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Salad anyone?

tuna,avocado, egg noodle salad

Scallop noodles – 1 cluster, cook, drain and cool

Solid light tuna in vegetable oil  (99g)   use the oil to mash eggs and avocado

Fresh garlic stem*, thinly sliced (to taste)

Fresh crisp lettuce

Sweet red pepper

Green onion and slices of sweet onion (to your taste)

2 hard-boiled eggs

1 large avocado  scooped and mashed with the eggs

salt pepper to taste

mayonnaise 1 big tablespoon

Tossed together this is a great easy salad – other seasoning can be added as your taste dictates, ie, squeezed lime, ginger, wasabi…. it is your call.

Make this a day to remember, like a salad, how we put things together, the choices we make, all become a creation of our own doing…..



*garlic stems, I have only found at Asian groceries they are not chives, they are shaped like a pipe cleaner, taste is crisp, and can vary from mild to strong in taste. sold in bunches

Having a good day and loving it

OK, what does that mean,  It means just what I said, I had a great day and I loved every minute of it. I got some work in, some play, I spent time with a friend, tried a new recipe, Potato and chick pea balls, seasoned with garlic (forgot the ginger) diced onion, cheese,celery, I used eggs and bread crumbs to hold them together.  Baked for about 45 minutes till they were golden brown.. Delicious.

Now the fun part, as you know I’ve been going back into SL, Q (Qyhat Harbour) has a shop in SL, actually 2 shops,  She has been working at getting the shops ready for the Holidays.  I saw a teddy bear that really took my fancy, and thought I’d like to have it in my condo (a touch of home) on a space over the Tiny Outpost that I share with Q.  This got me thinking that other people like bears, so I decided to build a bear for the Emporium. Productive


Got  a new hairdo – isn’t it fabulous.. changed my eye colour to a blue to go with my new dress.  I also got leg warmers, Shopping,   A new friend gave me a gift   =^_^=   I made the time to go through a large chunk of my landmarks, getting rid of all the outdated ones, Organized  I actually worked on the small holiday gift cards that I will need in the next week or so, International mail has to be ready to mail out by end of the month, first week in December if you want your greeting to get to friends in time.  I even found time to go dancing at a club where another new friend works.. She was however not working this evening. Still it was a good time


The dancing in the club gave me the incentive to go to the Animation shop and purchase my own dance moves. –More shopping =^_^=

You know one of the PL lessons is to keep in mind that people grow by being praised and applauded by others, this is true, however, I think it is very important that we recognize our own merit as well.  That we recognize our accomplishments and celebrate them.

God knows no strangers.  God Loves us all… The poor, the rich, the great, the small… God is a Friend who is always there….To share our troubles and lessen our care…. No one is a stranger in God’s sight….For God is love and in God’s light,, may we, too, try in our  small way, to make new friends from day to day  Helen Steiner Rice Foundation.

Now it is off to bed I go, to dream of great memories I made today.  Tomorrow will be a brand new day…

Blessings everyone.. I hold you all in my prayers! Now and always.

photos – by Q        link to SL (Second Life)      www.secondlife.com

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