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happiness is

I came home to find that Jim (Jim Robertson) had sent me a link to his web page. https://photo-stories.myportfolio.com/dewberry-trail-feeders … the video is a 3 minute video he put together from his visits to Dewberry (Nature trail- conservation area) in Ottawa, Canada.

You have all heard me go on about my morning outings. This is one of the locations I go, the other one is at Mer Bleue. Both are NCC Conservation area.

Please if you have time, visit Jim’s website, he has the most wonderful photographs that will take you on a visual journey through the many places he has visited. I delighted in his pictures of the birds that I have gotten to know “intimately”… (I see daily) and interact with. I often get asked about the feeders, with Jim’s video.. you will see where I “hang out” and spend endless hours just “BEING” in nature and with the birds and assorted wildlife that come to visit.

It’s easier to adapt to something when we find it interesting. No matter how enjoyable a situation is, a slight change in our attitude can make it boring. Let’s face any situation with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2022.10

My heartfelt thanks to Jim for doing this video … showing you “my” little family. I have no idea what possessed him to feature the Dewberry birds.. but I am thrilled and filled with gratitude at his thoughtfulness. Thank you Jim.


After the big storm we had last spring, I went in search of this ancient tree, it was still standing, but had lost some of its upper limbs. These past few days it has been so busy for me, that when I look in the mirror.. I see a reflection (kind of) looking back at me that reminds me of this tree trunk. LOL.. every line, every crevice tells a story. (yes I have a vivid imagination!) …. Just saying… when morning comes and you wake up wondering how long it will be before you can reclaim your spot in bed…

It is a busy month. Let’s ALL take a moment in the day to reflect on what this month is all about. Not tinsel and sparkle.. but JOY and GRATITUDE, Peace on Earth, Goodwill…..

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you. when you can’t communicate clearly, it can lead to problems. Always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.9

Treasure each moment in time.

Let’s do it!

Start by thinking “Let’s do it!” Once you decide to do something and put your whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8

btw. I was asked the other day if I am still visiting the crows.. Yes… yes… and yes… they still hold my imagination and heart with their antics.

a Wednesday moment

Thank you Universe… I would be so lost without my friends… If my friend hadn’t skyped me I would still be tucked in my bed .. totally unaware that I was and will be late late late…. Now that I’m late… what can I do but accept the fact.. and deal with it.

Think “now is the time” instead of “it’s no use now” Don’t give up by thinking it’s too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

Have a wild and wonderful day everyone, it is all good!!!!!

PS.. I was gifted a little purple dragon last night that hovers and follows me when I move around… fun or what!!!!


Alone, adrift, lazily following the current, ….. no…. if I were to pan out you would see my companions and fellow nature lovers…. we are all ONE, sometimes we need only raise our heads and look around.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6


It is the moment you wake up and realize it isn’t a dream – there is a camera in your face – you are not alone – someone has intruded into your personal space. Geeesh…

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022

Sunday Silence

There is a hush … a quiet that reaches in and stills the restless mind.

No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turn out. Do your best and see how it plays out. Trust in your instinct, take action without thinking too hard.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

Saturday -meet Dirk

Feel like I should play a few bars of “who do you love”…. by chance I chatted a photographer who was standing by the feeders. I asked for his coordinates… you can see, I had a hard time deciding which of his photos I wanted to use.. he had a Raven…. ahhhh be still my heart… and then I saw the Wild Turkeys… my heart skipped a beat…. and and… and.. look at the turkey vulture…!!! the faces.. so adorable.. The bear hit the cute factor high score… to see more pictures you can visit his Instagram.. his name is Dirk Haukenfrers https://www.instagram.com/dirkhaukenfrers/ Initially I wanted a crow.. but that thought drifted off into the ethers when I saw the Raven.

Your smile is what is needed. A smile invites happiness and cheer and is essential to energize others as well as yourself.

Perfect Liberty 2022.3

La vie est belle – life is beautiful

a kingfisher

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have…. Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday door

Life is fragile … a moment comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Today was December 1st. and at the PL church we had a 10 o’clock ceremony (every 1st of the month) where we pray for world Peace and dedicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings in our own worlds. On the 11th. we have a ceremony to express our gratitude and appreciation for the love and virtues of our ancestors … asking for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live the PL Way.

The church is a building where we come together to pray and share the values and the philosophy of the teachings. Without people it would an empty building, it is the people who come to share in community that makes it a special play to be.

When I come up to and walk through the doors into the church, there is an immediate calm and a sense of “quiet comfort” … the doors our symbolic of “passage”… they are not ornate, but strong& sturdy, their presence give a sense of “security”… when we enter, we pass through from “the outer world” to the “spiritual” world of our true “selves”

To visit and explore the world of doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities site, where other “door lovers” have posted their door(s) for you to appreciate and enjoy. https://nofacilities.com/2022/12/01/barns-and-news/

Bom dia

Be a messenger of Peace… Always think “for the sake of others and society” and express yourself for the happiness of all people.

Perfect Liberty 2022.1

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