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for the love of shoes!

Shoes from China, to fit a Tonner 16″ doll.  Finally a shoe collection I don’t have to wear. simply enjoy.  It takes almost a month for them to get here from China, but well worth the wait.

Patience is one of the virtues, that I am continually working on. =^_^=

Happiness is!!!!

I know I am not alone in my “enjoyment” of shoes.  These are manageable, and I don’t have to wear them….

PL Precept # 7   Everything exists in Relativity..

Offer me a decadent dessert, or a pair of shoes……….. the shoes will win…

See no calories.! =^_^=

Enjoy a leisurely Saturday, have fun, and remember to share that winning smile !!!

Happiness is for every one!!


Chop Suey Monday

Halloween @electronic arts 2015

A little of this and a little of that.

First this is a link to more information on the horticultural show MosaiCanada 150 /Gatineau 2017

biggest horticultural event in Canada

MosaiCanada 150 web site

Happiness is>

bra display

Knowing I never have to consider spending money on something so restrictive.

shoe display

Shoes, and more shoes, I was able to walk away, comfortable as they are, I said “No thank you” and walked away.

white flowers walk 7.31

Finding these crisp white little flowers on my walk today.  They popped up at me, happy as can be… I smiled.. stopped and captured the moment.

Yes, it was a good day. My Morning walk, was refreshing, the hot sun and high humidity didn’t hit till after the noon hour,

How about you?  Have a good day?

Happiness is –

sharing with you.




top picture, taken by Darren Su

the other’s are mine.

if the shoe fits


Like what is that!  That is a picture of my fossil purse, (texture)  I bought this one a couple of years ago while wandering downtown in a high-end shopping outlet that draws  tourists.  It was a purchase that I made in one of my “gotta have” moments.  No real reason or rhyme, I just really  took to the bag.  It wasn’t even a style that went with “my lifestyle” or manner of dress.  I just liked it.. it was one of the moments where you see something and .. you don’t think of the price, or what you’ll do with, how you’ll incorporate into your wardrobe.. you just buy it and bring it home.


These are pictures of clocks I found but resisted.  I stood there and considered them, appreciated them, but didn’t get to the stage where I REALLY wanted them.. so I took their pictures instead.


Now what does that tell you, have I changed my shopping M.O.  noooo, just found an easier way to enjoy some of the treasures I find, and not end up with a lot of clutter, “just because”


I also discovered Jo-Annes, I knew the one store, but had not experienced the store in a bigger city centre… had a great time.. here I did come out with a rather full bag of goodies. The fact that I was unable to use my  lap top for most of my time away, contributed a lot to the items I was gathering since they are tools of the trade, that fuel my creativity in a manner that will bring in extra pennies. =^_^=


I found these interesting, who and how can anyone wear such high heels.  Gone are those days for me, I did find the decoration down the back of the heel fun, so they made the photo capture, and so did this little doll.   cute as a button, but certainly not something i was going to come home with.


Now this cheerful little fellow, he was cute too.  Since I have a friend who delights in rooting for the Flyers, I only thought it fitting to perhaps, send some Penguin cheer his way, for those of you reading this, Flyers and Penguins are hockey teams.  I think the Penguins are doing well???  obiously they are a happy lot. IMG_1255

I can see all my friends out there, chuckling over my time away with that knowing.. there she goes again, shopping… Ha.. on you.  I wasn’t shopping I was on a photo excursion.  Let me look, I’ll show you a picture that had nothing to do with being in a treasure shop.


This was a charming church we found on our way from Syracuse to Watertown, It appealed to me enough that we circled around and parked so I could catch it for you.  You were on my mind all the time.. always, I was looking for subjects that could or might interest you. (really)  nooo you did not see the sign on the ground, besides the shop was closed.



Really we had a great time and weather, except for when we tried to see the falls, in Niagara Falls, both Canadian side and American,  There we encountered rain mist,fog,clouds,etc. so thick that we saw absolutely nothing of the falls themselves.


.. I missed reading your posts, following along on your adventures, discovering new far away places, that those of you who are travelling keep us  waiting for the next chapter and verse with delightful captures. I obviously have more pictures, but there is lots of time ahead.  For now just wanted to say I’m back.  Oh and quickly, I discovered on the Canadian side, another one of those designer outlet malls, and… err… I now own another purse like the one I started this blog with.. only in blue.  I was over the moon.. really.. Canadian funds even!!!!


Can a Puffin count for a penguin?


The only vintage cars I found this time, were models, good ones, but not good enough to bring back with me.


I have totally left the building, when I find myself again, I’ll be back..

Meanwhile..  Happy Monday everyone!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PS I am unable at this time to find another file of pictures.. you have been spared.

Smile and be happy !

once upon a time


There was a time when it took hours to dress,and never would a woman be seen in public without being prroperly attired.


This was an outfit found on a blog, 1910 daywear, high fitted waistline and baptiste blouse. So.. even in the early 1900’s women wore clothes that befitted what was considered proper dress of that period.


remember the dresses our parents wore, or that we saw in earlier movies.

This is a Chanel Dress c.1937

I had a conversation the other day with a dear and treasured friend, that sparked a thought, and it carried through, when a Facebook friend commented on a post I had posted about how people kept cool back in the days before air conditioning.

She replied with a comment about how today, the younger people seem to always be on a cellphone.  Actually it is not only the young, many ages have taken to walking around tied to their electronic paraphernalia.

The later in the day I was speaking with someone on Skype and we talked of how “it used to be” when peope really enjoyed “community”

The theme throughout most of the day yesterday seemed to flow always with a touch of melancholy of “what was”  In the evening I met someone whose comment was ” How nice to actually see you, we seem to always be talking in text”  How true, and yes it was nice to see her … actually see her, see her sense of style, her way of presenting her physical self. Then my day today started with a personal message from someone dear to my heart, and once again I was struck by how one person can be perceived so differently, so much so… that if another friend met up with the other, there would be no way of knowing, that it was the same person they were speaking about.

Ok how do I come up with that.. look at the ladies about, and their clothing.. that is what we see, the fashion statement, or the put together look…. we are not really seeing the person that is wearing the outfit.  Today’s world is more open when it comes to fashion..never-the-less…. the person we see decked out in “la mode” of the day.. is not the person who comes home at night, and does what she does best… enjoy/live her private moments…


Who we really are, and what is really going on inside our private world, is usually very different from the personna that is seen by friends, family and aquaintences.

Change is the only constant in life, and like the seasons, we are always changing.

Each new day brings a different experience.  With each experience, we learn and grow.

Sometimes we thing we are starting over, but we aren’t, we are only recognzing the signs we missed the first time around.

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourSELF or do you see the face of a person you are not wanting to see.?

I am blessed to be living with a man who loves me… but we both know that there are days he so so much has to work at liking me.

Once upon a time, we lived in a world that did its best to hide much of what it didn’t want to see.. Now we are living during a time when perhaps even now, we hide behind the electronic world.. if you are talking on the phone, doing your e-mails, you don’t have to deal with what is in front of you or in your immediate field of vision.

BE AWARE that today, willl someday be, once upon a time.

Namaste          –          Oyashikiri


*metmuseum.org-French 1880-1914


SHOESOk you know  this is going to be a heavy when I bring shoes into the equation at this  hour of the morning. =^_^=  And NO, this is not just for my women friends, since knowing my friend Derek, I have been educated on the fact that some men love their shoes too. What is it about shoes that turn our c rank so much.  LOL how often have I heard that men love to see women in heels.  How the shoe can be the perfect foil for bad hair days, and days where you just don’t know what to wear. I only a few women friends who really don’t care about shoes.. most of us drool, and lust even after a new pair of shoes.  I have a Pinterest board with just shoes, its called 4 the love of shoes.  I amaze even myself on the choice of shoes that I am drawn to.  I have shoes tucked away that I will never wear, but I love knowing they are there.

shoe vintage 1930


This ad dates back to the 1930’s for as long as I can remember, I have loved shoes.  When I was younger of course, i spent a lot more time finding and wearing shoes, they were important to “my look/style”.  It wasn’t so much comfort but how they looked.  Although thanks to a very determined Mother, I did grow up with a strong sense of needing to wear and have a proper fit.  Mother I do still remember the brown lace up shoes you had me wearing when all my friends were in pretty feminine sandals.  Were they called Oxfords.. whatever, such shoes were not worn again once I was buying my own shoes.  OK everyone, here is the flash news.. now in my more “adult” years, guess what… I don’t wear Oxfords but I do wear what most call a sensible shoe.  Hand crafted, made in Germany Finn Comfort shoe. leather, good arch support, this is my go to shoe for at home,I could live in them 24 hours of the day.

shoes - finn comfort


I still love the heels, the glamour of the shoe, but I no longer spend oodles and oodles of dollars to have them in my closet.  Now I find then and put them on my Pinterest board .. I am not alone for I find them by the bushel full on the Fashionista pages.   Have you gone shopping for a good running shoe (sport training shoe) lately.  It is very hard to find a conservative pair that don’t shout out at you.

runner, Under Armour Shoe  Micro G. .Mantis


Where once I walked a cat walk, or strode down corporate corridors, now I hike the trails. Our feet take us everywhere, and travel the distance with us.  We don’t think with our feet, but we think on our feet.  Yet often I’ll notice inappropriate footwear and see it at the root of some of the physical ailments in today’s society.  Like seeing someone with asthma still smoking.  Now  especially now, when those around me are nearing their more senior years, or  in their famous  “mid years”, where the bodies that once took them everywhere and r covered quickly from various falls, knocks and bruises are being slow to mend.  Shoes are a really important component to staying in good health,  Keeping you mobile.  I still hear the little girl’s voice saying.. “I can’t wear those shoes to school, they’re ugly”  But today , this little girl, is a mucho  happy person with feel that still get her to where she wants to go.  Unlike many around me, I don’t suffer with back pain, sore legs, and fussy sensitive feet.

hiking trail, North Carolina

Now when I’m faced with a hiking trail that is rocky and uneven, I can move forward knowing that my feet (footwork) and balance will allow me to tread with confidence that I will make it up the hill and into the vista beyond.  That’s life, we need to prepare, we need to live today, so that our tomorrows whatever they will be, will be something we can handle easily.  Enjoy each moment of your day, build your “self” with the knowledge that good planning will benefit you in the long run. You can still enjoy a passion, you just may have to redirect and be creative on how you enjoy it  Life is ART.

shoes, runners



Holly & Mistletoe


So many parties and events, there is a lot to do during the holidays =^_ ^=  What happens when and if you are simply not the party type, or like being in crowds.  One of the lessons in PL (Perfect Liberty) is to appreciate who you are, your situation, likes and preferences. As an artist who can easily get lost in writing or creative expressions, I tend to forget what time of day it is, or even at times, what day it is.

In PL, we have daily opportunities to speak with or have personal consultations with the PL minister of the church.  If you are not near an actual physical church, all the PL ministers no matter where they are will “meet” with you, via phone, internet, Skype, whatever means they have at their disposal to “meet” with you.

Each one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they practice the “True Way” (TAO/PL)  We all seek happiness in our own way.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I wandered my favourite shopping haunts looking for a red dress for the holiday season.  No not to go to parties, no-where really, but because it pleases me to dress up.  Like the days when I designed fashions for my doll models, now I can do it in the virtual world, it is a form of artistic expression.one I never seem to tire of.   LIFE IS ART

Look and you shall find ….  5 little words to remember, in all aspects of your life. =^_^=  You need to continue and persevere to make your wishes and goals come true.  God is here for you, God is everywhere ALL the time.

YOU are loved.. today and everyday.

picture was taken in Exile @ Covet  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/105/40/30

outfit is from PurpleMoon  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/167/71/22   the leopard shoes are from  Shoenique Designs  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shoenique%20Designs/128/49/23





When we enter the sleeping quarters, off come the shoes. I found that very symbolic, leave the outside at the door, enter the area where you will lay down and sleep for exactly that, sleep.  All the time I was away, I did not encounter a problem with falling asleep. Didn’t even think about whether or not I would fall asleep, I simply lay down and slept. That is not what usually happens when I’m at home.
I will admit that since I stopped reading in bed, my sleep has improved. No TV, no computers, in the bedroom. Not even a radio. The mind is so easily distracted. The mind is a chatterbox.  if you are wanting to eliminate the need for “sleep aids”, then preparing for a sound sleep is like preparing for a special event, You have to find out what works for you and then work at acquiring the ambiance and atmosphere.
Sleep is so important to our well being.
In order to be able to apply the PL teachings to your day to day life, you first need to know how. That is why in the Church of PL, we offer individual guidance.

I actually received a consultation the other day and came away with insight I had not expected. It is good to be reminded of something you’ve let slip by or forgotten. sometimes just talking  out loud about personal thoughts, and concerns helps, and again sometimes, all we need is someone to “listen”  In PL we are always here for you.

Leave your “shoes” at the door. May your sleep be blessed with a deep and serene bliss.

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