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recent find


look at her lines

isn’t she a beauty

to think, when I was younger

there was no way I would

ever have considered

owning an American car


my first car was  British

the second a Renault

now, when I see one of these babies

I just have to stop and admire

I’m captivated

down to the white wall tires

would I trade my truck

for a vintage classic


but I do love looking at them


any guesses as to the year of this beauty!

 19??  Buick

found off hwy 11 NY State

Thursday doors 6.23. Japan


Good morning, thought you might find these doors interest, the whole concept actually.  I have only seen this arrangement in Japan.  They are little toilet areas for children travelling with their parents.  As you can see, the child goes in has his /her privacy (more or less) to attend to his/her business.


BUT, the child size area, has an observation area for the parent(s).  This way the child is able to have the secure knowledge that the parent or guardian is right there, should they have any problems.


My thanks to the Reverend and his wife for being obliging models for this  picture  =^_^=    These could have been in the Tokyo airport or the depot for the Bullet train, I’m not remembering this morning.  Suffice to say, it is Japan.


Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

for more Thursday Doors, Norm 2.0

chop suey Friday

mohawk, just beyond

When we journey beyond our day-to-day, we come across forgotten places, faded dreams of a yester-year.   There are such places, that I can acknowledge and let pass.  Two ships in the night.  Other places shout out to me, calling for my attention.  So we stop and I survey the land, the energy and “vibe” of the place.    What is it that makes one location stand out from another.


Same stop, different camera angle.  Maybe seconds have passed, maybe it was more like a few minutes.  But in the fraction of time my gaze and attention was diverted.  The light, the view was different.  So it is in life.  When first a challenge faces us, if we listen and take in what it is we are dealing with, our response and reaction will vary.   If you are two people, arriving at the same time, seeing the same thing, neither of you, will see it the same way, sometimes close, and other times..totally different.


That is why communication, conversation is so important, if there is dialogue between two people, even between two energies, there is compatibility or there isn’t.  To be a good communicator, listening has to be one of your most used tools.


The place may seem empty, but…………. the reality is ………………………..it is alive with memories.

PL Precept # 1     Life is Art

Namaste         –         Oyashikiri

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