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Salad anyone?

tuna,avocado, egg noodle salad

Scallop noodles – 1 cluster, cook, drain and cool

Solid light tuna in vegetable oil  (99g)   use the oil to mash eggs and avocado

Fresh garlic stem*, thinly sliced (to taste)

Fresh crisp lettuce

Sweet red pepper

Green onion and slices of sweet onion (to your taste)

2 hard-boiled eggs

1 large avocado  scooped and mashed with the eggs

salt pepper to taste

mayonnaise 1 big tablespoon

Tossed together this is a great easy salad – other seasoning can be added as your taste dictates, ie, squeezed lime, ginger, wasabi…. it is your call.

Make this a day to remember, like a salad, how we put things together, the choices we make, all become a creation of our own doing…..



*garlic stems, I have only found at Asian groceries they are not chives, they are shaped like a pipe cleaner, taste is crisp, and can vary from mild to strong in taste. sold in bunches

chop suey Friday 5.26.17


Happiness after a hard-fought game.  Sorry Ottawa, but, Yay Penguins. Sid you are the best!  born in Halifax, Canada, he is an amazing player, all round professional who earns the accolades he gets.

Jenna May, Sienna and Margaret May 25.17Somewhere along the way, I became a den mother to three dolls.  I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think Tanya* had something to do with it. I went from finding a doll that kinda reached out to me, to have two more who like being dressed and combed.  Do you think this has anything to do with as a parent I was a Mother to a very talented young boy, who grew up to be a gem of a son.

I was part of a group of artistic souls who made one of a kind dolls.  We scoffed at the ladies who played dress up with  the young dolls as shown above.  Preferring our out of the box, one of a kind creations.  One should never say never, we simply do not know what lies ahead for us.  Or how we end up somewhere we had no idea that it was a direction we were going.

The small cloth doll you see, in the middle is one I made when I was sewing and felting,I was trying to combine the fibre for felting with scrap material I had.  My own version of a rag doll.

pasta salmon dinner


Salmon pasta salad made with fresh vegetables. Red sockeye salmon, tad mayo, and dash of Himalayan salt.   Tempting me to go have my dinner.

Happy week-end to everyone, a long week-end to my American friends, and a busy walk/run week-end here in Ottawa, lots of events going on…

Oyashikiri – Blessings !

Friendship & salads


Hey everyone, look, a salad. it just isn’t any salad, my sister made this salad.  So what is the big deal, well let me tell you.  When my sister was here visiting (from away) she had a bite with us, where my husband had made one of his super delicious  salads.  She liked it so much, that she savoured that experience till she got back to CA, and then made one up for herself.

Hers is different, it is her own taste buds that went to work to create the vision you see above.  No two people will create the same masterpiece.  Like friendships, we are all unique in what we bring to the relationship.  I love my sister, she is my sister, however, when we were out one day on an excursion, we met a lovely lady in a Tim Horton’s.. neither of us knew her, but we sat with her and enjoyed the visit.

At one point in the conversation, my sister said, “we (she and I) were getting know each other”….  ding, it registered with me.. WOW it was true.  just because we are sisters, doesn’t mean that we really know each other, we lives miles apart, and see each other only so many times a year.  Our daily lives and our “habits” or the way we go about our lives, is really unknown to the other.

Her making this salad and sharing the picture with me, brought home, how special she is, and how much I do love her, as not just my sister but a friend.  One that I hope to get to know better over the years to come.

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a Turning Point

PL Precept #16  All things Grow and  Develop

PL Principle # 3  I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things


Have a grand start to the week-end.

what ever you do, 


Namaste         –          Oyashikiri


Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

It winter, the days can be dreary and gray, that is no reason to sit down to a boring plate of vegetables. I had left over butternut squash from the other day, and some of the orange cauliflower. To round off the plate, I added steamed corn on the cob, and a steamed mixed veggie dish.

I use fresh green beans, carrots, red potato, red pepper, sliced like potato fries. toss the veggies with some butter, seasoning, garlic and spiracha hot chili sauce. Then I nuke it for about 5 minutes. Letting it sit in the steam for another 2 minutes before service.

The Sriracha hot chili sauce at one time was only available at Asian grocers, but now most of the major grocery stores have it.

photo (13)Note, the only butter used, is the butter I used in the mixed vegetables.  The corn is eaten the way you see it.  I discovered that cooking the corn in its husks, in the microwave steams it beautifully.  The niblets are plump, tender and sweet, unless you get a bad or old batch of corn.  I do my best to buy fresh produce in shops that are well populated.  The product does not stay around long.

There are a lot of Japanese rice seasonings that compliment the veggies, they are flavourful, and low in calories.

Being diabetic, I have to really watch what I eat, and there are days when I have to eat often.  So smaller meals with lots of vegetables suits me.  At lunch today, we  had roast pork with baked potato and roasted carrots.  I indulged my protein craving at lunch.  This evening I might have toast and kippers for an evening snack. =^_^=

One of the lessons I have to learn in life is to be accepting of the fact that I am a diabetic.  One of the day to day happenings besides the medications one has to take, is to be creative about meals.  Being visual, when my plate of food is appealing, I have a better appreciation of the meal.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.  smilePencil

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