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If you are fortunate to be walking  or driving slowly by, the rhythmic sound of the horse’s hooves and the turning wheels is very pleasant.


Soft muted shades of the Amish clothes, to some is very soothing.  Laundry that hands outside to dry always has such a fresh smell to it.  Winters, laundry is hung under cover or outdoors, just as in other seasons.



When a large piece of a barn has to be moved, Amish men come together to carry it along the highway to its destination.  this was in the Kalona area of Iowa.


Simple, plain, no mirrors, the basics.



Now this is an Amish quilt I’d like to get a closer look at.  Wouldn’t you?


This brings back memories of days when we would see sights like this on country roads if we were driving through farm country.  The smell of freshly cut hay wafted through the car windows as we followed slowly along behind.  It gave us a wonderful opportunity to just sit back and coast along while taking in the sights around us.  When the farmer could, they would usually pull over and give us the OK to pass.397a1d0674177698d6c0725ed83cc7f2Noooooooooooooo, not what you think.    It is common in some Amish communities to allow the use of a telephone, but not in a home.  Several families will share a telephone, that is conveniently place in a small wooden shanty between the farms.  If there is a need to use the internet, there are usually libraries in nearby towns.



Sewing is done by hand or with a treadle sewing machine.  I was very humbled when invited into an Amish home.  I saw her machine and her home-made  quilting frame.  She worked at night by kerosene lamp and what ever light came in through the windows.  She told me she did most of her sewing and quilting in the winter months when there was less to do in the fields.


Simplicity – when was the last time you walked along a stream in your bare feet,  turned off all the lights at night and just enjoyed the evening stars.  There is a saying ” If you want something you’ve never had, then you have got to do something you’ve never done.”

Live your life!

Forget your age, and what others have to say..

Only you can make the changes in your life

To live life your way.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

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