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Sunday 27th

Breakfast companion
this little guy is smaller, making his way to the suet on the left.

I’m finding great comfort in spending time with the birds. I’ve even got my trunk set up like a cafeteria, every-thing ready for me to access when I get to the feeding areas. Some days it is just too cold to be fiddling with seed bags that are still factory sealed, Or get to the suet blocks that are still in their retail packaging.

I have been eyeing some of the cameras and the special lens attachments that the serious cameramen are toting. So far I’ve only gotten to the stage where I am making enquiries .. and talking to them about their equipment. The reality at the moment is that by the time I get to the feeders, asses what needs to be replaced, fill and relocate feeder trays etc. I’m usually dealing with frozen fingers.

Live radiantly as the sun. Strive to always be bright and cheerful so you can enliven those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.27

Happiness is spending time with YOU.


Wordless Wednesday, almost


Look beyond your immediate view

a whole new and different world

awaits you

across Billings

When we make the time to

look beyond the trees

we never know just what we will see


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Thinking of you

remembering how beautiful life is

because you are in it.


Namaste      =      Oyashikiri

PL Precept #1   Life is Art

PL Precept # 11   Always be with God

fairy tales and beyond


Many of you will remember the story of Cinderella and the glass shoes.  It has been interesting over the years watching as  the storylines that are shown, in the “romantic” interest themes are so different.  Today’s young do not wait for their prince charming to come and rescue them from their life of toil and grime.

I felt the hurt, a couldn’t stop the single tear from falling

you saw my pain, and gently wiped it dry


We played with dolls, we dressed them, told them stories, cared for them, till the time came, when they were put on a shelf, and left there to amuse themselves, they were part of our past.

we fell in love, every day was sun filled

I walked on air and saw every petal of the single rose

you brought to me each day


I dried the petals and safely tucked them away

I knew I would keep and cherish them all my days

Time changes us, sometimes we stay on the same path that our love is on, and often times, as the world opens up to us, we find ourselves in different parts of the city, coming home only to eat, sleep and then we return to the life we have in another part of the “world’…. yes world, because the world we shared with someone at a different time and space,  is now no longer where our daily focus is.. Our world has gotten bigger and with it, our thoughts and wants are no longer the same.

One day I asked myself, what was in that pretty vase

for I had long gone past the time

when it was part of what I did that mattered  in my every day.

Some of us, can smile, remember the memory and move on.  We clean out the vase, and either give it away, or put it to another use … something more in step with how we are … today…

Once upon a time

this was an acreage of vibrant life

that rang with the call of birds,

who had their homes in the trees that stood there

FullSizeRender (2)

now the land has been cleared

the wild life that had called this area their home

have had to move on

change is the only constant in life

fairy tales, are a part of growing up

the reality we live

through our journey in life

the character we build

the lessons we learn along the way

these are what takes us into beyond


Love is everywhere

love IS forever

material possessions are temporary

the only love that last forever

is one that is free to BE

True love transcends all earthly boundaries

and it all begins



landscape photo Mexico.NY,USA

Beary interesting…

lion,tiger and bear,sanctuary in Georgia

These animals became best buds.  A lion a bear and a tiger, they live in harmony and share a special friendship.  Found on today.com, they are in a sanctuary in Georgia.  If they can do it, why do we  humans have such a hard time of accepting differences (appearances) in others??


Hmm is he/she having a bad day?  We all have them, each and every one of us. No exceptions. Just remember, the moment passes, it always does!

fbbe0f2d1be6f99e2889eb805e0ea86bWhen  push comes to shove,  there is usually always someone to help out.  We might not always be around to see it, but acts of kindness happen every day.  They simply are not what we hear about, except during the holiday season.  Why is that?


This fellow seems to be as one viewer commented, hailing a cab, I think he’s giving us the high 5!  Although I don’t think I want to  tickle his tummy, I do appreciate his beauty.  He looks well groomed don’t you think?  He’d give a mean bear hug.


These black bear cubs were wrestling in the cottonwood tree when they got sleepy and fell asleep in the middle of their play.  Did you go ” awwww’ and want to join in on the hug…?  Life is beautiful,  Life is full of caring and wonderful moments of simply ” BE”ing. Try it you may like it =^_^=


This is the end of my beary interesting visit, I hope you have a fun and delightful day from beginning to end,.  If you’ve managed a smile through any of this, pass it on.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

bears found on Pinterest

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