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Peace on Earth

6130ac647fb27744634b1f2f5ef73485Simplicity………. the serenity and calm the photographer of this picture was able to capture , look at how the composition leads us over the water, into a covered  shelter, then out again up into the pristine mountains. This morning I imagined the freshness of the air, the cool cleansing water on my feet as I start into the water.  Look how clear the water is, it is so pristine.  As the light and shadows play across the face of the water, the patterns change and create the sensation of motion and movement over the stillness. Light and shadows have been used to add depth and character to the “still” picture.

Love is like this moment, as humans we often see only the surface, and not the total complete and complex intricacies/features that come together to bring the emotion of love into our lives.  Love is about opening our eyes and hearts to the uniqueness in all around us, not just wanting what we know.

Today’s world is overflowing with problems, troubles, strife, and unrest.  let’s pray for more understanding of differences, and for the happiness and health of others whether we know them or not.  Love is such a powerful emotion/feeling.  Pure love does not discriminate, it initiates.  Love is not about the flesh it is about the state of being human, and very spiritual.

7c765a71b222d384dd91ba11079b38e6Believe – walk in faith – you are never on your own 

Love is about trust – trust is rooted in honesty – honesty  grows from Love.  allow love to show in your world today, share a  smile, extend a hand, reach out……  bear hugs you can’t go wrong when you share a HUG …. have a good day everyone!    Oyashikiri

Dreams -astral journeys

Q 1.11.14_004

Have you ever felt the draw to return to  your dream. You wake up and feel that where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen was so so very much a part of who you are.  Have you heard of  “astral projection”?  At one time, there was a lot of talk, discussion and study on the ability of the spiritual form to travel across space and explore other dimensions, and even visit family and friends.

I don’t hear a lot about that these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  Maybe it is because I feel that my night time travels are an extension of my days or “awake” time.  I think it helped that my Mother always shared her dream experiences with me, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.  Just matter of fact.  Like the TAO/God being a constant factor, it wasn’t a relationship I needed to find, it was part of my daily life, life breathing. Respect for nature and all mankind was natural because it was an extension of who I was.  Life is my studio, and I am the artist.

Dreams are part of my inventory, and astral journeys are part of my research.  Life is good, life is full, and most of all, life is love.

When you live with love in your heart, you enjoy the full spectrum of life.  Jai Guru Dev (TM)  Oyashikiri (PL)  Amen =^_^=

smilePencilphotography Q -SL

Good Morning everyone… 7.6.13

How is your day so far?  This week I got to sit down and actually read an article that I had put aside to read when I wouldn’t be disturbed.  I wanted to read about the elderly in Okinawa Japan. It seems that the villagers in a sleepy northern part of Okinawa, appear to live longer, and healthier. There is even a song that says that 50 and 60 year olds are babies, and people in their 70 and 80’s are adults.  It is only after turning into your 90’s that you begin to bloom.  In the Ogimi village, (pop 3308) they claim to having the highest longevity record in the world.  A super elder is someone over 100  =^_^=

The longest centenarian study (36 years) has involved Dr. Makoto Suzuki  who is the principal researcher behind the Okinawa Centenarian Study.  In 1994  he was joined by Drs. Craig and Bradley Willcox (Calgary born).  Their findings have been published and thanks in part to Oprah Winfrey, it became a bit of a bestseller.

How the World’s Longest Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health – and How you can too (2001).  The study was funded by the Japan Ministry of Health.  they looked at the total health of the “seniors”  – physical, mental and spiritual.  Dr Suzuki explained that part of the good spiritual health came from the island way of thinking called nankuru naisa, meaning don’t worry, be happy.. note.. these people lived through relentless bombardments during the war and years of poverty in the aftermath.  In PL, every day is a new day,  a new beginning, the 21 Principles help us achieve an Artistic Life.

Another factor in the islander’s longevity, is waking each day with Ikigai (a reason to get out of bed)  In PL, we do our best to live each moment to the fullest, PL Precept #18 – Each Moment is a  Turning Point  ………….  PL # 14  Peace is everything  

Let’s not forget, diet and exercise. How food is cooked is as relevant as the foods themselves. Having purpose in all we do ( life ) is so important   The philosophy and concept of what I was reading smacked of how as a Taoist I try to live everyday, and as a practitioner of PL (Perfect Liberty)  I am encouraged and supported in my daily devotions to live in a manner that will promote world peace.  Grand thinking, no not really, if we, each and every one of us, practice living with love in our hearts and continue to reach out and pray for others and peace,  one by one our loving hearts will link, through Shingei (sharing our PL faith with others) the loving energy of world peace will grow.

When we look beyond ourselves, towards world Peace, our lives will be more fulfilling. We will have joy in self expression, living our lives to the fullest, will give us longevity. Happiness is such a wonderful state of BEing.    Blessings all!

July 5 for 6a_003

The article that so inspired this piece was written by Annarosa Sabbadini ( published in Doctor”s Review March 2013 )

virtual art from SL (Second Life)

Happiness is a state of mind – BE happy everyone….

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