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Chop Suey Monday

Halloween @electronic arts 2015

A little of this and a little of that.

First this is a link to more information on the horticultural show MosaiCanada 150 /Gatineau 2017

biggest horticultural event in Canada

MosaiCanada 150 web site

Happiness is>

bra display

Knowing I never have to consider spending money on something so restrictive.

shoe display

Shoes, and more shoes, I was able to walk away, comfortable as they are, I said “No thank you” and walked away.

white flowers walk 7.31

Finding these crisp white little flowers on my walk today.  They popped up at me, happy as can be… I smiled.. stopped and captured the moment.

Yes, it was a good day. My Morning walk, was refreshing, the hot sun and high humidity didn’t hit till after the noon hour,

How about you?  Have a good day?

Happiness is –

sharing with you.




top picture, taken by Darren Su

the other’s are mine.

Comments on: "Chop Suey Monday" (6)

  1. Most men I know love boobs, but don’t understand why these strappy contraptions are necessary. They prevent things from sloshing about. But I am sure you know that and were being tongue-in-cheek. Safety first.

    • lol, I don’t like them, never have.. I did my best wore them when I had to, but eventually said.. no.. I don’t care what anyone says, or thinks.. I refuse to subject myself to something that had to have been created by ??
      Because the make them prettier, and try to market them as pleasurable.. few women like to wear them.. yet have been conditioned to think they must.. I am not one of them thanks for the chuckle…

      • Ha ha ha ha… It’s funny, I only started wearing bras when I turned 24 and I became an expatriate and had to wear business suits to work. My nipples are made of steel so I need padded ones to contain them.

  2. oh dear. I heard bandaids worked… you are to be commended.. I learned to love a vest.

  3. https://easyweimaraner.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/travel-tuesday-18/ – a neat post you might enjoy exploring! Good job on passing up on the purchases. It’s hard sometimes!

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