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Sycophatic fig

fig tree house

Old testament – Micah 4:4     Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree

An expression not heard too often these days..”I don’t give a fig”. What happens to these expressions that were once very common, and now not heard at all. A sycophant was usually an informer.  The word derived from the Greek word. sukophantes, this word was formed from sukon = fig, and phainein =to show.  At one time it was illegal to export figs from ancient Anthens.

Now, we can walk into almost any grocery store and find figs.

New testament – 1 John 4:7   Dear friends, let us love one another for love comes from God

Today’s service instead or our usual Sunday service, we will be celebrating June 1. Day of Peace.  In PL (Perfect Liberty) we perform this ceremony for World Peace on the first day of each month..We rededicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings. We pray for not only those around us, but for the happiness and peace of the entire world.

Spread your love today,  love is such a precious gift.        Have a great Sunday everyone!          Namaste  …    Oyashikiri


1st picture is a Brazilian Treehouse by Casa Na Arvore this Brazilian firm has been building spaces in trees since 2003. Found on treehugger.com

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