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chop suey Friday 5.26.17


Happiness after a hard-fought game.  Sorry Ottawa, but, Yay Penguins. Sid you are the best!  born in Halifax, Canada, he is an amazing player, all round professional who earns the accolades he gets.

Jenna May, Sienna and Margaret May 25.17Somewhere along the way, I became a den mother to three dolls.  I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think Tanya* had something to do with it. I went from finding a doll that kinda reached out to me, to have two more who like being dressed and combed.  Do you think this has anything to do with as a parent I was a Mother to a very talented young boy, who grew up to be a gem of a son.

I was part of a group of artistic souls who made one of a kind dolls.  We scoffed at the ladies who played dress up with  the young dolls as shown above.  Preferring our out of the box, one of a kind creations.  One should never say never, we simply do not know what lies ahead for us.  Or how we end up somewhere we had no idea that it was a direction we were going.

The small cloth doll you see, in the middle is one I made when I was sewing and felting,I was trying to combine the fibre for felting with scrap material I had.  My own version of a rag doll.

pasta salmon dinner


Salmon pasta salad made with fresh vegetables. Red sockeye salmon, tad mayo, and dash of Himalayan salt.   Tempting me to go have my dinner.

Happy week-end to everyone, a long week-end to my American friends, and a busy walk/run week-end here in Ottawa, lots of events going on…

Oyashikiri – Blessings !


Salmon cheeks

Salmon cheeks

They are delicious,if you have never had this taste delight, don’t delay. I served these babies up with steamed veggies, and stuffed vine leaves. To cook the salmon cheeks I left them frozen till ready to cook.
Prepare your pan with coconut oil, garlic cloves to flavour the oil, then put in your cheeks. Cover and let the oil and steam do its job.
Once they are no longer in a clump, use a fork to toss them about so they cook evenly.
Season with the condiments you think you would like, in my case, it was some sea salt and pepper.
I used some paper towel on a plate to drain any of the fat that lingers when you take them out of the pan.
and voila! a taste to rival the juiciest  scallops or boring shrimp.

Salmon cheeks were new to me, I found them in my Asian grocery store in the frozen fish section. (T&T grocers)

The stuffed vine leaves, you can get at an ethnic grocers, I know Costco has a rather tasty offering,, I serve them up cold.

Happy discovery!

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