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a dream moment

Dreams do come true.  Yes they really really do.  For years I have read about, and seen at a distance vintage bikes, I’ve hollered stop as we drive down a highway when I see an old abandoned, car, truck or jeep…if its been restored, it gets captured (picture taken) for my personal gallery.

IMG_20151014_170141167Was I dreaming.. no… look a 1950 Buick super Riviera 56r design by the great Harley Earl head of General Motors industrial design. (info provided by Mark Hill)  You know I was out of the truck and heading for it with my cell ready to grab a picture or two.

IMG_20151014_170043403_TOP IMG_20151014_170057049

Look at the wheels, the generous use of chrome… Mark has not re touched it, the paint, everything is as it was when he got it.  It was living in Canada for a while, but like a good pedigree dog, when the  new owner had to part with it, it came back home to Mark.


While I was busy being totally enthralled by this charmer, a woman drove up who just happened to be Mark’s Mother, while we chatted, she told me that Mark’s main love was old vintage bikes, i.e Indians.  Well this little China doll went into instant heart flutters.  It was like the adrenalin went into overdrive.

IMG_20151014_170514630  IMG_20151014_170305514_HDR IMG_20151014_170621961IMG_20151014_170723100

Ladies and Gents, I have to tell you nothing could have  made me “thrill” as much as being in a working machine shop, the vacuums the polisher, that smell of oils, grease, and waxes used  when working the metal,  All my senses were activated I just drank in the surroundings,  I arrived at a quiet time, there was that happy silence that fills the garage when the machines aren’t working, dust is settling, and the mechanics are taking a break.  I was in my own personal heaven.

Bikes are shipped from all over the world to be worked on by this man, in this shop.  All the bikes are lovingly cared for and maintained by their owners.. they want the best for their treasures..  Thus the reason they get sent to Mark.


Dreams do come true, when you least expect them to.  I saw this beauty and I wanted more. I followed my heart’s whispered (ok shout out) plea….. and stopped to take a closer look…  what I found by listening to the inner voice was “magic”     My adventure continued when I took the next step,  I knocked and opened  an unknown closed-door and found myself in a wonderland.

Ok not everyone shares my passion for vintage vehicles, but you get the message .. it is important to listen to your inner voice, and 2, open doors, step outside the box, you never know who you will meet, or what you will find.

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

special thanks to Mark’s Mother and his friends for making my visit a special one. The dog was a beauty too!  Unfortunately it just couldn’t compete with the machines and metal.


We actually saw  people enjoying the water on a lake that we have passed many many times.  That was different, and so nice to see.  So often ball parks, manicured lawns, playgrounds are void of human laughter and activity.


We were headed to visit a friend we hadn’t seen in a number of years,  She lives on a lake that is basically on private land, to get there one must travel a private road for miles.  The kind of road where you see signs, telling you that it is private, and you travel it at your own risk.  In other words it is maintained only by the people who own the land surrounding this lake.


It is isolated in a way, from inside her log and wood constructed home, when one looks out, one sees only the natural vegetation of the area.  The trees on one side of the house are  just an arms length away from the outside screened in porch .. where safely inside if you are very quiet, you can hear and see some of the daily activities of the creatures who call the wild area, their home.  If you berry pick you do so knowing that a bear can be not that far away picking just like you.

The sun had been out, but on our arrival, thunder rolled across the sky, it seemed we were under a bowling alley, it was that close. From the shelter of the roof that covers the wide porch where we had parked, one can sit and just enjoy the storm as it passes by. Her son built her home, it is not a “cottage’ in the woods, it is a lovely big home, that can fit her extended family when they cone to visit  It has a quiet charm, There is a television and with her two grandchildren spending summer with her, I was surprised ro learn there is now a computer in the house.  There never had been before. I smiled when she thought for a moment, and said, “but I don’t think its working, besides the children are so busy being outdoors, i don’t see them on it”  We are speaking of  teenagers!


I have not used pictures from our trip, but very close examples of the ambiance we got to enjoy .. and appreciate for the time we were there.  Unfortunately, we city folks were on a schedule of sorts, and had to move along.  What I wanted to share was that.. so often I think that I am in a quiet place. AND…. in my reality I am, BUT yes (winks) there is always a but,  what I found yesterday was that to really and truly enjoy the laid back environment I was in, I would need time to unwind.


When visiting I usually sit with my back to the kitchen, facing out at the lake,  On nights where we have lingered after a meal, I have always been lulled by the quiet and total darkness that envelopes the home.

When staying with my friend, its an early night and an early day to a start to a day of fresh air and leisurely walks to scout out the new growth in the woods, or to admire her gardens that she loves to sprinkle in the cultivated areas on her property.

The last couple of years, she  tells us that it is difficult to go into the wooded areas without being protected from head to toe because of ticks.

We were sorry to take our leave, but we did have a long journey back to the city.    On the way we were going to stop in Kingston, interesting for me, that I was looking forward to some signs of a city, I wanted an iced coffee!  Shame on me I know, but there you have it… as much as I enjoyed the hours of bliss in small towns, and the wonderful vistas of farm lands cottages, and lakes………………………..I wanted a Tim Horton*!


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

*for non Canadians, Tim Horton’s is a coffee/donut chain

pics – Pinterest


A rose to start your day

A rose to start your day

Another day of adventure and fun.
I’ve read two really good posts this morning.
The other one I retweeted and will be on my Twitter page.
@ Qyhat ( for Qyhat Harbour)  or  http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130722211438-2484700-top-12-signs-you-re-dealing-with-trolls

Today is Tuesday, YAY, two more days and I leave for Japan. How cool is that!

This wonderful close up of a rose was taken by a very talented friend “down under” Shirley Keen, thanks Shirley!

Now dear reader, smile with me,
take a deep breath in, and anticipate the wonderful day
that lies in wait for you to discover.  Enjoy!

ps thanks to everyone who took time to try to find the name of that mushroom, see http://kenneturner.com/author/kenneturner/

Blessings All!

up all night

Here I thought I would be fast asleep, instead I find my thoughts drifting into one “play area” after another. Later this morning we will leave for our road trip to Montana, crossing States I’ve never been in before.  It is exciting.  the prospect of new geography, towns,cities, lakes, has me anticipating.  To prepare for the time away, I found myself focused on writing my fashion blogs and motoring along in a very goal oriented way.reminiscent of the days I worked full time. Now when I should be off in dreamland, my mind is not wanting to shut down.

Also my body is grumbling.  I’ve not been to the gym now in some time.   I notice the difference the lack of daily exercise is having on my body.  I feel sluggish, and less “tuned in”.  Eating habits change too, because the routine has changed.  Add to that I’ve discovered the white chocolate frappe coffee drink at Starbuck.. not a coffee drinker, I certainly soak this beverage up, loving the whipped cream that tops it.

How is it, that the body wants to sleep, the mind is tired and wants to comply, but some part of the brain simply does not want to go along, it is out of step wanting instead to be heard.  then when I try to listen, it doesn’t make itself understood, instead it has the rest of my components yawning, and dragging waiting for it to get with the program.

I’m almost (I hope) over half way in the last book of 50 shades of Grey.  Debating on whether or not to take it with me to finish or leave it behind.  It has me wanting to read a John Norman book on Gor.  Much like after eating something with a very sweet taste to it, you need to clean your pallet with something totally different.  If you are wanting something different to read, and you’ve not ready John Norman, you might want to try his first book, Tarnsman of Gor.  (1966) it is best to start with the first book in the series so that you start out on the journey right a the beginning.

I am a woman with very strong convictions, I believe and support women’s rights etc etc.. my first reaction to the sub culture that this author’s books have inspired was very negative.  A friend challenged me to read the book the way the author wrote it, before making anymore of my “comments”  She sent me an e-version of the first book.  I was hooked and wanted to read the book.  I had prior to reading it, thought I would read it, find it trash, and support my dislike for what it spawned (Gorean societies)  Before I started on Shades of Grey, I had read the 1st 5 in the series.

If anyone else out there has read or is reading John Norman (look him up on Google) please, share your thoughts with me.  

Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of me dressed for my holiday.. from my last blog


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