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public bathrooms - Japan- for children

I found this to be absolutely one of the best ideas for parents who are traveling with children. the cubicles are only so high, so the child has his privacy, but the parent can watch to see that he/she is safe and doing alright.

I loved the idea.  This is the little girl’s side.


Then there is this side for the young boys.


Really now isn’t that just ingenious?  Had I not been traveling through Japan with friends who knew the country, I would have missed a lot of the super fabulous sights that I got to see and take in.  Their toilets were an experience, mine at home, and what I see here now that I’m back home are so boring.  Bet you didn’t expect to be reading about toilets, however you must agree that this idea of having the child size bathrooms available in public areas, where time is almost always a factor in the getting to and from in a very busy train /transportation system is fab!

The Japanese call the rush hour tsukin jigoku or “commuter hell”...  Commuter trains – I read stats for  back in the the late 80’s.  The figure for the system  was something like 19 million passengers a day on 28,000 trains.  Old people, and parents with children in tow stay off the trains during the rush hour.  The shopping including restaurants are top notch in the stations where you enter,leave and transfer.  Can you tell I was most impressed.  The cleanliness will get me going on a whole new topic. =^_^=

Saying “Thank You” creates a heart to heart connection.  Every day I thank Rev. Goto and his family for including me in their trip  to Japan.  Yes I was going for Rensei training. but had I not been gently encouraged and supported to step outside my comfort zone, I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.  I listened to the “spirit within” and I am filled with a deep gratitude when a memory surfaces.  i.e. seeing the pictures of the children’s bathrooms.

Use Sunday to recharge, make time for yourself, if you can, attend church,  Kahlil Gibran said something like, “pray in times of distress and need, but also in the fullness of your joy and in days of abundance”

Affirm your faith, not your doubts!

photos thanks to Waku Goto

Comments on: "public bathrooms – Japan- for children" (4)

  1. I agree, these are such a great idea! I’ve never seen them when traveling through Japan, maybe on my upcoming trip.

    • I would not have noticed had my friends not shown me, they are usually in the area where the washrooms are but before you get to the ones for adults.
      =^_^= already I too am thinking of going back, I’d love to see the museum you saw on your trip with the ramen… YUM

      • YUM indeed! The museum was so great because we had immediate access to 9 of Japan’s best ramen restaurants. Or more like 8, Taiho was not very good. Hope you’ll get a chance to go back to Japan someday soon.

  2. I’m thinking next year for the August 1 holiday, however, first I have to find someone who speaks English/Japanese who wants to spend extra time there. I was totally unprepared for just how many people DO NOT speak or understand English. I’ve looked into classes here, but it is a very difficult language to learn

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