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Wednesday moment

Be flexible to change. A flexible way of thinking and responding is one of the keys to getting along with others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.31

One never knows.. what we will find when we walk through an area.. simply observing.

More birds

Meet photographer Brian Waterman https://www.instagram.com/bird_bri/ There have been so many birds signing in the woodlands it has been a treat to meet up with Brian who has graciously shared photos with us. He has a wonderful selection of birds for you to explore and enjoy, I have a few favourites that I will use from time to time because he has captured the personality of the birds that I’m drawn too. Right now the leaves are filling out so quickly, I hear the birds but I don’t see them. I appreciate Brian’s patience and his ability to find and “catch” the beauties. Check out his Instagram, make sure you have time to doddle, you’ll love what you find,

Cherish this moment, this time, this day. People keep growing as time goes on. Cherish your self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2023.30

Let’s do it

Do we learn from our past. Can we move forward with peace in our hearts and the commitment and desire to live with respect/understanding and appreciation for others.??? This is a time to reflect and pause in our daily activities to remember and take notice of the positives in our lives.

Get things started with grit. If you work on things in daily life with the attitude of “let’s do it!” you will feel a power to accomplish things. People around you will rely on you.

Perfect Liberty 2023.29

The simplicity of a quiet morning – each day is a new beginning – a new chapter begins.

heat in the 80’s

No taking a morning break, the destroyed bench is gone, but another has not appeared, when we get to the section of the boardwalk we are met with pylons.

With the pending heat of the day, even the ducks are retreating to find a place to chill.

Others are taking it all in stride. Enjoying the day come what may. That will be my focus for the day, start slow and simply let the moments flow one into the other. I’ll head out now while the morning is still fresh. Have a chill day everyone!

Put Makoto even into small things. Don’t let things go with “oh well”. You will have a different outcome if you put Makoto into everything you do. (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2023.27

new beginnigs

Sitting out in the sunshine yesterday, I marveled at how in just a few days the trees had doubled their foliage, even the magnolia seemed happy in her spring frock of pink/purple blooms. The long week-end just past, traditionally is when the gardeners plant get their summer gardens going, but this year, due to the frost warnings still in effect (overnight).. I heard many are waiting for another week or two for the warmer weather to really take hold.

For me, sitting out on my deck… it was wonderful, cool enough there were NO biting insects.. my guests and I could simply sit and enjoy the sun’s warm rays and the clear sky. I did see the pollen flying about, I’m sure allergy suffers are having to cope. Sending out healing vibes and a happy wave to all.

Today’s calendar

Being asked for a favour is a chance. When someone asks for a favour from you, this is a chance for you to help others. Face the chance proactively,

Perfect Liberty 2023. 23

” Making memories with you, is my favourite thing to do” I found this small card on my studio work table a left over from a card making project I had. I love the thought, and was going to send it to a special friend… then.. the thought came to me that the saying made me smile and think of YOU… so I am posting it here so anyone finding it, and enjoying the sentiment… can share it too.

I feel so blessed, sharing with you over the years… you are locate in far off places some just minutes away, others oceans away, yet… you are all part of the community that I am blessed to have in my life. thank YOU!!

Photos above.. Shirley Keen, NZ.

a Quebec moment

When you reach the edge of NOW. The Province of Quebec has many such moments, it is only when you drive through the province beyond the built up areas, when you park, get out and explore. You can find a wonderland of simplicity that can transport the viewer to another time. An example of Nature at her best. In this photo, he* shares a timeless moment. . (*Dave Renz)

I know many a writer who will find inspiration in this photo. It certainly stirred my imagination..

Today’s calendar

Discover something new today. Have a willingness and an interest, start your day with excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.22


The past leads to now and now leads to the future, Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

My thanks to everyone for your prayers, Keeper is home from the hospital, the Xrays showed no fracture. the tests results were positive. We are on the road to recovery. she is on bed rest for the next two weeks, the prayers and your kindness have been very appreciated.

Thank YOU Oyashikiri

what ?

Black billed cuckoo

I was searching for the the Northern Flicker, it was persistent with its calls, It wouldn’t let up, the Blue jays, Chickadees even the red winged blackbirds were having something to say, after all, finally a morning of sunshine and no rain. A white throated sparrow joined in along with a Snow goose.. I was wandering, listening and searching through the tree tops for the flicker when another voice joined the cacophy of sound. my reader told me it was a red tailed hawk, this had me really searching the trees. AND then I saw that in all the singing there was a black billed cuckoo joining us.

The purple finch, the house sparrows, evening grosbeaks, yes.. I had a lot of company, but the black billed cuckoo, that was totally new to me.. I began my search in earnest. Alas.. except for a flash of movement and a receding tail end…. (without my Nikon or binoculars) I was doomed to listening. I’m off again this morning with the binoculars this time… to see if it is still there.

I spent over an hour at one site, clearing dead branches and preparing the area for next fall. I needed to get some clearing in .. the new growth once it starts will be strong …. the rain has kept this season a little behind. My Magnolia I saw yesterday … is not enjoying this start to the season. I saw few buds, I hope it pulls through.

If you are wondering, I use a sound recorder, The Cornell lab, Merlin .. I have the ap on my cell phone. It has helped me a lot.. it is very educational.

Make happiness with willingness. People who like to make an effort can enjoy anything. those who spare no effort for anything and anyone know the joy of making art. make an effort with willingness.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 6

observation. I spent over an hour clearing dead branches, fallen logs, etc in a public area, a nature trail, yet I can look at a messy counter in my kitchen and not do dishes till I’m good and ready. when I got home I even got real comfy and lay outside in a new deck chair watching the buds slowly drink in what was left of the afternoon sunshine. A lazy ME moment. Keeper joined me (female whippet)…. the mood and moment carried on into the evening. I call it turning off. Do you do this from time to time? Its healthy for us!

Northern Flicker has been dropping in now and then.. There is something about this woodpecker that makes it adorable. but then I’m a woodpecker “fan”… however, I now know from its calls yesterday… it can be very vocal.

bird images today were from the internet

4.24.23 textures

Express straight away once you’ve found it. “Great” Proactively express about others’ goodness. It feels great to be told so, even about things you already know.

Perfect Liberty 2023.24

Tuesday 18th

A new day .. a new beginning…

Be mindful with prayer. If you work on thigs with a prayerful heart, there will be many things you can be taught.

Perfect Liberty 2023.18

Yesterday I was drawn to a jewelry store, had not been in one for many many years. I was in a shopping center on my way to speak to an internet provider (kiosks are found in the big shopping malls, easy parking/access) I don’t even know what took me into the shop, I have rings I have not worn in years. When my husband passed, I simply put everything away and have only occasionally slipped a ring on .. but never kept it on. Long and short of it, I have now got a ruby ring on my finger.

Rubies are 9.0 on the Mohs hardness rating scale, it trails on the diamond on the list of hardest naturally occurring gems. A ruby can form in marble, which causes a lack of iron, and leads to an intense red colour. They can also form in basalt rocks, giving them a higher iron content, making them darker. They are created deep below the earth’s surface under extreme heat and pressure. It has been awhile since I’ve wanted to feel the connection one can get from handling or having a piece of the “earth” against one’s skin. I wanted to be able to see the ruby, so I got a ring and not a necklace. It s a pretty little thing set in white gold. oval, the setting allows for it to be worn all the time.

“Ruby Meanings, Symbolism, and Folklore

  • The word ruby comes from Latin ruber, meaning red. In Sanskrit, the ruby is called ratnaraj—king of the precious stones.
  • For centuries, rubies have signified passion, protection, and wealth.
  • Ancient warriors in Burma and China adorned their armor with the gem to provide protection in battle. Some went as far as inserting the gems into their flesh, believing it created invincibility.
  • The ruby has become a symbol of love and commitment. It was once thought to protect against misfortune and illness.
  • Early cultures treasured the gem, believing that it held the power of life due to its color association with blood. It has also been thought to remedy bleeding and inflammation, and increase body warmth. ” (taken from internet)

I have not really come to any understanding of why I felt I needed or wanted to have this stone.. but, it will eventually “come to me” Life has been hectic and very busy in many ways.. yet… I have a quiet and very content part of me that I am trying to balance with my day to day activities.

I want to move forward- I want to meet the new season looking ahead and not behind me. A friend suggested to me that I might want to take a trip, go away – but honestly, the thought of taxis, airports, hotels, rushing to get somewhere, doesn’t appeal to me. As another friend said to me, you are not a person who likes to lie in the sun, walk the beaches or swim. I don’t drink, go out at night, party, eat out…so vacation resorts would not be a good fit.

I don’t need to travel someplace to explore and spend time in the outdoors, I do that here. I am no longer interested in the latest and newest fashion trends… in fact… I tend to wear the same old things day in and day out. I call them comfort clothes.

So what gives with the ring… I have no idea,no one knows.. it will eventually come to me (why)… meanwhile, it will be my “spring fling”

OH.. for those of you who know me and my passion for bling… this does not have the bling factor. LOL I know.. it is a new day!

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