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Today is a new day! ¿como esta?

1942970bb6ab0c17a78454524ec46e59Seamlessly the days become night, and night becomes day, the skies are  ever changing and kaleidoscopic.  The constantly changing patterns and colours  provide inspiration and backdrops for our activities and encounters during the day. On first waking, do you look out a window to take in the view, gauge the weather?  Dose what you see contribute to the “tone” of your day?  Or do you close your eyes and pray. connecting to the holy Spirit Mioyaookami /God.  

a354e31eb68597a4315b76185aed731aDoes thunder and lightening have you running for cover?  Or do you delight at the rumble and imagine the giants in the sky are bowling and having fun.  That the lightening is the result of the bowling ball striking the kingpin and WOW its a strike, all the pins have dropped! YAY! Imagination, only for children, NO, it is a gift we all have and share, some use it more than others, that is a given….  I feel safe in saying that our imaginations will not suffer karoshi (Japan- word for death caused by overwork)  Start your day today with a big bang, celebrate a new day, new beginnings, move forward on a path towards newness, progress and growth.  Develop your skill in moving from the old to the new without a sense of loss.  Move with the current, not with fear, but with a sense of joy and expectation toward the experience just around the corner/bend.

Japanese room

Jai Guru Dev (TM)          Hallelujah!              God is all!                     Oyashikiri                Today,tomorrow and always! 

Dreams -astral journeys

Q 1.11.14_004

Have you ever felt the draw to return to  your dream. You wake up and feel that where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen was so so very much a part of who you are.  Have you heard of  “astral projection”?  At one time, there was a lot of talk, discussion and study on the ability of the spiritual form to travel across space and explore other dimensions, and even visit family and friends.

I don’t hear a lot about that these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  Maybe it is because I feel that my night time travels are an extension of my days or “awake” time.  I think it helped that my Mother always shared her dream experiences with me, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.  Just matter of fact.  Like the TAO/God being a constant factor, it wasn’t a relationship I needed to find, it was part of my daily life, life breathing. Respect for nature and all mankind was natural because it was an extension of who I was.  Life is my studio, and I am the artist.

Dreams are part of my inventory, and astral journeys are part of my research.  Life is good, life is full, and most of all, life is love.

When you live with love in your heart, you enjoy the full spectrum of life.  Jai Guru Dev (TM)  Oyashikiri (PL)  Amen =^_^=

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The Value of Money and things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them

PL teaching day 18   – The Value of Money and Things Depends on How you Choose to Use Them  -Money and things are materials for your self -expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

I had to meditate on this one for a long time .. I was trying to decide how best to try to give you my association or thoughts on money.  It has always been my belief that money is a  necessary evil in life.  One needs money to acquire “things” in life.  In today’s society/culture, we often think we “need” a lot more than we actually do.  Permit me to tell you of one of my excursions many years ago with a friend.  We loved to scour garage sales,flea markets, and of course thrift shops.  Not because we couldn’t afford to purchase retail, we both had careers, but my friend like to buy and resell, it was her “hobby” and I was and am a recycle or transforming artist.  I like to find a cast off or unwanted item that “speaks” to me and give it a new life.

We were in a little town that is known for its charm, outdoor cafes, and a couple of great discount shops.  One in particular was a place that sold discounted silver wear and household accessories.  I found a delightful fork there and decided to purchase it.  It wasn’t very expensive, but it was not on sale, it was not silver, but sterling silver, so practical, I enjoyed the  lovely design and feel to it. “Oh you can’t  purchase that fork” exclaimed the sales lady,” we only have one left, and besides it is a dessert fork”.  My friend agreed with the lady that since it was a dessert fork, how much use would it be to me.  Their reaction to my intent of acquiring this delightful fork surprised me,, I had thought of neither of their concerns, I liked the fork, I could afford the fork, therefor, I was going to purchase the fork.  My reply to both of them was that it was a fork and it would get the food to my mouth, that was all it needed to do, it didn’t have to be part of a set, it didn’t have to match anything else I had,   It was a fork, it was functional & one I liked and wanted.

So often we pass on something because of someone else’s view, or thoughts,  and then we spend an enormous amount of time trying to find  something like it because we didn’t act on our first impulse.  Usually our impulses  come from our inner “voice”.  these moments are often little nudges from above.  In PL we learn to #1 hear our inner voice, and #2 listen and think on what it is we are hearing….. it is part of the lesson in believing in one’s Self. Knowing what we want, and acting on it.

Everything originates in God, God/TAO/Universe embraces everything.  We cannot live apart from God regardless of whether we recognize God’s existence or not.  The Maharishi once said, put a tub full of water in the middle of a room, whether or not a person believes it is full or not, when they step into it, they will get  wet. (TM – Transcendental Meditation)

Potential new members should know that PL is non sectarian and does not expect that members give up the faith they already have.  PL teachings can help new members better understand their traditional faiths .. PL believes that  all religions should work together for world peace.

If you are near a PL church, the 21st is our monthly Thanksgiving service.  All our welcome. (for Church of Perfect Liberty contacts, visit our websites,links in side bar)

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