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Wake up and have a great day!
Everyday is a new beginning…
For me it is off to church to receive Oshieoya-sama’s blessings and to deepen my faith in PL…
Sharing in community is rejuvenating. PL faith grows not only through intellectual understanding but also through actively participating in PL activities.
It is a way of life. One I embrace with all my BEING

LOVE and BLESSINGS where ever you are ENJOY your day, fill it with meaningful moments! You will smile in your sleep all night =^_^=

song is Com Quem Contar (Ana Maria Miranda Coelho Rios)    Who To Trust      (song is sung in Brazilian Portuguese)

The translation of the song, the English words don’t fit the melody so much but this is the songs wording in English.

I was unhappy – Not knowing what to live for  – I knew not how to smile.   Life just wasn’t worthwhile – not knowing what I could do –  Not knowing who to trust.   **** I sought, I sough, At last I found – Oshieoya-sama, Oshieoya-sama *** chorus (twice)

Now I know – realizing what life is for – I always live with a smile.  – Life is no longer a trial.  I now know who to trust, Oshieoya-sama – ***chorus four times ***

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