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When we enter the sleeping quarters, off come the shoes. I found that very symbolic, leave the outside at the door, enter the area where you will lay down and sleep for exactly that, sleep.  All the time I was away, I did not encounter a problem with falling asleep. Didn’t even think about whether or not I would fall asleep, I simply lay down and slept. That is not what usually happens when I’m at home.
I will admit that since I stopped reading in bed, my sleep has improved. No TV, no computers, in the bedroom. Not even a radio. The mind is so easily distracted. The mind is a chatterbox.  if you are wanting to eliminate the need for “sleep aids”, then preparing for a sound sleep is like preparing for a special event, You have to find out what works for you and then work at acquiring the ambiance and atmosphere.
Sleep is so important to our well being.
In order to be able to apply the PL teachings to your day to day life, you first need to know how. That is why in the Church of PL, we offer individual guidance.

I actually received a consultation the other day and came away with insight I had not expected. It is good to be reminded of something you’ve let slip by or forgotten. sometimes just talking  out loud about personal thoughts, and concerns helps, and again sometimes, all we need is someone to “listen”  In PL we are always here for you.

Leave your “shoes” at the door. May your sleep be blessed with a deep and serene bliss.

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