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Good Morning everyone

Musubi is a Japanese word used in PL, that translates, Oneness, togetherness with other.  Another word you hear us use a lot is Makoto, this means, One’s utmost sincerity. When we refer to an act of God, you hear Kanwaza, God’s Act.  There are other words of course that are used, when asked why, it was replied that using the basic Japanese words, in the teachings, meant  that when in countries with their own languages, ie. Spanish, French, Portuguese, English etc. the essence of the teachings would remain standard,   Translations can often unintentionally be misinterpreted or represented

Mishirase means, Divine warning, in the form of an illness, a misfortune an accident, pain or suffering.

In a recent article by Dr. Kunihiko Do, who is head of the OBGYN Dept. at the PL Hospital in Japan, and a PL Minister, he says “don’t forget that most diseases start with a little cold that gets worse.  Be thankful that you ‘just’ have a cold and receive a Mioshie for it,” he also suggests a consultation.

Mioshie, is Divine Instructions given to PL members to help them learn and improve their there Mishirase.

Through consultations given by PL ministers, you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation. We, each and every one of us has our own unique personality and lifestyle, therefore we all need to follow and practice our faith in a way that works for us.

by the sea

Wherever you are in the world, we can work with you, be there for you,  we pray for each of you will all our hearts, I love and appreciate each and every one of you, and remind you to be careful, not to over-stress your bodies and minds.

sunset, pacific ocean, CA

This last picture is of the sunset on a beach on the Pacific, in California.  You can see the photographers gathered to catch this wonderful happening.  What a collective awe-inspiring moment, yet each and every one of them will have their own appreciation of the moment.



Namaste      –      Oyashikiri




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what new to you, can do for you

bridge,hanging,west coast trail  by stodmyk on Flickr

Many years ago now, I crossed such a bridge. I didn’t bravely just walk across, I went through a bout of  “OMG I can’t do this, NO. no, no.. you can, but I won’t”  Eventually of course, I did go across and it was an exhilarating experience.  Having accomplished that bit of adventure, when I was asked to go salmon fishing an a fishing boat on the Pacific, my negativity was less emphatic, however, I did tell everyone that I do suffer from motion sickness, no problem I was told….  so on board we climbed and off we went.  All went well for the first while, but when we got further from land, and the water got really choppy, you guessed it… I was hanging on for dear life, and as green as fresh young asparagus coming out of the ground.  No matter how I tried to ride it out, it just wasn’t happening, we had to return to shore.  I share this with you because not all our adventures end on a happy note.  All we can do is give it our best.  I tried.

This brings me to more recent events.  After a very long winter of inactivity, I realized that my body, that once was active, and an almost daily visitor to the gym, had become a stay at home,, do nothing much physical blah.  I am not exaggerating, I really let myself go, don’t ask, it seemed right at the time I made the decisions to cut back at the gym, and then stop altogether.   When I looked in the mirror I saw from my shoulders up, hey when its cold outside and you don’t go out much, you walk around in very comfortable clothes. Then one day my friend said let’s go for a walk.  Sure I thought, no problem.  I’m a walker, last summer I would walk miles without batting an eyelash or breaking a sweat.  Off we went on our walk.  Surprise, we made it around  a couple of blocks, and I was ready to call it quits.  Shock and dismay was the order of the day!  My mind did not want to accept what my body was saying.  Me, dance all night, walk for miles, climb trails and hike, me!!!! could it really be.   Hmmmm look in the mirror again, wow, I’ve aged….. my body is no longer in its mid 30’s early 40’s I no longer have extra energy to burn, I’ve been lazy, and my body has relaxed and gotten S L A C K….  “you reap what you sow”.    Time to make changes.

exercise 1

That day was the start of a new “attitude” on my part.  No. not new to me, but I had to revisit and bring it back into the “now”.  It is like I used to listen to music all the time, and somewhere along the way, I stopped.  Then a friend played a song by Macy Gray and something inside said, “hello”.. I found the 2nd hand  CD  “On How Life Is”,  at  a Sally Ann,  it is new to me, and I’m once more listening to music.  My body is having to relearn activity, rebuild my core strength so I can walk and not get tired.  Fortunately I have a good friend who is a great walking coach and buddy, just knowing she is there for me when  I need her, helps big time….  All this to say, I’m back to the gym, I’ve got myself a Personal Trainer, so from time to time, I might not get my blog done on time, but I will surface, be patient with me please while I find my new “RHYTHM”


It is not the same bridge, but its the same kind of challenge, I’m heading towards another adventure….  Cycles of life repeat themselves, only in different formats.     Have a great day everyone!  Smile!!!    Oyashikiri


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