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brazil, que mais?

an early birthday surprise….

Many years ago, I would not have known who Neymar Jr was, nor would I have wanted  a futbol shirt. See how time changes us.  Time and the various experiences we live shape our development.  A stint in  a Spanish country, a visit to the French seaside, life is full of possibilities.  Each step we take outside our comfort zone, makes us stronger.

Tomorrow the 11th. in PL we will be celebrating Ancestors day.  In some countries it is already tomorrow.  For my many friends on the same time-table as myself, wake to a new day, and be thankful for who you are today.

Show your appreciation by giving back to the world around you.

(PL day 11 on our calendar)

IMG_0912Sending my love and deep appreciation to each and every one of you.  I am grateful that you share part of my world with me.  Oyashikiri





This is one of my all time favourites… always makes me smile.

Thinking of you all, near and far.  We feel so blessed and thank you each and every one of you for your prayers,   healing thoughts, and kindness. One day at a time, and each step of the way, I hold your friendships dear, trusting and knowing, love is always and forever.

Q (dymoon)


wordless Wednesday &



having fun =^_^=

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes, and the healing healthy vibes you sent our way today.  Meeting was a good one, surgeries will be early December. Approx. 2 weeks apart.  There will be a lot of scheduled planning done.  The team of doctors  practitioners, therapist and educators is impressive.  They work together to keep us informed.

Your prayers and ongoing support is very appreciated.  Thank you.  We feel very blessed.



Chop Suey Friday – Japan


These were the doors that we went through every day.  To classes, lectures, meals, and these are the same doors that we came through for our refuge. Our time out, our time away from “activity.  We were 12 ladies in this room. yet, it is amazing that when in the room, in your own space, if you wanted to  just lie and be quiet, tend to your whatever… you had that space.  Even though many of us were in some way strangers, we co-existed with a sense of harmony that was “extra-ordinary”.  Somehow, we knew when to communicate, exchange and when to simply “be”  That is an “art” in itself.


Every morning, many woke early to make the journey to this sacred place to pray.  Some would do it several times during the day. When we had the torch ceremony, many marched  there from the residence carrying a torch.  This was a sight to see as darkness fell, and all one could see was the torches walking in unison towards the First Founder’s Tomb (Okutsuki)  Usually I would be in the procession, this year, due to my jet lag  condition, I got there by bus, so for the first time, I saw the flames coming towards us, it was awesome to see.  The feeling of being part of such a devout ceremony was moving.

FB PL toon

There are no words that can fully describe the journey I was on.  Yes, my body did not like the jet lag, and had me lying low at times, but the energy and the positive interaction of everyone around me made the experience one I will never forget.  There were times where my thoughts drifted in and out of a tired overworked mind.  I did some of my most brilliant thinking during some of those “out of body” moments, too bad, the memory cells were on vacation.

PL Precept # 18  Each Moment is a Turning Point

Pl Precept # 7  Everything exists in Relativity

Pics_For_Q (4)

my heart is filled with gratitude

for the experience

and the new friends made while in Japan


Gratitude and Prayers

Rev. Eisuke Inagaki, a friend who looked out for me every step of the way

Rev. Mamaru Itagaki -another friend who made sure I was alright, and for his wonderful Shikiri before I left

Rev. Atsushi Tsuji – I would have been sad to have missed the time with you

Rev. Fukito Kimura – how wonderful it was to meet you once again

Rev. Ichinen Furuichi – a new friend, with a Hawaiian background, I look forward to more discoveries

Rev. Misuo Michishita who I was honored to meet with for a consultation

Rev. Toyomi Hirayama who translated for us

Rev. Maruyama Noboru and his wife Akiko – what a happy moment to discover he spoke fluent French (Paris)

Rev. Ise Kouji whose generosity will always be remembered =^_^=

Rev. Higashigata, Arturo  if only I could speak more Spanish =^_^=

-My apologies that I can not name all the wonderful people who made this visit so special – You aer all in my thoughts and prayers with much GRATITUDE

oops can’t forget Rev. Eugene who made sure I had all my meals booked.. =^_^= and recruited “sitters” to look out for me.


China Dream Wow… what a start to the day

you have no idea how simply amazing

it has been, to wake to so many birthday greetings

friends from far and wide, saying Happy Birthday!

You simply will not let me forget =^_^=

but then how could I, nor would I want to

you know why, cause each and every one of you

have touched my heart in so many ways.


remember when Q was making her Tiny clothes

I was a sweetie wasn’t I, we had so much fun

and all the waffles we ate, and the dancing! too much

yes, many of you have traveled the years with me

big or small, you all have the biggest hearts

and I am truly blessed to have lived

laughed and loved amongst you all


Nick and Mel, I hope to see you in the fall


Sept.17 may be my day of birth,

but to celebrate my life without you, it just wouldn’t be

as special and happy… as you dear friends, make everyday

a celebration, 

with your sharing, caring, and special ways

of staying in touch, and living the chant of



which one is you – which one is me

Love YOU all

each and every one of you..

Estrella (Sp.) Star

star. vixyblu.blogspot.ca

Good Morning Everyone =^_^=

Do stars mean anything to you?  I remember back (way back) when we were given a star for good behaviour, etc. in school.  Report cards would  have stars on t hem to show how well you had done in different assignments, or topics.  In school plays we got to wear a star on our  head (on a headband) and a pretty dress to show “good”.   Stars being nocturnal are associated with night.  Stars, the 17th enigma of the Tarot, the representation of the soul uniting spirit with matter (Intercommunication of the different worlds)  As a light shining in the darkness, the star is a symbol of the spirit.  In reference books it is pointed out that the star rarely carries a single meaning, it nearly always alludes to multiplicity.

star, quote

In today’s world, we don’t go around putting stars on our colleagues foreheads, or post it note it to their shoulders, but we can show appreciation by saying thank you, or job well done.  All people have good qualities, focus on the good in others. After years of marriage, my husband still says “thank you” for his dinner/supper or whatever, and tells  me when he enjoys/ likes something that I’ve done.  When we first married, he had to remind me more than once to be more verbal in my appreciation, he was right, I took for granted at time that  he would know how much I appreciated things he did around the house, I saw  them, but I didn’t say anything.  We need to say thank you, and/or recognize the good in others. We sure appreciate the kind words when they come our way.

stars, from Incredible photos bt-images.net

Let’s Find the Good in Others and Praise Them (PL Calendar for day 28)


Top picture – how to make  vixyblu-blogspot.ca.jpg

quote – Pinterest

bottom picture  – http://www.bt-images.net/incredible-universe/


PL lesson from the 14th

PL lesson from the 14th

Take care of Things One by One as They Come
It is the best timing to do something .. as soon as you notice it..Take action right away without hesitation.

What was I doing that I missed this lesson on the PL calendar yesterday, Ah yes, I was living my day, dealing with the challenges that are currently littering my day to day.

Hmmm how do I feel about that. Let me think .closes eyes and takes time to reflect and think. Leans back in her chair and allows the emotions and thoughts to come forward.

What came to mind? Yesterday was yesterday, and today will be today, I feel stronger today, the changes I’ve been working on making are starting to see results.

I give thanks to all my friends and support system for through all ups and downs, you have been there for me. Especially my husband, wow, he is such a treasure. Most of all, Rev. Eugene and Rev. Goto have helped me stay in touch with the Divine and Universal Healer, GOD/TAO

This next is materialistic, however, it shows that GOD is in every thought and moment in our lives. Being diabetic I have “need to do” things in my everyday, now one is going out regularly to the pharmacy for Blood Pressure monitoring.
With the weather starting to get colder, I no longer should be running around with just my shoes on.
I wanted a pair of low cut boots that had a fur lining or thermal inside so that I can keep my feet warm. I was in and out of the store in less than 20 minutes. A record I think. I saw the boots, tried them, they fit, in fact were perfect for what I wanted. What drew me to the boots, The company logo. On a plain white backing are the words, “for the world you walk in, Love what you wear”

What can I say, they spoke to me =^_^=           I’m going to have a good day, I hope you are too.

Blessings to you, Happiness, Joy, Long life,, abundant, unbounded Blessings, forever and always.

photo above is from SL (Second Life) Q                 photo below is from Pinterest http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/09/99/31/0999311a15f76335ac30b58a2b350ac2.jpg

To Light Your Way


public bathrooms – Japan- for children

public bathrooms - Japan- for children

I found this to be absolutely one of the best ideas for parents who are traveling with children. the cubicles are only so high, so the child has his privacy, but the parent can watch to see that he/she is safe and doing alright.

I loved the idea.  This is the little girl’s side.


Then there is this side for the young boys.


Really now isn’t that just ingenious?  Had I not been traveling through Japan with friends who knew the country, I would have missed a lot of the super fabulous sights that I got to see and take in.  Their toilets were an experience, mine at home, and what I see here now that I’m back home are so boring.  Bet you didn’t expect to be reading about toilets, however you must agree that this idea of having the child size bathrooms available in public areas, where time is almost always a factor in the getting to and from in a very busy train /transportation system is fab!

The Japanese call the rush hour tsukin jigoku or “commuter hell”...  Commuter trains – I read stats for  back in the the late 80’s.  The figure for the system  was something like 19 million passengers a day on 28,000 trains.  Old people, and parents with children in tow stay off the trains during the rush hour.  The shopping including restaurants are top notch in the stations where you enter,leave and transfer.  Can you tell I was most impressed.  The cleanliness will get me going on a whole new topic. =^_^=

Saying “Thank You” creates a heart to heart connection.  Every day I thank Rev. Goto and his family for including me in their trip  to Japan.  Yes I was going for Rensei training. but had I not been gently encouraged and supported to step outside my comfort zone, I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.  I listened to the “spirit within” and I am filled with a deep gratitude when a memory surfaces.  i.e. seeing the pictures of the children’s bathrooms.

Use Sunday to recharge, make time for yourself, if you can, attend church,  Kahlil Gibran said something like, “pray in times of distress and need, but also in the fullness of your joy and in days of abundance”

Affirm your faith, not your doubts!

photos thanks to Waku Goto

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