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Salmon cheeks

They are delicious,if you have never had this taste delight, don’t delay. I served these babies up with steamed veggies, and stuffed vine leaves. To cook the salmon cheeks I left them frozen till ready to cook.
Prepare your pan with coconut oil, garlic cloves to flavour the oil, then put in your cheeks. Cover and let the oil and steam do its job.
Once they are no longer in a clump, use a fork to toss them about so they cook evenly.
Season with the condiments you think you would like, in my case, it was some sea salt and pepper.
I used some paper towel on a plate to drain any of the fat that lingers when you take them out of the pan.
and voila! a taste to rival the juiciest  scallops or boring shrimp.

Salmon cheeks were new to me, I found them in my Asian grocery store in the frozen fish section. (T&T grocers)

The stuffed vine leaves, you can get at an ethnic grocers, I know Costco has a rather tasty offering,, I serve them up cold.

Happy discovery!

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  1. Eugene Hayashi said:

    That looks good. We had salmon last night from Costco. My wife cut the Salmon into about 3 to 4 parts and dips it into ice water with vinegar. Then cut into pieces and place it on to a small roll of rice. We enjoy a home made Salmon sushi!! We use a packaged powder to sprinkle on the rice. Too bad we can’t get cheap Tuna here to make sushi out of it…

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