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each moment is a turning point


This is a sign post on the campus grounds of the PL headquarters community near Osaka.  I remember when I saw it, wondering if the construction happening off to the left, was something that would be finished that year, that was 2013.  Japan has been very “present” for the last several days in one way or another.  In particular these everyday signs/objects


Do I know why, no I don’t.  It is as if something is trying to speak to me, so I’ve been searching through pictures and casting out greetings/messages to see if anything “pops” up that says, “hey look here”  So far nothing, just this strong urge /desire to be in Japan.


A visit now, will mean that I will be the only member from Canada going, there will be a few members from the States I’m told, in a gathering of many, we may or may not connect.  I am surprised that I am wanting to go without the “security” of other church members being with me who speak the language and know their way around.  Previous time in Japan  has shown me that English is not a language many people speak or know in Japan.  But.. it seems there is a reason for this present moment, and I will have to practice patience to discover just what this “opportunity” is all about.

PL Precept #19 Begin once you perceive.

Pl Precept # 16  All things progress and develop


This peaceful and serene place is also on the grounds, day or night, it is tranquil and energizing.  This picture was taken from someone in the party from Spain, I love it.  I am filled with anticipation, yet I still don’t know if I can swing the trip on such short notice.

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in relativity

There comes a time when we have to “let go and let God”


Namaste          –            Oyashikiri

living in the moment

977b9042fda61356a59f87c1600dae3bWhen we live the PL way, we live in the moment, and we experience all of what life has to offer.  We are students of life.

PL Principle #1      I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into ALL I say and do.

Saturday I had planned to stay home, and work on my blog.  That was my plan for the day, the Universe had other ideas.. mid morning I found myself on the highway headed out of town, towards a thrift shop about a 20 minute drive from where I live, on a super highway.  Back roads would have taken twice the time or longer.  I zipped along with no idea of what lay ahead.  As the miles flew by my mood got lighter, my thoughts clearer.  The day was a charmer, clear, cool and brisk.


As my journey continued, I found myself driving along country roads, past farmers fields, stretches of open road with nothing but plowed fields with their light dusting of snow.  There were areas of woodlands, with creeks and the odd boulder or two.  As the scenes before me changed so did the thoughts in my mind.  Instead of jumbled and tossed around one on top of the other,they were spaced out, calmer, and more focused.



From my first destination, I had planned on another destination that was across country back roads to another non profit location, south west of my original starting point.  I was almost there, when to my surprise I decided to head north up a highway that would lead me home instead of further away.  OK I thought, I’ll just visit this other shop that is on the highway once I’m in the city.


When I was driving through a very small hamlet, where the grocery store once was, I saw large Chinese lettering, and a cars stationed in front of the building.  I have driven by this building often enough, when it was a grocery store, we had stopped once so I could get water.  It had been vacant now for some time. With no thought at all, I turned in and parked.  Walked up to the door to knock, only to have it open in welcome as I arrived.

18 rules of life

I had arrived in time for a special service and lecture by a visiting monk from China (Mongolia).  Who knew!  The member who spoke to me was very gracious, and when another member arrived who spoke English arrived, I was helped to “dress” for the service (they participants wore special robes to show their respect while in the temple) and how to hold my hands when chanting.  (no I had never chanted before, nor had I ever attended a Buddhist service)  Yes the service was in Chinese, and NO I do not speak Chinese.


In PL (Perfect Liberty)  -PL Precept 11 – Always be with GOD

Saturday, I was living PL Principle #1 – I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto into all I say and do.

and PL Principle #3   – I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.


Take the road to wherever it may lead,

where you are is where you need to be

Trust, believe and be set free  (Q)


Namaste   –  Oyashikiri

if you would like information on the Ottawa Amitabha Buddhist Society of Canada, their contact information is      amtb.ottawa@yahoo.ca    (613) 821-3181


*** etsy.com 16×20 poster


**** Pinterest

v* susanmartinez1.com



If you are fortunate to be walking  or driving slowly by, the rhythmic sound of the horse’s hooves and the turning wheels is very pleasant.


Soft muted shades of the Amish clothes, to some is very soothing.  Laundry that hands outside to dry always has such a fresh smell to it.  Winters, laundry is hung under cover or outdoors, just as in other seasons.



When a large piece of a barn has to be moved, Amish men come together to carry it along the highway to its destination.  this was in the Kalona area of Iowa.


Simple, plain, no mirrors, the basics.



Now this is an Amish quilt I’d like to get a closer look at.  Wouldn’t you?


This brings back memories of days when we would see sights like this on country roads if we were driving through farm country.  The smell of freshly cut hay wafted through the car windows as we followed slowly along behind.  It gave us a wonderful opportunity to just sit back and coast along while taking in the sights around us.  When the farmer could, they would usually pull over and give us the OK to pass.397a1d0674177698d6c0725ed83cc7f2Noooooooooooooo, not what you think.    It is common in some Amish communities to allow the use of a telephone, but not in a home.  Several families will share a telephone, that is conveniently place in a small wooden shanty between the farms.  If there is a need to use the internet, there are usually libraries in nearby towns.



Sewing is done by hand or with a treadle sewing machine.  I was very humbled when invited into an Amish home.  I saw her machine and her home-made  quilting frame.  She worked at night by kerosene lamp and what ever light came in through the windows.  She told me she did most of her sewing and quilting in the winter months when there was less to do in the fields.


Simplicity – when was the last time you walked along a stream in your bare feet,  turned off all the lights at night and just enjoyed the evening stars.  There is a saying ” If you want something you’ve never had, then you have got to do something you’ve never done.”

Live your life!

Forget your age, and what others have to say..

Only you can make the changes in your life

To live life your way.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

pictures -social media

dealing with a challenge

Good morning everyone..l.

This is an artist I had not know before.  I thank  Upworthy ‘s curator Megan Kelley  for bringing her to my attention.  Stuttering is something that although I’ve known about it, I have had no personal experience with.  Megan Washington has done a stellar “job” of educating listeners on the challenges in her life.  she is an award winning Australian musician that until today I had not heard of.  I have now added her to my “singers of note” and will search out more of her artistic expressions

It is through having an enthusiasm for life that we grow.  Our appreciation of resourcefulness in ourselves and others, broadens our own horizons increasing our ability to experience spiritual freedom and inner joy in our lives.

Namaste – Oyashikiri



Good Evening everyone!

What is it about the human race that we are always trying to be something other than what we are. When we are young we want to be older, when we are aging we look to doing things that will help regain youth and vitality.  We are either too thin, our thighs too heavy, or one I hear the most, “I need to lose weight”.


Winter is coming, already we are hearing the groaning and moaning, and it really hasn’t even started.  How many winters have you lived?  If you are in a part of the world where it will be summer, then you too will be entering a new season.  What are you plans for the coming season?  Same old habits, nesting? catching up on your reading?  The telly is already starting its many many adverts for the holidays, first the “what to buy”, then the where to eat, or what to eat. and then once the parties really begin, and the festive season is really on a roll, we will be bombarded with the programs, and adverts on weight control, proper eating, and the ever popular-digs at your ability to keep new year’s resolutions.


This is a picture of London, England during the month of December.  Just looking at the picture I can feel the bustling activity of shoppers and feel the holiday “mood” or ambiance the shop keepers and city planners  have injected into the atmosphere.  On the other hand when I look at the picture taken in Montana on a snowy day, of a group out for a sleigh ride, I relax and feel and deeper connection to the “spirit” of Xmas, rather than the “marketing buzz” that the industry of peddlers has tried to wrap us in.


Turn off or cut back on what makes this time of year an unhappy one.  Find a new way to reach middle ground.  We tend to think that we “have” to do the same things every year, “because”.  We don’t.  We have choices.  Yes, really…….. Put your full heart into making a change, you will be rewarded.



Namaste – Oyashikiri






* sunset.com – Big Sky Montana

** londonhotels4u.com

*** reasontobelieve.com


Precious Metal


Never too old to learn.  You may have noticed my passion for vintage, retro trucks.  It turns out I’m not alone in this love of what is sometimes called “precious metal” by the fans of Street Rodders, Pick ups, Jeeps. you name if its on wheels and it has a motor  when I went looking for information on this “interest” of mine, except for the usual magazines on new vehicles and trucks, I found zip.  Then after church yesterday,not having the car I decided to the  walk a mile or so to the shopping mall.   There I found a Chapters where I was delighted to see a section will all kinds of magazines that caught my attention. Canadian Hot Rods, The pick up issue. (Wow), even found a JP magazine (Jeeps, you have to know I was beside myself with happiness.  Outside the store while waiting for my husband I saw a magazine called  Bounder in a vendor with free reading material.  I leaned in for a closer look, it looked like one of the pricey magazines that I had just paid for in Chapters.  No, it did say Complimentary on the cover, I also saw that it had something in it about Classic Cars, of course I took a copy.

The magazine says it is “by- for-about men”  The title of the magazine uses the symbol  for man/male instead of the letter O, when it spells out Bounder.    Except for one or two articles, I read it from cover to cover, the next issue Wheels Edition, will out in spring 2015.  It seems that copies are getting harder and harder to find, they do provide a partial list in the magazine, but if you are interested, you might want to contact Brian Warren e-mail    boundermag@gmail.com     Bounder magazine is a production of Warrenty Communications Inc.

Ok now to the meaty part =^_^=  in the past if anyone had said to me “precious metal” my eyes would have sparkled and I would have thought immediately of gold,platinum and more gold, even better encrusted with precious gemstones.



Now decades into my life’s journey I discover that under that heading I can put my love of old trucks and cars.  In my research I also discovered that many of the boards I visited in Pinterest were hosted by ladies.  There are a huge numbers of women out there with a passion for the vintage vehicle.  AND for those of you unaware of who most of the designers and makes of the vintage jewelry were, it was mostly men.

Always in life it takes Yin/Yang, male and female energies to make a whole.  In the fashion world, how many of the greats were and are male. It is the wearer that showcases the design, and in the automotive world, it may be dominated by the builders (often males), but it is the drivers who  in the end determine the success of the product.

Learning can be such a pleasure, in PL we strive to find new ways to improve ourselves and to continue to move forward, one step at a time, just do it..  You never know what you will learn that will bring about more “happy happy happy”

May the  Universe, bless and keep you safe today and always…..

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri





* Hal Lefevre, Pinterest

** Christian Dior ring

The Value of Money and things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them

PL teaching day 18   – The Value of Money and Things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them  -Money and things are materials for your self -expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

I had to meditate on this one for a long time .. I was trying to decide how best to try to give you my association or thoughts on money.  It has always been my belief that money is a  necessary evil in life.  One needs money to acquire “things” in life.  In today’s society/culture, we often think we “need” a lot more than we actually do.  Permit me to tell you of one of my excursions many years ago with a friend.  We loved to scour garage sales,flea markets, and of course thrift shops.  Not because we couldn’t afford to purchase retail, we both had careers, but my friend like to buy and resell, it was her “hobby” and I was and am a recycle or transforming artist.  I like to find a cast off or unwanted item that “speaks” to me and give it a new life.

We were in a little town that is known for its charm, outdoor cafes, and a couple of great discount shops.  One in particular was a place that sold discounted silver wear and household accessories.  I found a delightful fork there and decided to purchase it.  It wasn’t very expensive, but it was not on sale, it was not silver, but sterling silver, so practical, I enjoyed the  lovely design and feel to it. “Oh you can’t  purchase that fork” exclaimed the sales lady,” we only have one left, and besides it is a dessert fork”.  My friend agreed with the lady that since it was a dessert fork, how much use would it be to me.  Their reaction to my intent of acquiring this delightful fork surprised me,, I had thought of neither of their concerns, I liked the fork, I could afford the fork, therefor, I was going to purchase the fork.  My reply to both of them was that it was a fork and it would get the food to my mouth, that was all it needed to do, it didn’t have to be part of a set, it didn’t have to match anything else I had,   It was a fork, it was functional & one I liked and wanted.

So often we pass on something because of someone else’s view, or thoughts,  and then we spend an enormous amount of time trying to find  something like it because we didn’t act on our first impulse.  Usually our impulses  come from our inner “voice”.  these moments are often little nudges from above.  In PL we learn to #1 hear our inner voice, and #2 listen and think on what it is we are hearing….. it is part of the lesson in believing in one’s Self. Knowing what we want, and acting on it.

Everything originates in God, God/TAO/Universe embraces everything.  We cannot live apart from God regardless of whether we recognize God’s existence or not.  The Maharishi once said, put a tub full of water in the middle of a room, whether or not a person believes it is full or not, when they step into it, they will get  wet. (TM – Transcendental Meditation)

Potential new members should know that PL is non sectarian and does not expect that members give up the faith they already have.  PL teachings can help new members better understand their traditional faiths .. PL believes that  all religions should work together for world peace.

If you are near a PL church, the 21st is our monthly Thanksgiving service.  All our welcome. (for Church of Perfect Liberty contacts, visit our websites,links in side bar)

2012-12-11 Church PL 5.13 003

God Resides in Your Prayerful Mind

PL teaching for day 13 – God Resides in your Prayerful Mind. In addition to making heartfelt and continuous effort, let’s pray to God. God will surely respond to your Makoto (sincerity)

I would like to share with you a couple of sentences from the chapter Life is Art from our PL member’s guide ” Your Artist Expressions Are what Makes Your Life a Work of Art” . As a living person, you interact with the people and things around in order to express your feelings. your life is shaped by the way you express yourself each and every day. Through your daily artistic expressions, you can create your one and only life.”
I have found since becoming a member of PL that I am soaking in the writings of other members who have put together booklets to help new members understand what the Church of Perfect Liberty is all about. I love sharing our faith -(such sharing is called Shingei) . Each day is a new canvas,  just when I think I couldn’t be happier, I read more of the teachings and “life”: gets even better
PL teaching for day 13 – God Resides in your Prayerful Mind.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. Oshieoya-sama teaches us that the surest way to be blessed is to appreciate all the blessing we have received. Living in Perfect Liberty I feel very blessed.

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