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missing – 1 gym bag

PL Principle # 6    I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.

gym bag IMG_0915


For weeks even months I have talked of getting back to the gym.  Always there was a reason why I just couldn’t get there. Now with the sun shining into my office, and a day facing me with my feeling blah and ho hum, I thought, I’ll go to the gym after my morning meditations etc.  The Virgo/goat that I am, I wanted to organize.  Couldn’t find my gym bag, I looked and just couldn’t find it.  Husband to the rescue, he came and looked with me, wandered down the hall and came back, “its in your office, you can’t miss it”

PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

“How did it get in there, that isn’t where I usually keep it?” said I with a bit of the morning

surliness.  Wise husband, quietly says he doesn’t know and returns to his morning activities.

PL Principle #10  I will live in true harmony with my spouse.

I come into my office and there it is sitting in the corner waiting to be found again.

PL Principle # 2        I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather.  Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

punching bag

Are you  someone who goes to a gym…. have you ever considered working out with a punching bag.  The jabbing, kicking and punching gives an immensely powerful take no prisoners feeling, and it also helps with weight loss, co-ordination and strengthening.   Great for sharpening reflexes too.  Find someone to show you the how to’s though before you jump in.

PL Precept 19.  Begin once you Perceive.

Have a great day, thanks for sharing this moment with me… you’ve helped me get going today… thank you, thank you, thank you!

PL Precept # 21. Live in Perfect Liberty…..

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


# NB – In the Pl Church we live by 21 Precepts and 21 Principles.


* gym bag – Q

** woman.thenest.com



Good Evening everyone!

What is it about the human race that we are always trying to be something other than what we are. When we are young we want to be older, when we are aging we look to doing things that will help regain youth and vitality.  We are either too thin, our thighs too heavy, or one I hear the most, “I need to lose weight”.


Winter is coming, already we are hearing the groaning and moaning, and it really hasn’t even started.  How many winters have you lived?  If you are in a part of the world where it will be summer, then you too will be entering a new season.  What are you plans for the coming season?  Same old habits, nesting? catching up on your reading?  The telly is already starting its many many adverts for the holidays, first the “what to buy”, then the where to eat, or what to eat. and then once the parties really begin, and the festive season is really on a roll, we will be bombarded with the programs, and adverts on weight control, proper eating, and the ever popular-digs at your ability to keep new year’s resolutions.


This is a picture of London, England during the month of December.  Just looking at the picture I can feel the bustling activity of shoppers and feel the holiday “mood” or ambiance the shop keepers and city planners  have injected into the atmosphere.  On the other hand when I look at the picture taken in Montana on a snowy day, of a group out for a sleigh ride, I relax and feel and deeper connection to the “spirit” of Xmas, rather than the “marketing buzz” that the industry of peddlers has tried to wrap us in.


Turn off or cut back on what makes this time of year an unhappy one.  Find a new way to reach middle ground.  We tend to think that we “have” to do the same things every year, “because”.  We don’t.  We have choices.  Yes, really…….. Put your full heart into making a change, you will be rewarded.



Namaste – Oyashikiri






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Dentro das regras, viva livremente

Express yourself freely, within the rules.


There are many ways to express ourselves, workout, find ways to keep in shape, not only in body but in spirit.  It was when I joined a gym that I got to really work with a punching bag.  Until that time I had only tried cardio kick boxing, where you bounce and jab into the air etc.  Then one day I found myself alone in the lower gym where the boxing classes were held.  No one was around so I tentatively  put on a pair of gloves and walked over to the punching bag.  I could only mimic what I had seen others doing, I made sure no one was around to see me (so conscious was I on looking foolish) before I took a punch at the bag.  It was a soft punch, but it felt good.  I liked the feeling of skipping back and forth and taking aim, then landing a punch.  I maybe played around with it for 2, 3 minutes, it was invigorating.  In those few minutes I had bumped up my heart rate and felt that I should come back and check out a class.  I did go back and what I saw the participants doing was a steady grinding workout, not just having fun doing what I had done, they were working out, warming up all the muscles, push ups, core work, it was total focus on whole body training.


I told myself I’d have to think about it some more and returned to my old reliable treadmill. Still to do on my bucket list is to go back and have another go round in the gym with the punching bag.  You asking yourself what does exercise have to do with self expression?  In my humble opinion it has a lot to do with how we process thought and keeping physically active/healthy. 20 years ago I might have been more pro-active in attending a boxing class.  Now in my “senior” years, I tend to see my body in a different way, I want it to be strong, flexible, and healthy, but I recognize that it has limitations.  Often it is the voice inside my head.


See what this gal is doing, this looks like fun to me.  This I would like to try.  I would also like to try the exercise where they run through tires that are laid out on the ground.  Mind you in slow motion.  When I do exercise, I feel that I am expressing a part of me that wants out, an energy that wants to be released.  Whether running backwards around the gym, or doing karate kicks while I do upper body punches, I’m  being active, I’m letting my body work out the kinks from spending hours at a PC.  The dialogue is with me, myself and I.


When we learn to express ourselves freely and vivaciously, we feel better about ourselves, and we radiate an inner calm that benefits not only ourselves, but all around us.


Namaste  – Oyshikiri

photo sources – sheknows.com, buzzfeed.com.wormenshealthmag.com, acelebrationofwomen.org

what new to you, can do for you

bridge,hanging,west coast trail  by stodmyk on Flickr

Many years ago now, I crossed such a bridge. I didn’t bravely just walk across, I went through a bout of  “OMG I can’t do this, NO. no, no.. you can, but I won’t”  Eventually of course, I did go across and it was an exhilarating experience.  Having accomplished that bit of adventure, when I was asked to go salmon fishing an a fishing boat on the Pacific, my negativity was less emphatic, however, I did tell everyone that I do suffer from motion sickness, no problem I was told….  so on board we climbed and off we went.  All went well for the first while, but when we got further from land, and the water got really choppy, you guessed it… I was hanging on for dear life, and as green as fresh young asparagus coming out of the ground.  No matter how I tried to ride it out, it just wasn’t happening, we had to return to shore.  I share this with you because not all our adventures end on a happy note.  All we can do is give it our best.  I tried.

This brings me to more recent events.  After a very long winter of inactivity, I realized that my body, that once was active, and an almost daily visitor to the gym, had become a stay at home,, do nothing much physical blah.  I am not exaggerating, I really let myself go, don’t ask, it seemed right at the time I made the decisions to cut back at the gym, and then stop altogether.   When I looked in the mirror I saw from my shoulders up, hey when its cold outside and you don’t go out much, you walk around in very comfortable clothes. Then one day my friend said let’s go for a walk.  Sure I thought, no problem.  I’m a walker, last summer I would walk miles without batting an eyelash or breaking a sweat.  Off we went on our walk.  Surprise, we made it around  a couple of blocks, and I was ready to call it quits.  Shock and dismay was the order of the day!  My mind did not want to accept what my body was saying.  Me, dance all night, walk for miles, climb trails and hike, me!!!! could it really be.   Hmmmm look in the mirror again, wow, I’ve aged….. my body is no longer in its mid 30’s early 40’s I no longer have extra energy to burn, I’ve been lazy, and my body has relaxed and gotten S L A C K….  “you reap what you sow”.    Time to make changes.

exercise 1

That day was the start of a new “attitude” on my part.  No. not new to me, but I had to revisit and bring it back into the “now”.  It is like I used to listen to music all the time, and somewhere along the way, I stopped.  Then a friend played a song by Macy Gray and something inside said, “hello”.. I found the 2nd hand  CD  “On How Life Is”,  at  a Sally Ann,  it is new to me, and I’m once more listening to music.  My body is having to relearn activity, rebuild my core strength so I can walk and not get tired.  Fortunately I have a good friend who is a great walking coach and buddy, just knowing she is there for me when  I need her, helps big time….  All this to say, I’m back to the gym, I’ve got myself a Personal Trainer, so from time to time, I might not get my blog done on time, but I will surface, be patient with me please while I find my new “RHYTHM”


It is not the same bridge, but its the same kind of challenge, I’m heading towards another adventure….  Cycles of life repeat themselves, only in different formats.     Have a great day everyone!  Smile!!!    Oyashikiri


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Good Morning everyone… 7.6.13

How is your day so far?  This week I got to sit down and actually read an article that I had put aside to read when I wouldn’t be disturbed.  I wanted to read about the elderly in Okinawa Japan. It seems that the villagers in a sleepy northern part of Okinawa, appear to live longer, and healthier. There is even a song that says that 50 and 60 year olds are babies, and people in their 70 and 80’s are adults.  It is only after turning into your 90’s that you begin to bloom.  In the Ogimi village, (pop 3308) they claim to having the highest longevity record in the world.  A super elder is someone over 100  =^_^=

The longest centenarian study (36 years) has involved Dr. Makoto Suzuki  who is the principal researcher behind the Okinawa Centenarian Study.  In 1994  he was joined by Drs. Craig and Bradley Willcox (Calgary born).  Their findings have been published and thanks in part to Oprah Winfrey, it became a bit of a bestseller.

How the World’s Longest Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health – and How you can too (2001).  The study was funded by the Japan Ministry of Health.  they looked at the total health of the “seniors”  – physical, mental and spiritual.  Dr Suzuki explained that part of the good spiritual health came from the island way of thinking called nankuru naisa, meaning don’t worry, be happy.. note.. these people lived through relentless bombardments during the war and years of poverty in the aftermath.  In PL, every day is a new day,  a new beginning, the 21 Principles help us achieve an Artistic Life.

Another factor in the islander’s longevity, is waking each day with Ikigai (a reason to get out of bed)  In PL, we do our best to live each moment to the fullest, PL Precept #18 – Each Moment is a  Turning Point  ………….  PL # 14  Peace is everything  

Let’s not forget, diet and exercise. How food is cooked is as relevant as the foods themselves. Having purpose in all we do ( life ) is so important   The philosophy and concept of what I was reading smacked of how as a Taoist I try to live everyday, and as a practitioner of PL (Perfect Liberty)  I am encouraged and supported in my daily devotions to live in a manner that will promote world peace.  Grand thinking, no not really, if we, each and every one of us, practice living with love in our hearts and continue to reach out and pray for others and peace,  one by one our loving hearts will link, through Shingei (sharing our PL faith with others) the loving energy of world peace will grow.

When we look beyond ourselves, towards world Peace, our lives will be more fulfilling. We will have joy in self expression, living our lives to the fullest, will give us longevity. Happiness is such a wonderful state of BEing.    Blessings all!

July 5 for 6a_003

The article that so inspired this piece was written by Annarosa Sabbadini ( published in Doctor”s Review March 2013 )

virtual art from SL (Second Life)

Happiness is a state of mind – BE happy everyone….

up all night

Here I thought I would be fast asleep, instead I find my thoughts drifting into one “play area” after another. Later this morning we will leave for our road trip to Montana, crossing States I’ve never been in before.  It is exciting.  the prospect of new geography, towns,cities, lakes, has me anticipating.  To prepare for the time away, I found myself focused on writing my fashion blogs and motoring along in a very goal oriented way.reminiscent of the days I worked full time. Now when I should be off in dreamland, my mind is not wanting to shut down.

Also my body is grumbling.  I’ve not been to the gym now in some time.   I notice the difference the lack of daily exercise is having on my body.  I feel sluggish, and less “tuned in”.  Eating habits change too, because the routine has changed.  Add to that I’ve discovered the white chocolate frappe coffee drink at Starbuck.. not a coffee drinker, I certainly soak this beverage up, loving the whipped cream that tops it.

How is it, that the body wants to sleep, the mind is tired and wants to comply, but some part of the brain simply does not want to go along, it is out of step wanting instead to be heard.  then when I try to listen, it doesn’t make itself understood, instead it has the rest of my components yawning, and dragging waiting for it to get with the program.

I’m almost (I hope) over half way in the last book of 50 shades of Grey.  Debating on whether or not to take it with me to finish or leave it behind.  It has me wanting to read a John Norman book on Gor.  Much like after eating something with a very sweet taste to it, you need to clean your pallet with something totally different.  If you are wanting something different to read, and you’ve not ready John Norman, you might want to try his first book, Tarnsman of Gor.  (1966) it is best to start with the first book in the series so that you start out on the journey right a the beginning.

I am a woman with very strong convictions, I believe and support women’s rights etc etc.. my first reaction to the sub culture that this author’s books have inspired was very negative.  A friend challenged me to read the book the way the author wrote it, before making anymore of my “comments”  She sent me an e-version of the first book.  I was hooked and wanted to read the book.  I had prior to reading it, thought I would read it, find it trash, and support my dislike for what it spawned (Gorean societies)  Before I started on Shades of Grey, I had read the 1st 5 in the series.

If anyone else out there has read or is reading John Norman (look him up on Google) please, share your thoughts with me.  

Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of me dressed for my holiday.. from my last blog


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