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up all night

Here I thought I would be fast asleep, instead I find my thoughts drifting into one “play area” after another. Later this morning we will leave for our road trip to Montana, crossing States I’ve never been in before.  It is exciting.  the prospect of new geography, towns,cities, lakes, has me anticipating.  To prepare for the time away, I found myself focused on writing my fashion blogs and motoring along in a very goal oriented way.reminiscent of the days I worked full time. Now when I should be off in dreamland, my mind is not wanting to shut down.

Also my body is grumbling.  I’ve not been to the gym now in some time.   I notice the difference the lack of daily exercise is having on my body.  I feel sluggish, and less “tuned in”.  Eating habits change too, because the routine has changed.  Add to that I’ve discovered the white chocolate frappe coffee drink at Starbuck.. not a coffee drinker, I certainly soak this beverage up, loving the whipped cream that tops it.

How is it, that the body wants to sleep, the mind is tired and wants to comply, but some part of the brain simply does not want to go along, it is out of step wanting instead to be heard.  then when I try to listen, it doesn’t make itself understood, instead it has the rest of my components yawning, and dragging waiting for it to get with the program.

I’m almost (I hope) over half way in the last book of 50 shades of Grey.  Debating on whether or not to take it with me to finish or leave it behind.  It has me wanting to read a John Norman book on Gor.  Much like after eating something with a very sweet taste to it, you need to clean your pallet with something totally different.  If you are wanting something different to read, and you’ve not ready John Norman, you might want to try his first book, Tarnsman of Gor.  (1966) it is best to start with the first book in the series so that you start out on the journey right a the beginning.

I am a woman with very strong convictions, I believe and support women’s rights etc etc.. my first reaction to the sub culture that this author’s books have inspired was very negative.  A friend challenged me to read the book the way the author wrote it, before making anymore of my “comments”  She sent me an e-version of the first book.  I was hooked and wanted to read the book.  I had prior to reading it, thought I would read it, find it trash, and support my dislike for what it spawned (Gorean societies)  Before I started on Shades of Grey, I had read the 1st 5 in the series.

If anyone else out there has read or is reading John Norman (look him up on Google) please, share your thoughts with me.  

Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of me dressed for my holiday.. from my last blog


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