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earlier today I took you to this door, when I posted on Norm’s Thursday Doors, now I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful artist who lives in this enchanted environment.  Her name is Victorria Gillpin, she is a mosaic artist, who holds workshops/classes and  offers supplies, as well as showing and selling her wonderful pieces of art.



Her website is  www.thymeagainmosaicstudio.com    Her studio is in Brockville, Ontario.  You can’t miss it, she has this wonderful door beckoning at the front end of her property.  As you walk down her lane, you will be delighted to see many of her whimsical creations.


Before you get to her back door, you are delighted with the door you saw in the first post, and this wonderful sink art.


She tells me that in summer it is full of colourful flowers, I was enchanted with it, just the way it was.


Look her up. Victoria Gilpin, 920 Stewart Blvd. Brockville, Ontario. Canada  check out her website.  Her e-mail is thymeagainstudio@yahoo.com   I was lucky I caught her at home,. probably best to call ahead (613-246-2581 ), or e-mail to arrange a meeting.  She does travel, doing shows, I’m sure her website will give you all her news.


PL Precept #1   Life is Art



Comments on: "Meet the artist" (8)

  1. A very talented artist!

  2. Wonderful and creative – love the thyme again!

  3. Beautitul pictures such a creative and artistic setting.

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