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down by the river


When we live a life of “art” it does not only encompass you, but it affects the multitude of people around you.  When we express our artistic ideas, and put them into action, if it pleases others, as well as ourselves, we are on the road towards a more peaceful  existence.

DSC00208By now you know that I love to sometimes just drive, and let the road take me to wherever it leads.  I don’t mind taking a turn I’ve never taken before, or even stop on a side street, just to feel that ambiance of the area I am in,  It is interesting that when out, I can chit-chat and happily chatter away with total strangers. yet when I come home, shut the door to the outside, I can do a total 360 degrees.  Turn off the phones, and just bury myself in the quiet of the creative happenings in my studio/office.


To stay healthy in body and mind… I practice,    PL Precept # 20  Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.  

enjoy your week-end everyone!

stay safe. be happy..

namaste       –         oyashikiri

PL Precept #11       Always be with God

photos taken in Perth, Ontario,Canada

road blocked, road closed

road blocked

road blocked lava,hawaii

Stop… the road is closed

hmmm yes so it appears to be…

Wow, what a sight, nature’s work of art

the results of a volcanic eruption

the passion of the Universe unleashed

in a river of hot molten lava, the spectacular

spewing forth of the internal heat and combustion

that could no longer be contained

the fire’s lust for expression

and the results of its ardour

is this also what our pent-up emotions

would look like if we were to see

them expressed in physical form

lava flowing

heartburn, heart-break,  ulcers and indigestion

oh the pain, the discomfort when we block our true feelings

when we ignore or try to push away what is really happening

in our minds, our hearts and our reality

Hawaii, Kona

we can’t relive the past, nor can we live tomorrow, today

yes, we can come across a detour, an impasse

but, if we stop to take it all in   ..     there is always a way

Hawaii, mountain, valleys

another mountain to climb, another valley to explore

roads are man-made, when one is closed

take yourself in another direction, enjoy every new discovery

the paths we cut/make are our own

hawaii a wandering memory

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

pictures from blog A wandering memory on WordPress

check out


Wu Guanzhong, Chinese 1919 2010

Transformation of the world, comes about in the quiet of your mind.

serenity of the soul, and ONENESS with God/Tao

Jet Li  Wushu Master

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Chinese ink Wu Guanzhong, 1919-2010

Jet Li, Wushu Master


207df0687ad2dc783be2eb1f0d2a476fGood morning everyone:

How is your day going so far?  I know that many of you are in completely different time zones.  For me it is the start of my day, albeit a late start.  Lately I have been enjoying long fitful sleeps  Yesterday I ran around like a woman on a mission, (that is because I was) I had things to do, people to see, and then a 7 pm Thanksgiving service at the church.

It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get everything done, I just set out to do it and it all fell easily into place.  However, by end of day, I was ready for my trip into slumber land. I am working on my virtual blog which takes days and sometimes weeks to do because I have to coordinate with other artists.

One of the artists is an amazing  talent, she does shapes and skins for the virtual world as well as clothes and accessories. Even the virtual name she uses tells you she is going to be an interesting person to get to know. (Lush Meme)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the virtual worlds, everyone entering into a virtual world has to create an avatar for themselves.  Obviously we are all different and our likes and wants are going to be different.

Some visitors to the virtual worlds, don’t really care about their appearance, they get an avatar on entering into the new world, and they keep it, maybe change their clothes to better reflect what they like to wear and personalize themselves. but aside from that they are content to be the avatar that they used to come inworld.  The virtual worlds are full of mentors, people with experience and years in the virtual environment and are willing to help out and put their experiences to use to help others wanting to grow within the community.  With some it is building, creating the architecture, homes,fantasy builds more to do with lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Others, like Lush provide the body of the person (shape, size of your shoulders, length of your arms, waist, hip etc. ) and the skin,(colour or tone of your skin, make ups etc)  The women more than the men tend to want to look a “certain” way, and they are apt to change their makeup, and hairstyles often.  Men do however, like to (most of them)  want to look presentable, once they find the shape, skin and hairstyle they like they are more likely to change outfits for different occasions, but their basic look stays the same.

It is always an interesting exercise when someone new to the world joins us and they being their transformation.  There are many artists in the virtual worlds and some are more creative than others.   You have to look around, you have to try the demos provided.  Otherwise you will look like the person beside you.  In the virtual world you get to build and create what you want to look like.

Now in the day-to-day world, it is not so easy, we are born with our bodies, skin tone and hair colour.  changing is a natural process, nature dictates pretty much our rate and speed of growth etc. And to many it is a life long battle to try to fit in to the “social/fashion norms” or  Photoshop pictures we have put in front of us on a daily basis.

I have to fast today for a hospital visit tomorrow.. That got me thinking of bodies/shapes, and our sometimes out of kilter food decision and choices…. what can I say I got carried away after looking in the mirror this morning.  Hope you survived the visit.  Love you all.

224c2f0f0f0ebf2be5c8d52959b8aba8Sincere apologies to those of you, who prefer my shorter blogs.. Thankfully I don’t have to fast often.  =^_^=  meanwhile blessings all, and where-ever you are, have a super grand day.  Be Happy.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

for more on Lush, my virtual blog will be posted later today.




If you are fortunate to be walking  or driving slowly by, the rhythmic sound of the horse’s hooves and the turning wheels is very pleasant.


Soft muted shades of the Amish clothes, to some is very soothing.  Laundry that hands outside to dry always has such a fresh smell to it.  Winters, laundry is hung under cover or outdoors, just as in other seasons.



When a large piece of a barn has to be moved, Amish men come together to carry it along the highway to its destination.  this was in the Kalona area of Iowa.


Simple, plain, no mirrors, the basics.



Now this is an Amish quilt I’d like to get a closer look at.  Wouldn’t you?


This brings back memories of days when we would see sights like this on country roads if we were driving through farm country.  The smell of freshly cut hay wafted through the car windows as we followed slowly along behind.  It gave us a wonderful opportunity to just sit back and coast along while taking in the sights around us.  When the farmer could, they would usually pull over and give us the OK to pass.397a1d0674177698d6c0725ed83cc7f2Noooooooooooooo, not what you think.    It is common in some Amish communities to allow the use of a telephone, but not in a home.  Several families will share a telephone, that is conveniently place in a small wooden shanty between the farms.  If there is a need to use the internet, there are usually libraries in nearby towns.



Sewing is done by hand or with a treadle sewing machine.  I was very humbled when invited into an Amish home.  I saw her machine and her home-made  quilting frame.  She worked at night by kerosene lamp and what ever light came in through the windows.  She told me she did most of her sewing and quilting in the winter months when there was less to do in the fields.


Simplicity – when was the last time you walked along a stream in your bare feet,  turned off all the lights at night and just enjoyed the evening stars.  There is a saying ” If you want something you’ve never had, then you have got to do something you’ve never done.”

Live your life!

Forget your age, and what others have to say..

Only you can make the changes in your life

To live life your way.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

pictures -social media


Who am I

Who am I

Do you ever wonder who that person is looking back at you in the mirror. For years you have looked at that face, yet how often do you really see the face,and the eyes that are looking so intently back at you.
When we journey into the virtual world, we get to pick an avatar to represent us, it is the avatar that moves around and interacts for us with the other avatars in the virtual world.. Each avatar represents another person, who is sitting at a keyboard and looking at a screen. You can be talking to anyone, anywhere in the world connects to the Internet.
Each and everyone of us is in the game for a reason, to play, to build,design,educate, learn, the reasons are endless. So are the possibilities when it comes to what kind of an avatar you will use to represent “you”.
It is not until you are faced with the task of creating an outward appearance for yourself that you begin to realize that it is not as simple as it seems.
First we have to determine are we male or female. In the real world, we know the cards dealt to us, however in this virtual world, we can be whatever we chose to be.
We get to pick the colour of our skin, the shape of our bodies,, the colour of our eyes, and then when we do all of that, we have to dress ourselves, pick out the hair, finally we can have curly hair, and lots of it.
AND, because we get to pick our size and shape, we can then wear the shoes and outfits that we can’t wear in RL

The challenge can be so daunting, that many people give up before they even really start. I learned early on in the “game” that the choices we are asked to make, can be very helpful to us in learning to understand ourselves.

I’m only touching the surface here, we are only getting started. In this recent adventure, I have had to think long and hard about which avatar I would use. I already have established personalities and characters in SL. I realized that I did not want to use these characters because I liked who they are and the lives they have built for themselves over the years.
So, I dusted off the file on an avatar that I have till now only used when I needed a model. He/she had no defined personality and was simply an avatar. A dormant file/avatar in the game. Even the name of the avatar was non gender, Asia was especially used when I needed a male model for the ads/blogs.
Now Asia is a woman, and a Furry, (an avatar that is an animal with human characteristics) I started out thinking I would be a Neko (cat/feline) a Neko is a human with animal characteristics. But after several hours spent with the Neko I wasn’t connected to it. I felt no affinity.
Also what came into the equation is the other members you meet, who are also Neko,Furries, humans, Tinies,Dinkies, etc. Like in the RL the groups have their own culture, way of dressing, interests etc.
I have been absent from SL for some time, not playing as much as I used to, so I found that with the ever changing technology the products and items being offered, mesh, sculpts,animations etc.were different. Previous sources were no longer in business.
I thought I’d be a possat, I got the avatar put her on, but within minutes I didn’t feel right.

Nov2_001When I looked at myself as this avatar, I wondered to myself, what had I been thinking.  Where was I  “in my head” when I thought this is what I wanted to be?  this is what life is like, we do things, we purchase something because at the time, it was such a great buy or it really took our fancy, yet days later, it has lost its allure, and the search begins again.

Much like when I look in the mirror, I wonder who that is, and how she got to be where she is, what is she really thinking?  The person I have to ask is myself really, and the question again comes down to just who am I.  What am I doing here?  This could be a long meditation, a long on going chat with my inner self.  Meanwhile, life does go on, and I have another avatar in the making.  Does this mean that I have multiple personalities. Hmm stay tuned.

In PL we learn to continue and persevere to make our wishes and goals come true.  I’ve started this journey, I’m having fun working through my creative “wants” and the realities of my “self: images. I’ve been a lifetime getting to where I am today, guess I’m not about to stop the momentum now.  My friends call me a “shape shifter” (in SL)  I believe that is because, like in real life, I live the moment, and change is the only constant in life. =^_^=

nov 8_002

comments anyone? Have fun in life, take time to play, we are only here “now”   I am guilty of taking life far too seriously, even when playing… I’m working on it.. one step at a time.     http://www.secondlife.com                                                           photos -Q


Food for the spirit

Food for the spirit

We make sure we feed our stomachs are we as focused and dedicated to maintaining the nourishment of our “spirits”. How often do we make time for a good sit down visit with God/Universe. we would not think of leaving the house or starting our day without a shower and brushing our teeth. Yet we are quick to rush out of the house to go about our daily activities without making sure our mental and spiritual needs are met and in good health.
Prayer and meditation are very important in mental and spiritual well being.
Times should be set aside every day for a personal tune up. Whether it is 5, 10 , or 15/20 minutes a day.  We take care of our bodies, we have our heart rates checked, blood pressure, and teeth tended to on a regular basis yet procrastinate or simply neglect  the  most important connection in living a balanced life, our mental health & spiritual wellness.

PL offers us a unique way to stay tuned to our spiritual wellness requirements. through personal one on one consultations with a PL minister you can work together with the minister, to help you  maneuver  through your life’s journey and all its intricacies,

WE each and every one of us is “special”, and live a “unique to us” lifestyle, therefore, we all have to find the right way and schedule to  find the way that works for us.  If you are not sure, or want to consult with  someone, please contact us.  Perfect Liberty is International, contact me if you need specific information/referral.  Use the comment part of this blog, I will respond to you (usually within 48 hours, if not much sooner)

The vegetable you see above, is a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli in taste.  I steamed mine, then seasoned it with garlic butter and pepper.  don;t overdo the butter, you need only a little drizzle it over the flowers, let it sit for about 3 minutes and delight in the taste.  I steam the veggie just enough to soften it a wee bit.  Remember I love my crunch.  Last night I served it with a shrimp and leek dumplings that were dipped in  Sriracha hot chili sauce (dr Oz approved sauce!)  I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember why he was advising it as a good condiment to have and use, I use it because I really LIKE it.  I will use it with almost anything when I want that “punch” or “zing” to whatever it is I’m eating.  5 calories per serving (1 tsp)

photo (13)

Take care of all of you.  Eat your veggies and keep your meats lean.  Seeing this temping hot chili sauce. might cook up a batch of dry garlic giblets for snacking on at lunch time.  Can eat them with a bowl of steamed bok choy and slices of raw white radish.  Oh slow down girl, you’ve just had your breakfast…

Sending love and hugs your way.. with lots of Blessings!

photos -Q


Spiraling out of control


Have you ever had the feeling that you were spiraling out of control. That even though you were standing still, life was just whirling past far too quickly
We live in a world that is rapidly changing ..
We get used to certain constants in our lives, and then, one day you wake up, look around, and life is not really the same at all.
How do we continue to keep up and evolve with the different trends of society, do we really need to continually strive to broaden our horizon.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

One of the aspects of being a member of PL is that PL responds to problems in our daily lives, by offering personal consultations. I treasure this opportunity to have one on one with the minister. The Minister(s) is/are always there for private consultations. WE, each and every one of us, travels at our own pace. Having the ability to touch base personally regarding the various stages and phases of our spiritual life journey is one of the “unique” services provided by church.

PL offers Personal guidance, to help us keep in tune with the Times. You can receive consultation from a PL minister for any kind of problems or situations. You receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation.  Each one of us has our own unique personality and life style.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they would practice the true way, or how they would seek happiness.

Happiness is built by establishing wishes and goals, and then working towards achieving them in your daily life.

Oshieoya-sama has put his Shikiri prayer into PL Consultations. – PL ministers and Hokyoshi are sworn to confidentiality, If something is not right in your life and you are not happy, or you are not enthusiastic about something, feel free to ask your minister or Hokyoshi (assistant Minister) for a PL consultation.  The church is here for YOU.

photo-SL virtual art -Q

photo -PL prayer symbol  (Aramitma) courtesy Ana in Spain


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