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This is a sign post on the campus grounds of the PL headquarters community near Osaka.  I remember when I saw it, wondering if the construction happening off to the left, was something that would be finished that year, that was 2013.  Japan has been very “present” for the last several days in one way or another.  In particular these everyday signs/objects


Do I know why, no I don’t.  It is as if something is trying to speak to me, so I’ve been searching through pictures and casting out greetings/messages to see if anything “pops” up that says, “hey look here”  So far nothing, just this strong urge /desire to be in Japan.


A visit now, will mean that I will be the only member from Canada going, there will be a few members from the States I’m told, in a gathering of many, we may or may not connect.  I am surprised that I am wanting to go without the “security” of other church members being with me who speak the language and know their way around.  Previous time in Japan  has shown me that English is not a language many people speak or know in Japan.  But.. it seems there is a reason for this present moment, and I will have to practice patience to discover just what this “opportunity” is all about.

PL Precept #19 Begin once you perceive.

Pl Precept # 16  All things progress and develop


This peaceful and serene place is also on the grounds, day or night, it is tranquil and energizing.  This picture was taken from someone in the party from Spain, I love it.  I am filled with anticipation, yet I still don’t know if I can swing the trip on such short notice.

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in relativity

There comes a time when we have to “let go and let God”


Namaste          –            Oyashikiri

Comments on: "each moment is a turning point" (4)

  1. Hallo Dymoon viele Grüße aus Deutschland sende ich dir und danke für deinen Besuch im meinen Blog ja hier ist es wieder mal am Regnen und heute ist Sommeranfang es soll ja schöner werden viele Grüße Klaus

  2. Crepe Myrtle in the picture? My favorite tree here in North Texas! They make me think of the Cherry Blossom too. Don’t think too much on this — put out your hearts intention/prayer and let it go…walk the path that unfolds before you….probably effortlessly! One of my favorite lines from the movie The Last Samurai is these words as Tom Cruise’s character is trying to learn to fight with a sword, “Too many mind.” As soon as his character stopped thinking too much it became effortless for him.

  3. ah, true, but remember one action often causes another reaction…you are beautiful, thank you

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