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Silent Sunday


pretty textures

I managed a few pictures of the sun and shadows that played amongst the ground cover on the forest floor. I confess to giving in to the hoard of biting mosquitos that swarmed all around me. This is the first time they have managed to get up my sleeves, and /or bite through the flannel shirt I was wearing. My arms are covered in bites/welts, I will be taking allergy pills for the rest of the day.

I have a video that I somehow took while capturing the pictures I got this morning. Try as I might I don’t know how to size it so it will show up here. You can actually see all the activity of the mosquitos flying back and forth around the lens of the camera. If someone out there also on WP can offer a suggestion I’d appreciate your comments. What I have is 1:48 minutes long. In the past I just insert and it has copied, but not today.

Tell yourself “Things happen” Even if something is inconvenient once you accept it you will be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8

Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them

Ralph Waldo Emerson

mosquito alley

My first visit. I drive by all the time, thought today I’d actually stop and see what it was. Its a straight path, It goes for a distance, I realize now how come they show signs of horseback riding and bikes. I encountered bikers on the path. Not my kind of place… at least for the moment, I’m not drawn to the place.. its pretty I guess, but too straight, it is basically an unpaved road, an actual road cuts through it.. you have to stop, wait for traffic to go by.. then you cross over and go on another part of a trail, that looks just like this one.

If you are a cyclist, or a runner, this would be a great place to visit. There is parking although not a ton of it. No facilities that I saw.. not off Anderson anyway.

You are you, others are others. You have have your own way of doing things, and others have their way of doing things. don’t worry about what other people will say. Simply take care of the task at hand.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

Reminder. tomorrow 21st. (Day of Appreciation/Thanksgiving) our evening service will be a closed service. However, there will be a ten o’clock a.m. service (morning) for those who wish /or can attend.

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