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sewing machine

Meet  Tabitha, a sewing machine (1886-1890) a work of art. The exquisite details, I wonder what it was like to work with. It looks like it must have been very heavy.

sewing machinem victorian weir pedestal treadle


This model is a Victorian Weir Pedestal Treadle machine, operated with your feet, it would have allowed for movement of the material with two hands.  Not that sewing isn’t a labour of love now, of course it is, but the modern-day  machines make sewing a little less tedious than it might have been in days gone by.


So much has changed, lifestyle, clothing,technology…. change is the only constant in life.… AND…. the constant blessings of living in a world where the “Universe/GOD” is “supreme”.

Let us pray that we can come together

openly with the same goal in mind

Peace on earth & goodwill to all

Sow the seed of fellowship in all you do

Be genuine in your actions, let love surround you..

like the seamstress or tailor 

that sews with positive intentions

you can be a conduit that brings calm and serenity

to those around you.

Namaste   –    Oyashikiri

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