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Meet the artist



earlier today I took you to this door, when I posted on Norm’s Thursday Doors, now I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful artist who lives in this enchanted environment.  Her name is Victorria Gillpin, she is a mosaic artist, who holds workshops/classes and  offers supplies, as well as showing and selling her wonderful pieces of art.



Her website is  www.thymeagainmosaicstudio.com    Her studio is in Brockville, Ontario.  You can’t miss it, she has this wonderful door beckoning at the front end of her property.  As you walk down her lane, you will be delighted to see many of her whimsical creations.


Before you get to her back door, you are delighted with the door you saw in the first post, and this wonderful sink art.


She tells me that in summer it is full of colourful flowers, I was enchanted with it, just the way it was.


Look her up. Victoria Gilpin, 920 Stewart Blvd. Brockville, Ontario. Canada  check out her website.  Her e-mail is thymeagainstudio@yahoo.com   I was lucky I caught her at home,. probably best to call ahead (613-246-2581 ), or e-mail to arrange a meeting.  She does travel, doing shows, I’m sure her website will give you all her news.


PL Precept #1   Life is Art



Dreams -astral journeys

Q 1.11.14_004

Have you ever felt the draw to return to  your dream. You wake up and feel that where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen was so so very much a part of who you are.  Have you heard of  “astral projection”?  At one time, there was a lot of talk, discussion and study on the ability of the spiritual form to travel across space and explore other dimensions, and even visit family and friends.

I don’t hear a lot about that these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  Maybe it is because I feel that my night time travels are an extension of my days or “awake” time.  I think it helped that my Mother always shared her dream experiences with me, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.  Just matter of fact.  Like the TAO/God being a constant factor, it wasn’t a relationship I needed to find, it was part of my daily life, life breathing. Respect for nature and all mankind was natural because it was an extension of who I was.  Life is my studio, and I am the artist.

Dreams are part of my inventory, and astral journeys are part of my research.  Life is good, life is full, and most of all, life is love.

When you live with love in your heart, you enjoy the full spectrum of life.  Jai Guru Dev (TM)  Oyashikiri (PL)  Amen =^_^=

smilePencilphotography Q -SL

Changing Seasons

I love this time of year.  It energizes and gets me into a creative mood.  October for me is a month of having fun.  I love the crisp mornings, and the way the day just seems to flow from one activity to the next.  Time to work with my various “tools”  I can’t decide should I sew, felt, write, make cards.  I love love love the fall.  A friend on Facebook, sent out a challenge, she posted a picture of a corner in her workshop.  Asked who would follow suit.  Oh my, I am a fan of Sherry’s, she is not only a talented artist/craftsperson, she is a fabulous teacher.  I met her through the CDAA (Canadian Doll Artist  Association) (artist who designed one of a kind dolls/characters)  Ohhh I looked around my work space.  Could I do it?  While I was contemplating her “challenge” she posted another picture of another area , one that looked much like parts of mine, it made me feel so good that I was not alone in my artistic fuddle, I got out my camera.

LOL it is now early November, and I found this draft with a picture of what my studio looked like the,  I’ve since cleared out that corner and put in shelving I found at at a closing out sale at a department store.  Hmm let me see if I got a picture to show you of what it looks like now.  No.. so I just took one to share with you, and then I’ll post this draft otherwise, it will stay hidden here till…??  note the new addition to my “tools” a Singer Ultralock 14u32, anyone out there give me some help setting it up with tension etc.

(I started this post Oct. 12)  Sigh… but I did get back to it.. and I am following through a posting the picture of my studio corner… only now ..=^_^= you get an after shot to go with it.

Also my http://longdashstudio.blogspot.com that was until recently focused mainly on the diva fashions of the “biggie” virtual world of SL (Second Life) will now expand to include the many delights of Second Life, the landscaping, architecture and all the creative “stuff” I love about virtual building,design/ART.

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