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“No matter where we are, there is always another “some-where” we have yet to discover.” Q





Good Evening everyone!

What is it about the human race that we are always trying to be something other than what we are. When we are young we want to be older, when we are aging we look to doing things that will help regain youth and vitality.  We are either too thin, our thighs too heavy, or one I hear the most, “I need to lose weight”.


Winter is coming, already we are hearing the groaning and moaning, and it really hasn’t even started.  How many winters have you lived?  If you are in a part of the world where it will be summer, then you too will be entering a new season.  What are you plans for the coming season?  Same old habits, nesting? catching up on your reading?  The telly is already starting its many many adverts for the holidays, first the “what to buy”, then the where to eat, or what to eat. and then once the parties really begin, and the festive season is really on a roll, we will be bombarded with the programs, and adverts on weight control, proper eating, and the ever popular-digs at your ability to keep new year’s resolutions.


This is a picture of London, England during the month of December.  Just looking at the picture I can feel the bustling activity of shoppers and feel the holiday “mood” or ambiance the shop keepers and city planners  have injected into the atmosphere.  On the other hand when I look at the picture taken in Montana on a snowy day, of a group out for a sleigh ride, I relax and feel and deeper connection to the “spirit” of Xmas, rather than the “marketing buzz” that the industry of peddlers has tried to wrap us in.


Turn off or cut back on what makes this time of year an unhappy one.  Find a new way to reach middle ground.  We tend to think that we “have” to do the same things every year, “because”.  We don’t.  We have choices.  Yes, really…….. Put your full heart into making a change, you will be rewarded.



Namaste – Oyashikiri






* sunset.com – Big Sky Montana

** londonhotels4u.com

*** reasontobelieve.com



Money and “things”

This is one of the seasons where it seems a lot of money is either being spent, or credit is being used. We all know that when we use credit, the debt is one more thing added to the financial stress we carry most of the year.  Many do it anyway.  It is very hard to resist all the marketing and highly paid for advertisements that bombard us from all directions.  If you live in an urban area, and visit any shopping center or mall, you are blinded by colourful lights and beckoning elves and snowmen.  I must get a zillion sale notices starting in  November about just what I need added to my already cluttered life if I am to enjoy a good “Christmas”

The truth is,  we don’t need anything from a retail store to make us happy.  Happiness is a state of mind.  Happiness that is acquired through a purchase soon losses its luster and appeal.  That electronic must have soon is replaced by something fancier and more sophisticated. The dress or outfit once worn a few times is no longer to be seen in.

The Value of Money and Things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them. (PL teaching)  Money and things are materials for your self-expression. Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society. (Church of Perfect Liberty)

World Peace starts from Peace at Home and in Our Hearts.  Inner Peace is the greatest gift of all.

Have a wonderful day everyone, be happy.

Blessings, Oyashikiri

photography – Q                smilePencil

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