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meet Ringo

Ringo dot 2 5.6.17

Sometimes we have to do what we want .. no matter what.  Ringo decided he was going to come to visit.   I saw him before he arrived, only I had my own ideas, but his desire to be present over ruled my half-baked idea.

That is what happens in life, we may want something, we have it in our mind, just what we want or what we need to do to achieve or get to our goal,  However along the way, it just didn’t or doesn’t work out that way.  You followed the steps, you went forward the way you thought you should, and when you got to the end.. It just wasn’t the same.  Not that it was a negative or simply not to your liking, it just wasn’t what you had, had in mind.

As an artist/writer, or other creative soul, it is an experience that happens to us often enough.  We are good at adapting, truth be told, we kind of like the hiccups along the way,  It allows for opportunities to experiment and usually go beyond what we have grown comfortable with.

PL Precept #1  Life is Art

PL Precept #2  To live is to express One’s Self

original mixed media -Q- Dymoon

Happy hearts and flowers day


This week I received a lovely thoughtful Valentine card from a dear friend in Australia.  She said, she knew Valentine’s day was usually for lovers, but she really wanted me to know how special I was to her, and that she carried a love for our friendship in her heart, always.  I was very touched, we met years ago in a virtual world, but soon found many interests that we had in common.  Our friendship has stayed true of the years, we not longer talk as often, or write as often, our paths went in different directions.  But, the feeling of love and friendship remained.  At anytime, we can pick up and visit, like yesterday, time has not been a factor.

valentine 2

Love is a precious gift.  True friendships will weather any storm.  Cliches you say, they are words of wisdom proven to have endured through the years.  Tomorrow, the 14th was set aside not just for lovers, but for letting those around you know, that they were appreciated and a fun caring way of saying, hey you are special, be my Valentine.  Whether that was a teacher, a co-worker, fellow student, it was fun preparing the Valentines, and sending or passing them out.

valentine 3


Somewhere along the way, the words I love you, seem to have taken on a very different meaning.  AND often the love it espouses  doesn’t last very long.  Love is beautiful, and when we truly love, we care 100% for those we love, and their happiness.  Should paths go in different ways, shouldn’t diminish that love, however…. I do see around me…. that when love no longer shines,  here is another cliche for you.. when the bloom is off the rose…..it seems that all that is left are the thorns.

valentine 4


With love from me to you… young, old, short, tall, I love you all.


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 10   Love Yourself and Others

PL Precept #15     All is a Mirror

Wonderful vintage valentines found on Pinterest

Good morning, Bonjour…


Have you ever been walking on a clear day, just going about on your every day travels, when you find yourself suddenly shrouded with a fog, that seemed to appear out of nowher…..There is an old expression, “i was blind sided”  means something happens and you never saw it coming. It happens.  Sometimes more often than we would like it to.

found on flickr

Lessons in life are never straight forward, they are a way for life to remind us that we have gotten slack or lazy in how we are living or proceeding in life. We do not walk alone on the earth, we are surrounded by others who are going about their lives in the same way. Each with feelings, miseries and problems of their own.  It is how we deal with the challenges in life that sets us apart and makes us unique in who we are, and what we are.  Not just towards others, but to ourselves.  We must never forget that we count, and that love, and light comes from within.


We need not look far to see the signs of distress, loneliness, and abandoned dreams, we need only turn on the  telly or a radio to hear about the conflicts happening all over the world.  The reality is that is only one side of the coin.  In this creative photo manipulation, instead of the foot coming down – causing gloom and doom, it is being lifted and kept away by the steady, reliable protective hand of GOD/TAO.


The TAO/WAY is always there … ALWAYS, we decide  we can look at it in the distance, or we can walk through the door/portal and  discover what lies beyond self imposed restrictions.  We are responsible for our choices and our actions.

China, bridge

Believe, have faith, cross over –  discover new realities, you are and never will be alone – God is everywhere, in the air you breathe and the essence of your life.

surreal landscape byBrunner Nathan

Surreal… … no life …  is real

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

*A special Thank You to my friend Mollie who got me started on this, when I found one of her pins.(Pinterest)

** bridge in China (Zhangiajie,Hunan)

***last picture,  Bt images

my dream of peace

winter scene -dreamy

On the first of every month

the church has a ceremony for peace

yet my heart yearns for peace

with each beat of my heart

Like the mist on a cold winter day

I whisper softly the sentiment I feel, into the  words I pray

and hope that some day

every day, will be a day of peace.

winter mist

out of the winter mist

the light of love will glow

   and as it draws nearer

we will all be bathed in a wordless understanding

that will deliver us from the fears

and insecurities that bind us to a world

that is man made, and not

Nature’s WAY

winter swan

Peace lives in my heart

Peace is God’s gift to all of us

Peace is love without borders, boundaries or definition

Love is how we bring peace into our lives

Unconditional love

make it part of each and every moment of our lives

Let us pray together

and nurture this wish for

Universal Oneness

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

* Pinterest

living in the moment

977b9042fda61356a59f87c1600dae3bWhen we live the PL way, we live in the moment, and we experience all of what life has to offer.  We are students of life.

PL Principle #1      I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into ALL I say and do.

Saturday I had planned to stay home, and work on my blog.  That was my plan for the day, the Universe had other ideas.. mid morning I found myself on the highway headed out of town, towards a thrift shop about a 20 minute drive from where I live, on a super highway.  Back roads would have taken twice the time or longer.  I zipped along with no idea of what lay ahead.  As the miles flew by my mood got lighter, my thoughts clearer.  The day was a charmer, clear, cool and brisk.


As my journey continued, I found myself driving along country roads, past farmers fields, stretches of open road with nothing but plowed fields with their light dusting of snow.  There were areas of woodlands, with creeks and the odd boulder or two.  As the scenes before me changed so did the thoughts in my mind.  Instead of jumbled and tossed around one on top of the other,they were spaced out, calmer, and more focused.



From my first destination, I had planned on another destination that was across country back roads to another non profit location, south west of my original starting point.  I was almost there, when to my surprise I decided to head north up a highway that would lead me home instead of further away.  OK I thought, I’ll just visit this other shop that is on the highway once I’m in the city.


When I was driving through a very small hamlet, where the grocery store once was, I saw large Chinese lettering, and a cars stationed in front of the building.  I have driven by this building often enough, when it was a grocery store, we had stopped once so I could get water.  It had been vacant now for some time. With no thought at all, I turned in and parked.  Walked up to the door to knock, only to have it open in welcome as I arrived.

18 rules of life

I had arrived in time for a special service and lecture by a visiting monk from China (Mongolia).  Who knew!  The member who spoke to me was very gracious, and when another member arrived who spoke English arrived, I was helped to “dress” for the service (they participants wore special robes to show their respect while in the temple) and how to hold my hands when chanting.  (no I had never chanted before, nor had I ever attended a Buddhist service)  Yes the service was in Chinese, and NO I do not speak Chinese.


In PL (Perfect Liberty)  -PL Precept 11 – Always be with GOD

Saturday, I was living PL Principle #1 – I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto into all I say and do.

and PL Principle #3   – I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.


Take the road to wherever it may lead,

where you are is where you need to be

Trust, believe and be set free  (Q)


Namaste   –  Oyashikiri

if you would like information on the Ottawa Amitabha Buddhist Society of Canada, their contact information is      amtb.ottawa@yahoo.ca    (613) 821-3181


*** etsy.com 16×20 poster


**** Pinterest

v* susanmartinez1.com

overcoming obstacles


An obstacle in life can come at us in many shapes, sizes and ways, it is how we deal with them that either stabilizes are stress levels or drives them around a bend.


A natural disaster, well…. there really isn’t much to be done, but find another way to reach our goal or destination.  We grow in life by experiencing and creatively dealing with the situations that come our way.   If we see the challenge as an opportunity we are more apt to enjoy the day no matter how we proceed.


May you be granted wisdom for your decisions,

hope for discouraging experiences,

your energy replenished during your tired times,

and renewed vision during down moments.

Always and Forever

Namaste – Oyashikiri


* guardian.co.uk

**traveltips.usatoday.com (Hawaii)

*** comfortspringsstation.tumblr.com

remember the Mad Hatter


When your days start to resemble a page from the Mad Hatter’s Daytimer ( calendar/agenda) it is time to stop, take a breather and regroup.  If you are content with your status quo, progress in your life will come to a standstill, and you will be running in place. Meditation/prayer on a daily basis is not just for “other people” it is for everyone.  However, or in whatever way, you find your “inner peace” make time each day to touch base with the quiet in you. Life is simple, we (humans) make it complicated.

once upon a time

Come along with me, step inside, just for a moment, see and feel the moss how soft it is, how green the new ferns are.  Wander slowly down the tracks, taking time to take a deep breath, hold it then slowly let it go.  Listen to the calling of the birds in the trees, and feel the soft gentle breeze as it plays in your hair. Carefully step closer to the fog, let it  wrap you in its gentle mist, feel the tension lessen in your shoulders, it is so nice and peaceful here…. please come again to share another moment of letting go.

I love and bless you all.  May you find your way today still wrapped in the embrace of  Nature’s caring “Way”    Peace be yours always….    Oyashikiri


photos >Pinterest

Makoto on Ancestors’ day

timeGood Morning everyone, how are you today?  For those who are new to my blog, welcome.  Today is the 11th, of the month, in Perfect Liberty, the 11th is a day for remembering and expressing gratitude for the love and virtue of our ancestors.  In China and other countries, it was a natural and everyday part of life to honour our elders.  It is thanks to our ancestor’s virtue and Makoto (sincere effort) that we are here today.

The above picture, evoked a moment of tranquility from my memory banks.  A summer day, visiting in the country, playing in the tall grass, and escaping from the heat by playing by a creek that ran behind the old country store a relative had in the Algonquin Park area of Ontario.  For a city brat, this was so different and a totally new experience.  When you are young, you simply live the moments, you aren’t analyzing  or looking at your new friends with a ton of baggage in your head, you are taking life in, and responding to it with an innocence yet to be tested. You are living the moment, building your experiences in life, finding new emotions, discovering more of the world around you.

In my research this morning, I came across a picture of Betty White (actress) and a loaf of bread, interested in the connection I delved further into the post.  “Did you know that Betty White is older than sliced bread?” was the the sentence that went with the picture.  Of course, I know of Betty White, I’ve seen her in many sitcoms, but to be honest, I never really thought of her as a person of age, probably because in my journey through life, I have been entertained by her talents over the years, and have simply accepted her as “Betty”.  We all do it in some way form or other..  we take someone or some thing for granted….

Today, lets take a moment to give thanks with Makoto to our past, and our present!……. Let us ask for guidance and protection so we can continue to live the PL Way.. (a life of Perfect Liberty) (life with God/Tao)

Iireland x


photos – Pinterest, bottom photo id. Ireland,castle  


In the still of the night

Written in the 50’s in the basement of a church.

Close your eyes, and let the song,the singers transport you to another dimension, another time, another place.
Access a place of calm.
Clear your mind and relax your body.
As you become still and listen
God’s presence at the core of your being will fill you with divine understanding.
PL’s unique “way” is always there to guide you
day and night.

When things don’t work out as I had planned, I don’t become discouraged. Open to divine inspiration, I know that new,creative ideas are always available to me.




The word Misasage is frequently used in PL. It literally means to dedicate your body, or to dedicate yourself for the sake of others and society.
I knew very early in life that I would live a life a “service”, not that I understood the “calling” just that I needed to do or be the person I was. The path I walked was not necessarily the one pointed out to me, I knew the “WAY” and that was where I wanted to be. When I strayed, I learned from the “adventure”, and got back on the path.  Challenges in life, help us to grow.
What is so unique about PL is that to embody the teachings, one must engage 100%. not just understand intellectually. Live in the moment, be mindful every step of the “way”.
Oshieoya-sama gives us simple and practical ways to learn to live the PL WAY.  It is important to put your heart into even the smallest of matters, each moment accumulate into the whole of your artistic life.

Night is the time for regeneration -retire from the cares of the day, bathe and immerse yourself in the gestating power of the dark.  Till tomorrow.

Blessings be.

photo patch of black eyed susans -Q

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