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SHOESOk you know  this is going to be a heavy when I bring shoes into the equation at this  hour of the morning. =^_^=  And NO, this is not just for my women friends, since knowing my friend Derek, I have been educated on the fact that some men love their shoes too. What is it about shoes that turn our c rank so much.  LOL how often have I heard that men love to see women in heels.  How the shoe can be the perfect foil for bad hair days, and days where you just don’t know what to wear. I only a few women friends who really don’t care about shoes.. most of us drool, and lust even after a new pair of shoes.  I have a Pinterest board with just shoes, its called 4 the love of shoes.  I amaze even myself on the choice of shoes that I am drawn to.  I have shoes tucked away that I will never wear, but I love knowing they are there.

shoe vintage 1930


This ad dates back to the 1930’s for as long as I can remember, I have loved shoes.  When I was younger of course, i spent a lot more time finding and wearing shoes, they were important to “my look/style”.  It wasn’t so much comfort but how they looked.  Although thanks to a very determined Mother, I did grow up with a strong sense of needing to wear and have a proper fit.  Mother I do still remember the brown lace up shoes you had me wearing when all my friends were in pretty feminine sandals.  Were they called Oxfords.. whatever, such shoes were not worn again once I was buying my own shoes.  OK everyone, here is the flash news.. now in my more “adult” years, guess what… I don’t wear Oxfords but I do wear what most call a sensible shoe.  Hand crafted, made in Germany Finn Comfort shoe. leather, good arch support, this is my go to shoe for at home,I could live in them 24 hours of the day.

shoes - finn comfort


I still love the heels, the glamour of the shoe, but I no longer spend oodles and oodles of dollars to have them in my closet.  Now I find then and put them on my Pinterest board .. I am not alone for I find them by the bushel full on the Fashionista pages.   Have you gone shopping for a good running shoe (sport training shoe) lately.  It is very hard to find a conservative pair that don’t shout out at you.

runner, Under Armour Shoe  Micro G. .Mantis


Where once I walked a cat walk, or strode down corporate corridors, now I hike the trails. Our feet take us everywhere, and travel the distance with us.  We don’t think with our feet, but we think on our feet.  Yet often I’ll notice inappropriate footwear and see it at the root of some of the physical ailments in today’s society.  Like seeing someone with asthma still smoking.  Now  especially now, when those around me are nearing their more senior years, or  in their famous  “mid years”, where the bodies that once took them everywhere and r covered quickly from various falls, knocks and bruises are being slow to mend.  Shoes are a really important component to staying in good health,  Keeping you mobile.  I still hear the little girl’s voice saying.. “I can’t wear those shoes to school, they’re ugly”  But today , this little girl, is a mucho  happy person with feel that still get her to where she wants to go.  Unlike many around me, I don’t suffer with back pain, sore legs, and fussy sensitive feet.

hiking trail, North Carolina

Now when I’m faced with a hiking trail that is rocky and uneven, I can move forward knowing that my feet (footwork) and balance will allow me to tread with confidence that I will make it up the hill and into the vista beyond.  That’s life, we need to prepare, we need to live today, so that our tomorrows whatever they will be, will be something we can handle easily.  Enjoy each moment of your day, build your “self” with the knowledge that good planning will benefit you in the long run. You can still enjoy a passion, you just may have to redirect and be creative on how you enjoy it  Life is ART.

shoes, runners



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