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Fresh Vegetables

It winter, the days can be dreary and gray, that is no reason to sit down to a boring plate of vegetables. I had left over butternut squash from the other day, and some of the orange cauliflower. To round off the plate, I added steamed corn on the cob, and a steamed mixed veggie dish.

I use fresh green beans, carrots, red potato, red pepper, sliced like potato fries. toss the veggies with some butter, seasoning, garlic and spiracha hot chili sauce. Then I nuke it for about 5 minutes. Letting it sit in the steam for another 2 minutes before service.

The Sriracha hot chili sauce at one time was only available at Asian grocers, but now most of the major grocery stores have it.

photo (13)Note, the only butter used, is the butter I used in the mixed vegetables.  The corn is eaten the way you see it.  I discovered that cooking the corn in its husks, in the microwave steams it beautifully.  The niblets are plump, tender and sweet, unless you get a bad or old batch of corn.  I do my best to buy fresh produce in shops that are well populated.  The product does not stay around long.

There are a lot of Japanese rice seasonings that compliment the veggies, they are flavourful, and low in calories.

Being diabetic, I have to really watch what I eat, and there are days when I have to eat often.  So smaller meals with lots of vegetables suits me.  At lunch today, we  had roast pork with baked potato and roasted carrots.  I indulged my protein craving at lunch.  This evening I might have toast and kippers for an evening snack. =^_^=

One of the lessons I have to learn in life is to be accepting of the fact that I am a diabetic.  One of the day to day happenings besides the medications one has to take, is to be creative about meals.  Being visual, when my plate of food is appealing, I have a better appreciation of the meal.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.  smilePencil

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