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recent find


look at her lines

isn’t she a beauty

to think, when I was younger

there was no way I would

ever have considered

owning an American car


my first car was  British

the second a Renault

now, when I see one of these babies

I just have to stop and admire

I’m captivated

down to the white wall tires

would I trade my truck

for a vintage classic


but I do love looking at them


any guesses as to the year of this beauty!

 19??  Buick

found off hwy 11 NY State

Comments on: "recent find" (6)

  1. Good morning,…..she’s a beauty, and I believe that is a 54 chevy, not a buick……54 buicks are much more classier……please google them to see what I mean….winks

    • she has the buick logo on her, no??? it is a GM product, GM,Pontiac Chev, all the same umbrella no???

      • No, that would be a chevy symbol and yes, GM product with all those being from that company. You didn’t google like I asked, did you?….winks

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