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boxing day

It is December 25,

 there is not a car on the lot,

a rare time indeed

you have all the parking space

you could want


oh dear,

what did I just spot

coloured signs adorn every window

on the lot


enjoy the quiet and tranquility today

Buddha babe

cuz tomorrow you won’t stand a chance

these lots will be crammed

with shoppers galore

each scrambling

to get through your doors


You will wake with a start

when on Dec. 26th

the doors will open

and the bargain hunters

charge with determination

through your doors

unto the sales floor

Boxing Day will have arrived.capture-snowflake

To all the brave ones

who headed out today

safe journey, play fair

and most of all

be patient at the cash

LOL you will have a long wait

before your prize

is truly claimed

ahhh but what the hay

it is all about Boxing Day, Ay!


Stir Fry Saturday


Yup.. shopping for supplies I will need for my February, and spring cards.  Time to think ahead.  On my list of places to go was a big art supply store in a major shopping mall.  I did not get there early, so…………. I was there at a time when the parking lot was wall to wall vehicles and shoppers were in possibly every walking space in the halls between the stores.

This is only November.  Imagine in the States where they still have Thanksgiving to go, before they are hit with the Xmas shopping  frenzy.  All around me I heard people talking about their lists, and how far they had gotten, and what was left to look for.


Penguins are big this year. I know the above is a Puffin, he’s a cutie, thought I’d give him some “press” =^_^=   So many of the clothing stores, had some kind of sweater with a penguin on it.  You will get to see a lot of them if you are out looking around.  The other   thing being marketed is the Ugly Sweater… These are new .. is the whole idea of the “ugly sweater” not to come up with a vintage one from days gone by???  Anybody?


Just so you know, this is what is coming, or so we are being told.  In preparation for such an event, I have begun to stock up, for days of “nesting”  Which brings me back to my card making. =^_^=   How well are you prepared for the next couple of months.  If you are in a climate with 4 seasons, and winter is ahead, do you have your snow tires yet?  Are they on the car/truck?

While I made my way from one shopping location to another, via the highways, (stayed away from the downtown area, Santa was having his parade today) I mumbled to myself that it was time, I took week-ends off from going out and about.  from now on, it will only get busier.

PL Precept # 17    Grasp what is most Essential

PL Precept  # 19   Begin Once you Perceive

I got a lot done, and best of all, I had a lot of time when waiting at lights, and traffic slow downs to think about how much I will enjoy my extra hours of “nesting” once my chores are done.

PL Precept # 7   Everything exists in Relativity.



YOU are special..

YOU are loved

Share the smile


if the shoe fits


Like what is that!  That is a picture of my fossil purse, (texture)  I bought this one a couple of years ago while wandering downtown in a high-end shopping outlet that draws  tourists.  It was a purchase that I made in one of my “gotta have” moments.  No real reason or rhyme, I just really  took to the bag.  It wasn’t even a style that went with “my lifestyle” or manner of dress.  I just liked it.. it was one of the moments where you see something and .. you don’t think of the price, or what you’ll do with, how you’ll incorporate into your wardrobe.. you just buy it and bring it home.


These are pictures of clocks I found but resisted.  I stood there and considered them, appreciated them, but didn’t get to the stage where I REALLY wanted them.. so I took their pictures instead.


Now what does that tell you, have I changed my shopping M.O.  noooo, just found an easier way to enjoy some of the treasures I find, and not end up with a lot of clutter, “just because”


I also discovered Jo-Annes, I knew the one store, but had not experienced the store in a bigger city centre… had a great time.. here I did come out with a rather full bag of goodies. The fact that I was unable to use my  lap top for most of my time away, contributed a lot to the items I was gathering since they are tools of the trade, that fuel my creativity in a manner that will bring in extra pennies. =^_^=


I found these interesting, who and how can anyone wear such high heels.  Gone are those days for me, I did find the decoration down the back of the heel fun, so they made the photo capture, and so did this little doll.   cute as a button, but certainly not something i was going to come home with.


Now this cheerful little fellow, he was cute too.  Since I have a friend who delights in rooting for the Flyers, I only thought it fitting to perhaps, send some Penguin cheer his way, for those of you reading this, Flyers and Penguins are hockey teams.  I think the Penguins are doing well???  obiously they are a happy lot. IMG_1255

I can see all my friends out there, chuckling over my time away with that knowing.. there she goes again, shopping… Ha.. on you.  I wasn’t shopping I was on a photo excursion.  Let me look, I’ll show you a picture that had nothing to do with being in a treasure shop.


This was a charming church we found on our way from Syracuse to Watertown, It appealed to me enough that we circled around and parked so I could catch it for you.  You were on my mind all the time.. always, I was looking for subjects that could or might interest you. (really)  nooo you did not see the sign on the ground, besides the shop was closed.



Really we had a great time and weather, except for when we tried to see the falls, in Niagara Falls, both Canadian side and American,  There we encountered rain mist,fog,clouds,etc. so thick that we saw absolutely nothing of the falls themselves.


.. I missed reading your posts, following along on your adventures, discovering new far away places, that those of you who are travelling keep us  waiting for the next chapter and verse with delightful captures. I obviously have more pictures, but there is lots of time ahead.  For now just wanted to say I’m back.  Oh and quickly, I discovered on the Canadian side, another one of those designer outlet malls, and… err… I now own another purse like the one I started this blog with.. only in blue.  I was over the moon.. really.. Canadian funds even!!!!


Can a Puffin count for a penguin?


The only vintage cars I found this time, were models, good ones, but not good enough to bring back with me.


I have totally left the building, when I find myself again, I’ll be back..

Meanwhile..  Happy Monday everyone!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PS I am unable at this time to find another file of pictures.. you have been spared.

Smile and be happy !



Good Evening everyone!

What is it about the human race that we are always trying to be something other than what we are. When we are young we want to be older, when we are aging we look to doing things that will help regain youth and vitality.  We are either too thin, our thighs too heavy, or one I hear the most, “I need to lose weight”.


Winter is coming, already we are hearing the groaning and moaning, and it really hasn’t even started.  How many winters have you lived?  If you are in a part of the world where it will be summer, then you too will be entering a new season.  What are you plans for the coming season?  Same old habits, nesting? catching up on your reading?  The telly is already starting its many many adverts for the holidays, first the “what to buy”, then the where to eat, or what to eat. and then once the parties really begin, and the festive season is really on a roll, we will be bombarded with the programs, and adverts on weight control, proper eating, and the ever popular-digs at your ability to keep new year’s resolutions.


This is a picture of London, England during the month of December.  Just looking at the picture I can feel the bustling activity of shoppers and feel the holiday “mood” or ambiance the shop keepers and city planners  have injected into the atmosphere.  On the other hand when I look at the picture taken in Montana on a snowy day, of a group out for a sleigh ride, I relax and feel and deeper connection to the “spirit” of Xmas, rather than the “marketing buzz” that the industry of peddlers has tried to wrap us in.


Turn off or cut back on what makes this time of year an unhappy one.  Find a new way to reach middle ground.  We tend to think that we “have” to do the same things every year, “because”.  We don’t.  We have choices.  Yes, really…….. Put your full heart into making a change, you will be rewarded.



Namaste – Oyashikiri






* sunset.com – Big Sky Montana

** londonhotels4u.com

*** reasontobelieve.com



Money and “things”

This is one of the seasons where it seems a lot of money is either being spent, or credit is being used. We all know that when we use credit, the debt is one more thing added to the financial stress we carry most of the year.  Many do it anyway.  It is very hard to resist all the marketing and highly paid for advertisements that bombard us from all directions.  If you live in an urban area, and visit any shopping center or mall, you are blinded by colourful lights and beckoning elves and snowmen.  I must get a zillion sale notices starting in  November about just what I need added to my already cluttered life if I am to enjoy a good “Christmas”

The truth is,  we don’t need anything from a retail store to make us happy.  Happiness is a state of mind.  Happiness that is acquired through a purchase soon losses its luster and appeal.  That electronic must have soon is replaced by something fancier and more sophisticated. The dress or outfit once worn a few times is no longer to be seen in.

The Value of Money and Things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them. (PL teaching)  Money and things are materials for your self-expression. Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society. (Church of Perfect Liberty)

World Peace starts from Peace at Home and in Our Hearts.  Inner Peace is the greatest gift of all.

Have a wonderful day everyone, be happy.

Blessings, Oyashikiri

photography – Q                smilePencil

Having a good day and loving it

OK, what does that mean,  It means just what I said, I had a great day and I loved every minute of it. I got some work in, some play, I spent time with a friend, tried a new recipe, Potato and chick pea balls, seasoned with garlic (forgot the ginger) diced onion, cheese,celery, I used eggs and bread crumbs to hold them together.  Baked for about 45 minutes till they were golden brown.. Delicious.

Now the fun part, as you know I’ve been going back into SL, Q (Qyhat Harbour) has a shop in SL, actually 2 shops,  She has been working at getting the shops ready for the Holidays.  I saw a teddy bear that really took my fancy, and thought I’d like to have it in my condo (a touch of home) on a space over the Tiny Outpost that I share with Q.  This got me thinking that other people like bears, so I decided to build a bear for the Emporium. Productive


Got  a new hairdo – isn’t it fabulous.. changed my eye colour to a blue to go with my new dress.  I also got leg warmers, Shopping,   A new friend gave me a gift   =^_^=   I made the time to go through a large chunk of my landmarks, getting rid of all the outdated ones, Organized  I actually worked on the small holiday gift cards that I will need in the next week or so, International mail has to be ready to mail out by end of the month, first week in December if you want your greeting to get to friends in time.  I even found time to go dancing at a club where another new friend works.. She was however not working this evening. Still it was a good time


The dancing in the club gave me the incentive to go to the Animation shop and purchase my own dance moves. –More shopping =^_^=

You know one of the PL lessons is to keep in mind that people grow by being praised and applauded by others, this is true, however, I think it is very important that we recognize our own merit as well.  That we recognize our accomplishments and celebrate them.

God knows no strangers.  God Loves us all… The poor, the rich, the great, the small… God is a Friend who is always there….To share our troubles and lessen our care…. No one is a stranger in God’s sight….For God is love and in God’s light,, may we, too, try in our  small way, to make new friends from day to day  Helen Steiner Rice Foundation.

Now it is off to bed I go, to dream of great memories I made today.  Tomorrow will be a brand new day…

Blessings everyone.. I hold you all in my prayers! Now and always.

photos – by Q        link to SL (Second Life)      www.secondlife.com

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