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danger. be aware

This picture is from 2021… the snow was too high, visibility too poor for me to even get a picture today, but this is how the crows were lined up waiting for me to get to them. I had to park away from the area I usually drive into.. snow was too high, it was impossible to see where one could get out once in the area. I parked and hiked in… they watched my progress with rapt attention… cawing and calling out encouragement as I stumbled over a cement edging that was unseen under all the snow.

They were very appreciative, swooping down to see what goodies I’d put out in the feeding area. I saw that the corn and kibble landed in the snow … sinking in… but allowing for the birds to see where the food was. the food scraps I put near the big pole that is there.. that is where the bulk of the offerings go.. They were keen to get to the food, not even waiting for me to exit the feeding area.

I did not attempt the drive out Anderson Road to the Nature trails… if the city roads were so bad, and the parking lots still lost to shoppers, (the plows couldn’t keep up with the falling snow) I was not going to chance skidding off the country road… and being stuck for hours waiting for rescue. I know this area I was driving in well, yet I had to make educated guesses on where the lanes were. Thank goodness being Saturday, there were less cars on the road.

The weather forecasters warned that the next weeks, we would be dealing with more cold weather and snow… likely into April. !!!!!! yes I said April. No early spring. having filled my windshield washer fluid the other day, I needed to ensure I had another container of fluid, with deicer.. Canadian Tire is blocks from my place.. This is a huge store.. big parking lot.. always well maintained.. it is next to the ball park and government buildings. I was surprised to find that if you didn’t know there was an entrance at the lights, you wouldn’t know how to enter. The Walmart parking lot was the same. Neither lot had been plowed nor was there a plow working the lots.

Someone asked me.. what are the roads like, in one word… pathetic…. I would play it safe, travel at your own risk, and if you don’t need to go out… stay in.. this from the person who stubbornly goes out in most conditions.

Listen to others until the end. If you put your thoughts first, you will not be able to listen to others until the end. Firstly, listen to others to the end and understand them well.

March 2023.4 translated to English in Japan

it is what it is..no more,no less

Food prices are high.. Walmart has cheese on sale and some good specials on basic food products.The ice coffee was 2$ cheaper than anywhere else in the area. the block cheese at Metro was almost 10$ a slab… Walmart had a good selection of slabs 2/10$.. just saying.

Sunday 29th.

Heavy snow made it hard to see much, I basically decided it would be best to not attempt too much driving. When I left snow was falling lightly, but by the time I was back where the crows were, it was falling heavily.. temperatures were such that ice formed on the windshield blades.. and crusted on the windows making it hard to see.. the wipers left big crushed ice arcs just where I needed to see the road ahead. I had my Nikon today, didn’t do me much good tho’ you can see the snow was falling so heavily it was like trying to get their picture through a shower curtain of wet sticky snow.

The crows on my second visit waiting patiently for me to get out of their way.. they saw where the food landed, circled the area, but waited.

I did get pictures of the grosbeaks but… they were too blurred or distorted… I erased them. There was a whole host of the smaller birds (finch) that look like smaller evening grosbeaks today, they were all over the area grabbing up what they could. In fact, at both P23 and P22 it was the smaller birds that took over the diners.. they simply dived down and began to clean up. The doves and the squirrels stayed out of their way. It was interesting. The pesky little squirrels stayed clear of where the ground feeders were.

A couple of the little red squirrels are no longer really afraid of me, in fact, they like to tease me… waiting till I’m almost at them.. then lifting their little chins and giving me a little chirp before moving away only to wait for me to move on.. their little eyes watching me.. I swear sometimes I think they giggle.

The roads are messy, if you are tempted to go out… be careful.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter
PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity

Just because you can … doesn’t mean you need to!


The best timing is when you notice…. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022.5

Taken from inside my car the other day, they are waiting for me to finish putting out the feed.

Have a great day everyone!

video =^_^=

Found this video,( free documentary Nature) I enjoyed it so much I thought to share it with you. Not interested, feel free to skip it. =^_^= . It caught my attention, I thought it was on crows, but alas.. the title is Ravens, tho’ you will find bits on crows too.

Tell yourself “things happen” Even if something is inconvenient, once you accept it you’ll be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

The right angle to approach a difficult problem is the “try-angle”

For with God, nothing shall be impossible Luke 1:37
till soon…

Happy Happy Sunday everyone!


Isn’t this a beautiful still capture.  At one time this table had to have been in an open space where a family could picnic, or hikers in the woods could stop and rest.  Now it sits gathering moss and Mother Nature has come calling with lacy foliage to dress the weather worn wood.  The young trees and shrubs are slowly making their way over, spreading out their arms in welcome.  The woodland creatures now have a place to sit and sun, and in the seasons where nuts and pine cones dot the floor, they can picnic on the moss covered table.  Invite their friends and have a gathering party. There will be places for the crows, red wings, and jays in the branches of the trees. What a cheerful playground this will be now that Nature has once again made it theirs.

texas backwoods fishing at sunrise

It is Father’s Day here in Canada and the United States, this is where many would like to be enjoying Nature, just man and his rod.  Men are not alone in their passion for fishing, but we seem to relate fishing to the men.   This picture was pinned by A Bachelor & His Grill =^_^=  .  Would I like to put on a pair hip waders and be there, in a flash.  I can hear the early morning sounds of a waking woodlands, smell the fresh morning air, feel the soft mist on my face. Sigh, yes, such a moment would be delicious.  That said if one ole nasty mosquito came along it would break the spell.  Oh dear, the city girl in me just popped out.

Morning smiles all around … feel good smile, share a laugh,  be happy happy happy.  To all father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day, and to all the women out there who have to be both parents,  have  double barreled hollering day of  joy filled moments.  Make the day count.

Namaste – Oyashikiri



*picture Pinterest>Sylvie Moss (sparroworks.ca)(Canada)

** Texas backwoods

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