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this and that=love


found on the side of a road in Japan.

sometimes near a park , sometimes not


what can I say

two wild and crazy guys

traveling with us in Japan


a shop along the way


a place to pray and meditate


seen from the window of the bullet train

as we flew by on tracks of iron


as if it was yesterday

the energy and drive

remains with me today


we came from lands far away

to learn and to pray

what I found most amazing

was that these teachers spoke not one word of English

The majority of the listeners

spoke (Brazilian)Portuguese, Spanish and a very few of us English


we gathered to pray for World Peace

to this day

the energy from this last visit

drives me to work harder every day

to become a better person

one who can dedicate and focus on

living in a way to bring about

World Peace


In  Japan while there, it was hot the vegetation was lush

it was growing everywhere

where ever there was space

the green buds would push their way towards the light

LOVE is what nurtures growth

LOVE is what will see us through

LOVE should be part of everything we do


LOVE is beautiful


PL Precept # 11  Always be with God

Comments on: "this and that=love" (12)

  1. nice photo-memories from Japan 🙂

    • yes, thank you, ther celebration is again coming up, August 1… I am looking into the cost of flights these days..

  2. Schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir Klaus in Freundschaft hier ist es wieder mal am regnen und so was nennt man Sommer

    • smiles, rain is good, helps plants to growe, keeps the air fresh, look close, you see the flowers smile, happy Sunday to you too it is Father’s day here

  3. Takashi Goto said:

    Good morning,

    I was happy to see your blog today! Thank you!

    Rev. Takashi Goto

  4. I enjoyed visiting Japan through your eyes 🙂 and yes Love in all we are and all we do.

  5. Hallo Daymoon einen schönen Start in die neue Woche wünscht euch Klaus

  6. Sounds as though your trip was a very powerful experience. Interesting ot see the vending machines!

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