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missing – 1 gym bag

PL Principle # 6    I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.

gym bag IMG_0915


For weeks even months I have talked of getting back to the gym.  Always there was a reason why I just couldn’t get there. Now with the sun shining into my office, and a day facing me with my feeling blah and ho hum, I thought, I’ll go to the gym after my morning meditations etc.  The Virgo/goat that I am, I wanted to organize.  Couldn’t find my gym bag, I looked and just couldn’t find it.  Husband to the rescue, he came and looked with me, wandered down the hall and came back, “its in your office, you can’t miss it”

PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

“How did it get in there, that isn’t where I usually keep it?” said I with a bit of the morning

surliness.  Wise husband, quietly says he doesn’t know and returns to his morning activities.

PL Principle #10  I will live in true harmony with my spouse.

I come into my office and there it is sitting in the corner waiting to be found again.

PL Principle # 2        I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather.  Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

punching bag

Are you  someone who goes to a gym…. have you ever considered working out with a punching bag.  The jabbing, kicking and punching gives an immensely powerful take no prisoners feeling, and it also helps with weight loss, co-ordination and strengthening.   Great for sharpening reflexes too.  Find someone to show you the how to’s though before you jump in.

PL Precept 19.  Begin once you Perceive.

Have a great day, thanks for sharing this moment with me… you’ve helped me get going today… thank you, thank you, thank you!

PL Precept # 21. Live in Perfect Liberty…..

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


# NB – In the Pl Church we live by 21 Precepts and 21 Principles.


* gym bag – Q

** woman.thenest.com

Comments on: "missing – 1 gym bag" (3)

  1. Great PL sharing Q, thank,you
    Christianne PL Ottawa church member

  2. Only here to help and not to judge, but my perception is that you’ve not developed a compelling reason for going to the gym. Why are you really interested in being there? Just to “get in shape?” If that’s the case, I hate to inform you, but you’re setting yourself for failure – which you’ve already experienced from months of not going. As is the case in all endeavors, will power alone is never enough to make a truly lasting life change.

    Instead, you need a compelling reason – maybe you have health issues that have provided a warning that your lifestyle is unhealthy. Or maybe you have children who’s weddings you want to be alive and active enough to attend. Maybe there’s a dress you want to wear again. Whatever it is, you need to work toward a goal with a clear end game – a vision of who you will be and the satisfaction/joy it will provide you when you reach your goal – instead of relying on will power to push you away from the pain of a current lifestyle you want to change.

    Also, circumstances will always negatively impact your efforts to make a lasting change. Circumstances – the “reasons” you talk about for not going to the gym – are nothing more than excuses. There will always be something else that’s more comfortable to you, because as humans we seek the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, making changes that we know will provide immense positive impacts on our lives are never easy. If they were, we wouldn’t need to set goals in the first place.

    Lastly, find a mentor or partner who will join you in this goal. A mentor is someone who’s already been in your shoes and successfully achieved the goal you’re seeking. They can tell you what worked and what didn’t work for them, allowing you to avoid making the same mistakes and achieving your objective quicker.

    Your husband can be your partner each day in this goal, giving both of you someone to motivate when either wants to quit.

    I hope you take this information at face value instead of negatively. Sometimes the best advice isn’t always the easiest to hear.

    Best of luck to you.

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