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362a2e5c57715554d428ea5b20027b59A friend asked me the other day.. what was I reading, I replied I was reading the Jewish Pleasure Principle by Rabbi Dr. Reuven P. Bulka.  “No, that isn’t what I meant, aren’t you reading a “real” book”

Now  having  known this friend a long time I knew what she meant, she was asking if I was reading a “leisure” book, to her the hardcover, was not “leisure” but a text-book.  A publication that speaks of formulating a Judaic approach to pleasure,attitudes to suffering, depression and mourning etc.was not her idea of “leisure”.

However the reading of a good stimulating journal that explores  and attempts to put balanced perspective through an investigation of primary sources, to me…. is interesting and I enjoy my discoveries.   Pleasure itself cn be viewed within the framework of the totality of life.  As a writer, I thrive on reading what someone else has put to paper, especially on topics that I find thought-provoking and interesting.


Yes I do enjoy a good  novel, where the settings are exotic, or can stimulate the gray cells into providing me a dreamy far away place where the drama of someone’s life unfolds, casts a spell and has me in that world for days until the story ends.

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady the other night, she boldly talked to me about intimate moments in her life, and I took it in and listened.  She spoke of loneliness and I flashed back to my younger years, we all live the same emotions in our own way.  We are not all story tellers, but we are characters in or own “stories” (lives).  How we play out our days, and create our endings… now that is another story.

cabin on the lake by D.Rogers photography

oh…what a find the perfect place to be…………….uh huh….. not for me….  what….. the water, the privacy the quiet cabin in the woods by a lake.. nope….  I would find this stifling, I wouldn’t like the dampness, or the bugs.

Tree house perfection

No, this is for me, open, bright, small, with just enough place for  1 maybe 2, but up near the clouds where the mind can explore and where sight and sound have no  bounderies. oh man…………….yesssss

Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing…. enjoy …. take it in….  make it yours…..

.Canary  Islands

Take pleasure to another level, share.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



Good morning, Bonjour…


Have you ever been walking on a clear day, just going about on your every day travels, when you find yourself suddenly shrouded with a fog, that seemed to appear out of nowher…..There is an old expression, “i was blind sided”  means something happens and you never saw it coming. It happens.  Sometimes more often than we would like it to.

found on flickr

Lessons in life are never straight forward, they are a way for life to remind us that we have gotten slack or lazy in how we are living or proceeding in life. We do not walk alone on the earth, we are surrounded by others who are going about their lives in the same way. Each with feelings, miseries and problems of their own.  It is how we deal with the challenges in life that sets us apart and makes us unique in who we are, and what we are.  Not just towards others, but to ourselves.  We must never forget that we count, and that love, and light comes from within.


We need not look far to see the signs of distress, loneliness, and abandoned dreams, we need only turn on the  telly or a radio to hear about the conflicts happening all over the world.  The reality is that is only one side of the coin.  In this creative photo manipulation, instead of the foot coming down – causing gloom and doom, it is being lifted and kept away by the steady, reliable protective hand of GOD/TAO.


The TAO/WAY is always there … ALWAYS, we decide  we can look at it in the distance, or we can walk through the door/portal and  discover what lies beyond self imposed restrictions.  We are responsible for our choices and our actions.

China, bridge

Believe, have faith, cross over –  discover new realities, you are and never will be alone – God is everywhere, in the air you breathe and the essence of your life.

surreal landscape byBrunner Nathan

Surreal… … no life …  is real

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

*A special Thank You to my friend Mollie who got me started on this, when I found one of her pins.(Pinterest)

** bridge in China (Zhangiajie,Hunan)

***last picture,  Bt images



So many words come at me, so many ideas want to flow down to my finger tips to be expressed at this time, but I have to pull a few aside and say,,, another time.

When I am having an especially good time, I just never want it to end,but of course, it must, and then I have to work at being patient ….. till the next time.

There are times, when the clouds are gray and I can see that soon, they will get darker, and the mood bleaker…Yesterday we drove along the country back roads, the sun shone down through big white puffy clouds, the patchwork of greens interspersed with  fields of soft shades of pastel yellow golds blended happily with our day.  Then ahead we would see the darkness start to form and the tall church steeple no longer stood against a blue sky but was draped in a cloud of rain.


There are times when what we see, can indicate what will be, yet, if you are in the moment, then time can be only another perspective of what can or could be.  By the time we reached the church, the cloud had passed, we saw the rain, but didn’t experience it, not at that moment anyway …..  we saw time take place for someone else, but not for us.


Time will always be a perception

namaste     –     oyashikiri

paper art,Pinterest


dull,overcast & sunny


Good Morning everyone.

It is a day of choices.  When a friend dropped over with wool for another friend, the leaves were bathed in sunshine, as I stood on the steps i was wrapped in a soft light of sunshine, with a warmth that was pleasing.  When I came in for my camera, I thought it would be delightful to share the various shades of crimson and bronze of the leaves.  However… when I opened the door not 5 minutes later, the sun had been replaced with cloud and a dismal sky of washed out grays.

Such is life. Thus the expression “seize the day/moment”  Yes the sun has come out again, but guess what, it is not longer shinning down in that area… it has moved on.  Life is good, it is full of wonder and adventure.

Now.. is always the start of something new!

O agora e sempre um ponto de partida


a  worn and weary boat sits by the dock

alone and forgotten

its old, it has seen many seasons come and go

the young ones that it once ferried

have long since moved on in life

the laughter and the fun

the echoes of children playing were on another clock

now as time ticks on

the boat knows it will soon be docked

it will be put away, left to weather

with only memories of yesterday

of young Russ and Margaret

John, Janet and Brian

“yes,” sighs the creaking old boat

Time for one era to end

so a new one can begin… again.



6d4857cc0cfddfaff07e01c1169ddebcYesterday was the first of the month.

On the first day of every month, in PL (Perfect Liberty) we gather at the church for a ceremony that reaffirms our dedication to World Peace.  We pray for World Peace, we pray that we will continue to live in a manner that will  lead us to our goal and encourage us to live the PL Way. The ceremony doesn’t last long, I’m now familiar with it, and find that I am energized as the “officiant” speaks the words, I am drawn into the purpose of the process. I become part of the ceremony, in a way that is like a daydream.  I am enveloped in the essence of “Spirit”.


Daydreams are important in life.  One that  is inspired by spiritual thought/teachings is even more rewarding and fulfilling.  There is a lot of strife in the world, drama and jarring moments.  For our own peace of mind, and well being, it is important to dedicate time to inner peace.

PL Principle # 3 – I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Precept # 3 – God appears through One’s Self.


Namaste – Oyashikiri




* found on scienceray.com

**Pinterest, Sugar Luvs Puppies

*** Lotus flower by Denise Warden -Flickr

Amazing, its going to be a joy filled day

Goedendag, Buen dia, Bonjour everyone!  Can you feel the energy and the positive feelings of this new day!  So much to be thankful for. LOL I haven’t been up that long, so the happy thoughts and the positive energy is at its peak, raring to get going with the day.  It  is good to be able to express one’s thought with honesty, So what happens when we wake up with only part of the happy showing maybe the glow is somewhat dim. It does happen.  Let us not delude ourselves that every day is a merry one.

storm clouds

This picture shows storms clouds passing over Cromwell, notice the different density and appearance of each one, some are rather menacing, daily challenges can (if seen) can appear to us this way. Clouds do come bringing whatever atmospheric debris they have collected, some will simply sail on by, other’s may linger, but the reality is once they’ve expressed what they needed to, they evaporate and go away.

storm,yellow boat flickr

We need only to batten down and weather the storm.  During rain, thunder,lightening and the like, we calmly do just that, we adjust, change our plans, and reschedule events etc., So why is it that we don’t tackle the emotional side of life the same way.  PL Precept #1 – Life is Art.  When we live in the moment, accepting that it is now that counts, the time flows easily, for living our true feelings and expressing ourselves honestly brings a deep sense of self awareness. Because we focus on the moment and live it when it happens,

RAinbow - Mark Riddick on Flickr

Meditation and prayer works for me, we all have a means or method that works for us.  The trick is to practice our “personal philosophy” not just give it a place on a shelf, we have to put into practice what know works for us.  Not just now and then, or when an emergency moment happens, we need to practice, and hone our spiritual connection daily till there is no doubt in our minds that it is there.  Then we  always know that we are never alone,the Universe is part of us, therefore a storm cloud is merely a moment in time, it will pass.  Be Happy!  Smile, feel the  joy and double it.  Pass it on!

water, calm found on scoop Jesus Hernandex

Namaste  – Oyashikiri


* Clouds out of Cromwell by 68 Bones on Flickr

** yellow boat by Jamie Walhouse on Flickr

*** blue sky rainbow by icecubephoto – Flickr

**** found on scoop.it

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