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Food for the spirit

We make sure we feed our stomachs are we as focused and dedicated to maintaining the nourishment of our “spirits”. How often do we make time for a good sit down visit with God/Universe. we would not think of leaving the house or starting our day without a shower and brushing our teeth. Yet we are quick to rush out of the house to go about our daily activities without making sure our mental and spiritual needs are met and in good health.
Prayer and meditation are very important in mental and spiritual well being.
Times should be set aside every day for a personal tune up. Whether it is 5, 10 , or 15/20 minutes a day.  We take care of our bodies, we have our heart rates checked, blood pressure, and teeth tended to on a regular basis yet procrastinate or simply neglect  the  most important connection in living a balanced life, our mental health & spiritual wellness.

PL offers us a unique way to stay tuned to our spiritual wellness requirements. through personal one on one consultations with a PL minister you can work together with the minister, to help you  maneuver  through your life’s journey and all its intricacies,

WE each and every one of us is “special”, and live a “unique to us” lifestyle, therefore, we all have to find the right way and schedule to  find the way that works for us.  If you are not sure, or want to consult with  someone, please contact us.  Perfect Liberty is International, contact me if you need specific information/referral.  Use the comment part of this blog, I will respond to you (usually within 48 hours, if not much sooner)

The vegetable you see above, is a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli in taste.  I steamed mine, then seasoned it with garlic butter and pepper.  don;t overdo the butter, you need only a little drizzle it over the flowers, let it sit for about 3 minutes and delight in the taste.  I steam the veggie just enough to soften it a wee bit.  Remember I love my crunch.  Last night I served it with a shrimp and leek dumplings that were dipped in  Sriracha hot chili sauce (dr Oz approved sauce!)  I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember why he was advising it as a good condiment to have and use, I use it because I really LIKE it.  I will use it with almost anything when I want that “punch” or “zing” to whatever it is I’m eating.  5 calories per serving (1 tsp)

photo (13)

Take care of all of you.  Eat your veggies and keep your meats lean.  Seeing this temping hot chili sauce. might cook up a batch of dry garlic giblets for snacking on at lunch time.  Can eat them with a bowl of steamed bok choy and slices of raw white radish.  Oh slow down girl, you’ve just had your breakfast…

Sending love and hugs your way.. with lots of Blessings!

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