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362a2e5c57715554d428ea5b20027b59A friend asked me the other day.. what was I reading, I replied I was reading the Jewish Pleasure Principle by Rabbi Dr. Reuven P. Bulka.  “No, that isn’t what I meant, aren’t you reading a “real” book”

Now  having  known this friend a long time I knew what she meant, she was asking if I was reading a “leisure” book, to her the hardcover, was not “leisure” but a text-book.  A publication that speaks of formulating a Judaic approach to pleasure,attitudes to suffering, depression and mourning etc.was not her idea of “leisure”.

However the reading of a good stimulating journal that explores  and attempts to put balanced perspective through an investigation of primary sources, to me…. is interesting and I enjoy my discoveries.   Pleasure itself cn be viewed within the framework of the totality of life.  As a writer, I thrive on reading what someone else has put to paper, especially on topics that I find thought-provoking and interesting.


Yes I do enjoy a good  novel, where the settings are exotic, or can stimulate the gray cells into providing me a dreamy far away place where the drama of someone’s life unfolds, casts a spell and has me in that world for days until the story ends.

I had an interesting conversation with a young lady the other night, she boldly talked to me about intimate moments in her life, and I took it in and listened.  She spoke of loneliness and I flashed back to my younger years, we all live the same emotions in our own way.  We are not all story tellers, but we are characters in or own “stories” (lives).  How we play out our days, and create our endings… now that is another story.

cabin on the lake by D.Rogers photography

oh…what a find the perfect place to be…………….uh huh….. not for me….  what….. the water, the privacy the quiet cabin in the woods by a lake.. nope….  I would find this stifling, I wouldn’t like the dampness, or the bugs.

Tree house perfection

No, this is for me, open, bright, small, with just enough place for  1 maybe 2, but up near the clouds where the mind can explore and where sight and sound have no  bounderies. oh man…………….yesssss

Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing…. enjoy …. take it in….  make it yours…..

.Canary  Islands

Take pleasure to another level, share.

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



Sycophatic fig

fig tree house

Old testament – Micah 4:4     Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree

An expression not heard too often these days..”I don’t give a fig”. What happens to these expressions that were once very common, and now not heard at all. A sycophant was usually an informer.  The word derived from the Greek word. sukophantes, this word was formed from sukon = fig, and phainein =to show.  At one time it was illegal to export figs from ancient Anthens.

Now, we can walk into almost any grocery store and find figs.

New testament – 1 John 4:7   Dear friends, let us love one another for love comes from God

Today’s service instead or our usual Sunday service, we will be celebrating June 1. Day of Peace.  In PL (Perfect Liberty) we perform this ceremony for World Peace on the first day of each month..We rededicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings. We pray for not only those around us, but for the happiness and peace of the entire world.

Spread your love today,  love is such a precious gift.        Have a great Sunday everyone!          Namaste  …    Oyashikiri


1st picture is a Brazilian Treehouse by Casa Na Arvore this Brazilian firm has been building spaces in trees since 2003. Found on treehugger.com

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