictures had me thinking ahhhh yes, a massage by the pool, then a lazy afternoon enjoying the tropical sunshine and breezes.


This is Huilo, Huilo in Neltume,  lodges built on a biological reserve, they are environmental wonders.  they are uniquely in touch with their surroundings… perfect for nature lovers, lots of hiking, exploring, totally different kind of holiday.


This is a picture found on 500px.com,  of Dawn in Bali by Ko Zaw………………….. does this calm the mind or what.. Ok, today I’ll go with the calm, quiet atmosphere of the gentle waters and soothing sounds provided by the beaches and coastline of the areas shown in these pictures to colour my day.
We can’t always be where we might like to be at any given moment in time, but we can thanks to the technology today, be where our hearts take us.  The destination is usually coordinated by our  often busy chattering minds.  In taking the time for a quiet moment, the mind will sigh with relief…. share with me a quiet moment… allow your thoughts to travel with mine in to the depth of the blues and greens, see the little white pebble like shapes, the tiny bird,… then allow you eyes to drift beyond towards the horizon, …. feel your breathing , enjoy the soft swell of your chest as you silently allow the moment to wash over you.

Take this shared moment, the soft, sweet tenderness of now… and carry it into your day…

bali, lagoon villa

Seriously, luxury lagoon villa, for those of you who needed a different visual.. now did that get a smile……

Carry the smile all through the day.. you’ll see it is catching.

Short meditations work, whether you want them to or not.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

last picture,roadtrippers.com


Feeling a little off these days

Feeling a little off these days

Feel like you have eyes in your back! Worried you stepped on a crack! Whoaaa, wonder who has your back!
Such days are part of life, we all get them. The trick is to be able to recognize that its just a moment in time, it will pass. A quick pick me up is time spent with God. A visit to the church for a quite moment in a dedicated place of worship. If that is not possible, then sit somewhere, anywhere, and close your eyes. Take a nice long deep breath in, hold it for the count of 3 and then slowly exhale.. Feel your shoulders and facial muscles relax, your eyelids will want to remain closed. Allow yourself to do it one more time, and you will notice your head will start to slowly lean forward. SMILE… You’ve just shared with a higher power. It feels so good and oh so right. Oyashikiri

Just be Yourself

PL teaching for day 29 > Just be Yourself.  Relax and express yourself freely without hesitation.  This will allow you to live your life to the fullest.  Just be Yourself.

I have been trying for days now (weeks) to share with you a song that really resonates with me. I hum it, sing it to the best I can since the Portuguese words are not familiar to me, I love it.  Fingers crossed I think I have finally found a way to share it with you.


I am happiest being me. =^_^=    Blessings everyone!

Perfect LIberty


I’ll have to go back and take another picture now that the snow is all gone.  The grass is green and the flowers have begun to bloom.  Although this shows the building itself, the welcoming entrance.  The love and community in this building gives it a life of its own, always one feels welcome when visiting the church of Perfect Liberty.

I’ve been silent for some time now.  No one reason, just that I’ve been busy living day to day, moment to moment.  When one focuses on “Being in the Moment”  days are full, satisfying and rewarding.  I have written a number of introductions to PL for a magazine we have here in Ottawa called Tone.  It is my hope that in so doing, there will be others who read the words and thoughts and want to come and explore what PL is all about..

“PL’s teachings are practical and common sense.  They are the sort of things you will read in positive thinking and self help books, or hear in motivational speeches.  The difference is that the members are assisted in practicing them in everyday life through discussions,consultations and prayer”  borrowed from my article in the May issue. =^_^=

I have found that committing myself to being a member of the church has made a difference in my life.  I was happy before, now I’m even happier. Oshieoya-sama has said that PL can help unhappy people become happy and happy people become even happier.  I believe.  The website for the Church of Perfect Liberty in Ottawa is http://www.perfectliberty.ca   There are PL churches in parts of the States and in Canada.  The Motherland is in Japan, with a second Mother land in Brazil.

Those of you who follow my travels and ramblings know that I am a member of the Second Life community and have spent many years enjoying various communities within SL.  I’ve especially enjoyed building, traveling and exploring the virtual world.  Most recently blogging for the fashionista and divas in SL on Fashion, Lifestyles etc. with my blog http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com

Now, Q ( Qyhat Harbour) who has spent the last many years as a Tiny is going to open up her home to those wanting to know more about the Church of Perfect Liberty.  I so believe that the teachings of Perfect Liberty can make profound changes in a person’s life.I want to share with anyone who wants to learn.  Virtual world is a beginning, once one has been introduced to the simplicity of its teachings and is ready to move on, there are churches and groups for them to meet and explore in RL.  Anyone wanting to find out how, and where, need simply contact me or check out the website.  This is your limo to the   “house” of Perfect Liberty    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Greenberry/228/56/35


PL thought for today – Just Be Yourself – relax and express  yourself freely without hesitation. This will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

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