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spend a

quiet moment


ps Wednesdsay

My earlier wordless blog, was a fun snapshot I had, that simply had me smiling at the funny things we do when we are young and not caught up in being “prim” “proper” “lady like” and all the other wordings adults have to reign in the innocent playfulness we have as children.

As we mature, and develop, we soon discover that part of us needs to be held back, or kept in the shadows, because “it” may not be appreciated by others. However, we are who we are, and it is not healthy to always try to supress our “child” or “drama”.. drama is not always negative, it is about emoting and expressing feelings.

When we live doing our best not to hurt or slight others taking care to be mindful, avoiding arrogance and conceit, then the simple pleasure of pure expression, can be fun… silly, and inane. When was the last time you made a silly face? Just for fun

To see the snapshot, you will have to visit the first blog of the day =^_^=


La fuerza salvadora de Oyashikiri *

moose,Anchorage Alaska

Whoa, hello… unexpected company for breakfast.  Wow.. what a shot, the photographer had to be right there, camera/cellphone  in hand. Click, Gotcha!  What a moment right. Do you know we have such moments, several times a day, we just don’t always catch them.  It hits the conscious mind “ping” .. after that actual moment passed us by.

moose,usatoday.com Jayne Clark

We get one chance in life to live a moment, once it is passed, it is history.  In the blink of an eye, you have moved on. Love with all your heart today, appreciate the blessings you receive daily, because you do.  See the positives in life, they are in abundance. Believe, have faith.


My son just called to tell me that a man he thought highly of (Larry Lord) passed in his sleep during the night.. R.I.P. Mr. Lawrence Lord.  I didn’t know this man personally, but I certainly know his daughter who has been part of our family for  many years now.  I know the love and dedication this man inspired in those who loved him.  Even in his last years, my son spoke of how he loved to sing, smile and be happy.  This man knew about being in a happy “state of mind”.


When we live being true to ourselves, in everything we do, with love, sincerity, and appreciation of what we have,giving joy, sharing a smile, a hug…. our lives will be blessed in so many ways.  Death is an ending in this life… it means our bodies are laid to rest…  a new door opens..


Namaste    –     Oyashikiri

*Anchorage Alaska

** usatoday.com (Jayne Clark)


iv. flickr.com

*Spanish PL. http://www.perfect-liberty.org.ar

see article by  Rev.Eisuke Inagaki he has promised to give me an English synopsis in the near future.  He is now here at the Ottawa Church.



Those were not my words back when I was actively working … because  back  then we didnt’ text, there wasn’t a cell phone attached to almost every household, in fact likely none.   But to those who came wanting to learn to meditate, it was almost always about their  need to find a quiet place for themselves, within the confines of their busy lives.  Young professionals needing and wanting grounding.

6c47982c55dc9ff0276b38741f33e1aaJust  Be………  so easy to say, so hard to do.

Common when I asked, “Did you get to meditate since we last met?” Answer, “Only, a few times, but each time I was interrupted, or the neighbour, (or children etc.) were making so much noise, I couldn’t concentrate”

And there lies the problem. meditation isn’t about concentration, it isn’t about having candles in the room, or soothing music with a nice incense happening.  Meditation is the art of staying in touch with your own personal connection to the “Divine”.  God lives in us all…  the Energy of Life is the force that makes us all  ONE.


If ever you have been blessed with someone in your life where just being together, or knowing that the other is close by, is comforting, and an extension of YOU, that is a special bond, and one that – simply is –  We can’t manufacture this sense of extension, sense of Oneness, it simply is.  You just are….   and if someone hasn’t had that experience it is hard to explain it to them.  They have to find it in themselves.  Because  a state of peaceful existence begins within.


So many quotes, so many words…” meditation is inaction.”.. do you believe that?  There is active meditation for example when one is practicing or  engrossed in working out,, dancing, focused on the moment,  you are so intent on the moment, although you hear the world around you, it is lost to you in that moment.  In that moment, all that is …. is where you are… and what you are doing…   that is a form of meditation.  That is meditation.. it is you “BEING”

This video doesn’t exist

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

hello, my name is……


Bonjour, mon non et……

my telephone number is ….

je rappellerai plus tard….

I will call back later…

Au revoir….

art illusion with rocks

simple sentences

said in another language

can be so confusing

when we are new to the language and culture

express yourself freely says the lesson of the day

how do you do that when you are in a strange country

with a language totally different from your own

mirror 1

PL Precept # 15

All is a Mirror

the languages may be different,

but the human being

will always  have a caring heart

with a need for understanding

compassion and love

flower illusion

look, listen,

pay attention

what have you heard, what did you see

beauty is not in the flower or image you admire, 

beauty is in YOUR Being ” (Lily Bright)

mirror image 500x

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures,, ” Voltaire

photo Invasion by Paul Apal’kin

Thank you… my name is


Holly & Mistletoe


So many parties and events, there is a lot to do during the holidays =^_ ^=  What happens when and if you are simply not the party type, or like being in crowds.  One of the lessons in PL (Perfect Liberty) is to appreciate who you are, your situation, likes and preferences. As an artist who can easily get lost in writing or creative expressions, I tend to forget what time of day it is, or even at times, what day it is.

In PL, we have daily opportunities to speak with or have personal consultations with the PL minister of the church.  If you are not near an actual physical church, all the PL ministers no matter where they are will “meet” with you, via phone, internet, Skype, whatever means they have at their disposal to “meet” with you.

Each one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle.  Therefore, it is different for each individual how they practice the “True Way” (TAO/PL)  We all seek happiness in our own way.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I wandered my favourite shopping haunts looking for a red dress for the holiday season.  No not to go to parties, no-where really, but because it pleases me to dress up.  Like the days when I designed fashions for my doll models, now I can do it in the virtual world, it is a form of artistic expression.one I never seem to tire of.   LIFE IS ART

Look and you shall find ….  5 little words to remember, in all aspects of your life. =^_^=  You need to continue and persevere to make your wishes and goals come true.  God is here for you, God is everywhere ALL the time.

YOU are loved.. today and everyday.

picture was taken in Exile @ Covet  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/105/40/30

outfit is from PurpleMoon  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Etherea/167/71/22   the leopard shoes are from  Shoenique Designs  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shoenique%20Designs/128/49/23



50 shades of cold

50 shades of cold

You don’t only feel the cold, we can see it transforming the landscape around us. Saying STOP,is like whispering into the wind. In conversation with my sister we talked of aging, and of course being that it was my sister, I was musing out loud about the challenges of the last few weeks and heard myself say that if aging was about taking medications, being unwell and consistently challenged, well I was not, repeat NOT happy about it all.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 011Then this morning, I looked out my window at my friends who were patiently waiting for the snow to come.  The yard has been tidied and ready for the winter weather that we get here in this part of Canada.  Paths have been cleared, plants/shrubs cut back so that the dogs will have room to navigate when they go out for their exercise and fun in the snow.   Canaille loves to run through the fresh snow and chase after her ball.  Velcro (whippet) well that is a different story, he is in and out in record breaking time.  But being a whippet, he has to burn off energy, so he follows the track Canaille has made and runs at break neck speed over the trail.   Thus we clear it of  objects that can obstruct.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 014I noticed that one of the garden fairies has put herself in a lying position, she is using a rock to cushion and protect her from the blanket of snow that will soon cover her and keep her safe from the bitter winter winds.  As I sit and survey my private garden, much like Canaille does when we are just sitting watching the world go by,  I realize that when the summer growth is abundant, many of the “little people” are not visible to the eye.  They are there, they just are not seen, but their presence never-the-less is still felt, all who come to the garden feel the “calm” they infuse into the setting.

Now with the greenery gone, they are laid bare.  Today, I spent time with each and everyone of them, renewing my connection and feeling the bond that we share, for at one time I placed them there,  Unlike me, they can’t come in out of the cold, they accept and patiently wait out the changing seasons.  Every year, the time and weather takes its toll.  Like me they are growing old.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 043Smile the “old man” says, smile when you feel sad, he is always smiling, I love him, seeing him today, made me realize that my challenge today will be to pray that I will have the inner strength  to endure patiently (like my garden friends)  the changing seasons.  Soon the snow will come, and I too will be embraced in magic of the falling snowflakes.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 030A step at a time we find our way home.  This little kitten was tossed into a heap of broken and unwanted concrete  at a shop where only the perfect pieces were wanted for display .. she was not content to stay buried in the rubble,  where she was tossed, she found her way to where she could be seen, =^_^= that’s right, I found her, and now she has a home here with me.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 025My garden brings me joy in all of its incarnations.

I took time today to reconnect….if you feel my sadness … don’t worry, it will pass… I’ve learned in life, not to suppress emotion, for to know sadness it to have known great joy and happiness.   The Universe is is simply giving me “space” “time” to appreciate my realities.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 032

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